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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It’s Tuesday and I’m waiting on the Kettle to boil! No really that’s what I'm doing….2011 My Year End Review....

It’s really cold today, but knowing that this is just the beginning of the cold weather is a bit daunting. I have set my kettle on the stove anticipating a nice hot cup of tea to help take the chill off my frozen tootsie's.

I have taken a break from my bible study preparation, we start back tomorrow and I think it would be bad form for the facilitator to show up unprepared. However sometimes you just have to step away for minute. I recognize the signs when the words on the page blur together and my mind starts to wander off and I begin to make my grocery list in my head.

Still waiting on the kettle to whistle……

Anyway, one of the things that happens to me at the beginning of a new years is sort of an odd mix of O.C.D. and self loathing. I begin to look about my house and I recognize all the things that make me crazy. It doesn't help that I have just retuned from my sisters house where every room is awesomely decorated and all her sink fixtures and light fixtures coordinate with each other. I woeful lack the decorating gene. The fact that I have three bolts of fabric leaning against my bedroom wall right now is sending me into a mode of indecision as I contemplate all the infinite possibilities that await me as I begin the process of redecorating my master bedroom. It make makes head hurt y’all! However for as much as it makes me nuts I am looking forward to chucking the pitiful excuse for a master bedroom for something that actually has some semblance of a plan. I might even buy a dresser and some bed side lamps…..somebody stop me before I turn into an episode of Devine Design……

The other thing that happens at the beginning of the year are the inevitable regret, those things that you were going to do last year but never did.

My kettle is whistling……be back in a minute.

I love Chai y’all!

Anyway back to the regret. What about the pounds I was going to loose, the projects I was going to finish, the books I was going to read, the exercise program I was going to start, the cookbook I want to write, the bible verses I was going to memorize, the fill in the blank with whatever else I can think of!

Isn’t it the way of things that at the beginning of a new year we always have a tendency to look back as see the things we did not get accomplished rather that focus on the good things that may have happen.

Some of the wonderful things from last year….We went on a awesome vacation, I learned how to make sushi and Orange Marmalade, continued to ask the question….How Hard Can It Be?, completed another year of P365, laughed at myself, got to meet a fellow blogging pal, celebrated a sweet sixteen, made a few prayer shawls, cooked a lot of wonderful food, made a few new friends, spent time with Muffinhead, explored God’s word and lived another year of life. I’d call that a good year……..

Well now that the Chai is making it’s way down to my toes I am pondering what this year will hold. Maybe the key is not to make a lot of plans and just let life unfold. Maybe the secret to life really is about cleaning out the junk drawer in the kitchen and trying to keep the pantry stocked and begin thankful for God’s provision.

They reported on the news the other day that Prince Harry is making plans to climb Mount Everest. I can safely say that I am not worried about adding this accomplishment to my list. Harry can have the danger, the freezing temperatures and the glory of life and death. I think I will just keep it small and bask in the simplicity of begin able to measure the rainfall with my new rain gauge.

My goals for this year…..well I have downloaded a ton of classic literature on my new Kindle (which I am loving by the way!!!!!) and I am well into Frankenstein. I tried to start The Scarlett Letter but I quickly deduced that the more difficult old English was thence becoming sufficiently dissaccomidatating to the forthcommingness of my mental acuity….or maybe I just didn’t get it y’all!

I am going to reorganize my kitchen gadget drawer, right now it look like a mass of twisted metal and I can find nothing.

The Master bedroom…..well I will spare you the painful process of me banging my head against the wall as I make all the decisions and just remember to take a picture of the end result!

Which leads me into P365, I’ll be tossing my pictures upon the heap with all the rest of you this year as well!
There may be a vacation in the works…the hubs has got a bit of wanderlust in his older years and I have to admit I am beginning to see the appeal of travel. The more of it I do the more I put that travelers anxiety behind me…..hmmmmm where to next……

Well I’ve got to get back at the bible study or I will really not be prepared for tomorrow!

Happy New Year y’all!

I can’t believe I will celebrate four years of blogging in a few months….whoda thunk it!

Well y’all my new goal for 2012 is to continue the Be Still and Know pledge to keep it as real as I can. Life really is what happens to you while you are making other plans and if you aren't careful you will miss the wonderfully important things like Updates from the Board of Household Affairs or another riveting episode of Kill The Wabbit!


What are your goals and dreams for this new year?

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