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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 8: Early Blooms, Sleeping Beauty, A Leak, Barbie Fun and a Bag of Lemons…

Monday, February 20

Well I am not sure what to think! I do not ever recall having blooms this early in the year. My fear is that in typical southern fashion we will get a very nasty turn to the frigid winter temperatures and all the new spring blooms will be ruined. The cherry tree in the back yard is in full bloom and all the daffodils are up and the thrift is blooming and the red bud trees have been blooming for days.


Tuesday, February 21

Well things for my son have picked back up and the jobs are rolling in. Mommy drops off Muffinhead very early and she tuck her in the spare room and she falls fast asleep for several more hours. I went in to wake her and found her sprawled out with such a sweet look on her face. Is there anything better than a sleeping little one?


I noticed a small puddle in the garage at the beginning of the week. Well when I went out in the garage this afternoon the small puddle had turned into a very large puddle. After moving some things around and opening the doors to the utility closet where the water heart is I found the problem. There was about 1/2 an inch of standing water on the floor that was seeping out into the garage. There was also a very consistent stream of water dripping at an alarming rate from the bottom of the water heart. Thankfully I have a very dear friend who is just as handy in the home repair as the hubs. I made an emergency call to him and with in the hour he had come to my rescue and determined the problem was possibly a faulty valve. He wrangled the broken valve out and replace it and ….my problem was solved.


The Hubs has been traveling for business consistently for about five years now, this is the very first time that I have ever had an issue that I needed to address immediately. The good thing about being in the midst of the body of believers is they understand the need to help when there is a call for help. I knew just who to call and I called with assurance that the issue would get taken care of…God is Good!

Wednesday, February 22

We attended the Ash Wednesday service at church.


Thursday, February 23

I had this thought that there might be some dress up cloths in a storage bin in the back closet. Well I went in search of said dress up cloths only to find that they have either been sold at a yard sale or donated to Goodwill. However I think I found the next best thing.

Barbie and Mufinhead are now best friends.


Friday, February 24

The DD and I went to the grocery story on Friday evening.The Hubs is coming home on Saturday and we have a lot of housework to get done not to mention a panty that needed some attention. So the evening grocery run helped to get one chore out of the way so our Saturday morning will be free to get the house ready for the hubs return Saturday evening.

For years I have been watching the Food Network and listening to all the chefs talk about Meyer Lemons. Meyer lemons this, Meyer Lemons that….Have you ever seen them in the store? Me neither, that is until Friday night. Hopefully they will start to become a bit more main stream. I am eager to give them a try. The first order of business is maybe a cocktail or maybe a refreshing glass of homemade lemonade or maybe a lemon meringue pie…..I’ll let you know what I think of them.


Well that was my week, for more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!



PS: The Hub’s is home safely from Germany and sleeping off the jet lag…….:)

All is well!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I did a good job y’all…..

Grandma: I’ll be right back…

Muffinhead: OK Grandma

A minute later….

Muffinhead in a raised voice: GRANDMA, GRANDMA…..What are you doing?

Grandma: I’m going potty, I’ll be out in a minute.

The pitter patter of little feet plus the dog….

Muffinhead: (running down the hall and into the bedroom) Grandma, Grandma….what are you doing?

Grandma: I’ll be out in a minute.

Potty flushing….

Muffinhead: You did a good job Grandma!

Grandma: Why Thank You Sweetie, you want to read a book now?

The End

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 7…bla, bla, bla….boring old woman who knits checking in for the week!

Well it was an off week for me, not in the sense of something bad happening, but when the hubs is out of town I take some time off. I stocked up the frig with chicken pot pies and frozen pizza and I use the time to kinda do whatever I want.

I did all the normal things this week, I had a visit with Muffinhead this week, no cute pictures thought, went to bible study but basically I was at one with my yarn and Kindle all week long during my down time.

Monday, February 13

Y’all I have to brag a bit. I opened up the mail on Monday and found this. The hubs is so thoughtful. As he was heading out of town for two weeks he dropped this in the mail at the airport so I would get his valentine card on time! I made sure to point out to my DD that when it comes time to shop for husbands she needs to pay special attention to what a good one looks like and make sure to get one just like her dad!


Tuesday, February 14

First no I did not make these. I am not even sure who did. One of the ladies in our Prayer Shawl Ministry knows a woman who make these sweaters. Each years she will make several sweaters and donate them to various ministry's to sell as fundraisers. She donated a dozen or more sweaters to us and they were all snapped up. The coordinator of our ministry who is a bit challenged as far as Facebook goes asked me to post some picture of the reaming sweaters to see if we could sell the reaming four we have left. Well I thought I would toss them up here as well. If you see one that you just have to have give me a shout out. The cost for each sweater is $35.00.

