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Friday, January 20, 2012

The Kindle Fire….It get’s and A in my book or maybe I should be politically correct and say E-Reader

If you are a regular here then you will remember several weeks ago I won the new Kindle Fire! So far I have thoroughly enjoyed it! I have discovered several websites that offer free books every day and my library is growing daily. I currently have about 50 books. I have read three and I am currently working my way through The Count of Monte Cristo.

Pixel of Ink is a great site, if you join their Facebook page you receive daily updates of all the free books they are offere for the day.

Another great site is Ereader News Today, they offer free books as well.

Inspired Reads is a great site for Christian book for free also!

So being link up through Facebook with all three sites give me a wealth of daily choices for tons of free books.

Amazon.com also has a lot of free downloads as well. Most of the free offerings are all books that are under the public domain such as most of the classics. So far I have read Frankenstein and I have lots of other classics that I have always wanted to read! Jane Ayre, Pride & Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, Tale of Two Cities to name but a few.

The delivery time of these books is nearly instantaneous. I click on the deliver button and then within a minute or so I have the book delivered to my device. AWESOME. I have a friend who received a Kindle for Christmas and she is exploring getting books from the library. So far I have not availed myself of this. But the option is available if you want to borrow a book from the public library.

I give a thumbs up to the linked dictionary. I love begin able to get the definition of those words that you come upon and may not know the meaning of. However I have found that at times this function is a bit glitchy. It has moments when it does not work.

You can make notes and save pages with a book mark and highlight text.

The other functions of the Kindle Fire, well you can store pictures, watch movies, listen to music, check you email, play games and surf the web. I can check my facebook page visit all my favorite blogs and check the weather all without powering up my laptop.

There are also a ton of free apps available. Games, social networking apps, lifestyle apps, you name it they have an app for it. I love the You Version Bible App. t was free!!!! It gives you access to tons of different translation and daily reading plans……LOVE IT! The Amazon store offers a free app each day. The one tip I will giver you is that if you save the app instead of installing it, you will loose the option of getting it for free. Going back to it later it then reverts to the original price. So if you think you are at all interested in the app go ahead and download it.

I had a few saved and when I went to take a look at my saved list and the apps were no longer free. Live and learn.

I am still on the fence about whether or not I will avail myself of the Amazon Prime function. A years subscription is $79.00. They give you a free month of this service when you activate you Kindle. It allows you access to tons of free streaming movies and television shows (one of my weaknesses y’all) The also have what they call the Kindle Owners Lending Library, this allows you to borrow one free book a month. I read Water For Elephants for free and that was a $5.00ish download. Some downloads are in the $5.00 range but other more mainstream bestselling authors can be as expensive at $15.00. As well as all the free movies and books you also get free shipping for anything you may purchase from Amazon through out the year. I am not sure if $79.00 is worth 12 free books and free shipping for a year, but if you factor in 12 books at $12.00 an download then it would be well worth the price, not to mention the free shipping. I am still pondering this one. My 30 days is drawing to and end very soon.

The last few things are really a bit of a non issue but I will say that the Kindle is kinda heavy. If I have it in my purse I can really feel the difference. Plus at times there is a bit of a glare on the screen but that is only when you are watching a move and the picture is really dark.

The battery life is very good. On average I think I am charging every other day. However if I have used it consistently all day long then I will have to charge it at the end of the day.

So far I have downloaded one book for .99 cents and spent about $30.00 on a case to protect the screen. It is made out of glass and needs to be protected from scratches.

I have found it to be very user friendly and I have not had any instances where I had a technical issue!

So there is the long and short of it.



If you have additional questions give me a shout out!

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