They are about a child's size 5 or 6…

IMG_8799 IMG_8804

IMG_8806 IMG_8808

Wednesday, February 15

I finished another pink triangle shawl this week. I did one last year and I made a few small mistakes. You can see the how the design down the middle of the shawl in the picture on the far right is uneven and if shifts to the left and then shifts back again. My marker kept slipping around and I kept dropping stitches. Well hearing that nanner boo boo knitting voice in the back of my head I had to try this pattern again. I gave it a second work through and was able to correct the mistake from my first attempt.

It is a super simple pattern now that I have it figured out. I think I may actually do one of these for myself just to throw over my shoulders while I am watching television.


Thursday, February 16

I am trying to learn how to knit a cable. A friend gave me this yearn. It is a self striping yearn so the cable does not show up as well as it would if the yarn was a solid color. I was just practicing.


Saturday, February 18

Well it has happen again. The yarn has taken over. One day I fully expect to be found beneath a pile of tangle yarn…help me I have tripped on a knotted ball of yarn and I can’t get up………

With the hubs out of town I can spread things out a bit. I walked into the living room on Saturday morning and there was a very large array of various projects surrounding the recliner.

Project’s one, two, four and six are actually in progress. Project three and five are in the queue to be started at some point in the future. I don't normally have more than two project going at a time but sometimes I just get a thought in my head or an idea of how to pare up two different yarn's and then I have to get started. Well it will get all sorted out and eventually finished.

IMG_8814 - text added

Well if you are all not fast asleep with all this riveting knitting excitement please head over to Sara’s and link up with the rest of the P365’ers.

Next week I plan to go bungee jumping, learn to speak Mandarin and play the piano and visit the Great Wall of China and then maybe after all that…….hmmmmmmmmm



Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What can I say y’all…she just makes me smile!

What did y’all do this morning?

Muffinhead was very chatty and then she burst into song!

My Stuff….Her Stuff, the ABC song…twinkle twinkle and then………tinkle tinkle

Happy Valentine's Day!




Sunday, February 12, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 6

So when you get down to Saturday you will know why I am so late in getting my post up today.

It was freezing today and my feet are in a perpetual state of iciness. I am in hopes of curling up with a book and a blanket as soon as I hit the post button so I will forge ahead to facilitate that goal.

Monday, February 6

The day started out in a normal uneventful kind of way. However you just never know when something seemingly unimportant can impact you. It was an unguarded moment and in a thoughtless “what harm can it do kind of way” I posted an opinion on a Facebook page I follow.

Have mercy is all I can say. Thankfully I swiftly retreated to the safety of my kitchen table with the quick utilization of the handy DELET button. I have learned a valuable lesson on keeping my opinions to myself.

Needles to say after I got over be stunned and shocked that my simple opinion over a very ridiculous topic…what actor should play the part of a character from a novel…..well I was blasted for my choice and in no uncertain terms was scolded, belittled, and basically dissed for my personal opinion. I was so shocked at how quickly so many jumped on the band wagon that I had to get a few of my feelings out in a quick post. I fixed myself a latte and set aside my bible study for a few minutes and I spoke my peace.

You can click here to read my post about getting my cyber wrist slapped for offending the general populace with my ridiculous opinion.


Tuesday, February 7

Dinner….French Onion Soup….It was GOOD!


Wednesday, February 8

Ever have those moments? I am searching my entire house looking for something. I made a mental not to myself the evening before.

“Make sure you take this to church with you tomorrow. You will need this.”

I am teaching a friend how to crochet and I have a very helpful booklet with lots of wonderful pictures and diagrams. I had it in my hot little hand the night before….could I find it the next day….that would be a big no!

Searching, searching, searching…………

Where did I find it?

Wadded up in the trash. Why yes I had wadded it up and tossed it in the trash along with a few receipts that I was cleaning out of my wallet.

Sometimes I wonder how I have the brain capacity to draw breath……..


My difficult morning was redeemed during bible study. At our break time my class took the opportunity to present me with a gift. Normally most classes wait until the end of the year to show their appreciation to the facilitator. It is totally not necessary but this year my class wanted to give their gift a bit early. There was method to there surprise as they wanted me to be able to use it during the colder months. Our class will be over in early spring and the time for wrapping up in a beautiful warm quilt will be over.

Isn’t this just awesome. One of the members actually made this. The rest of the class all chipped in on the supplies and she put this beautiful quilt together, and y’all it matches my living room colors wonderfully!


My view of the girlchild…once she get into a good book I simply do not see her until she is finished.


Friday, February 10

The Hubs is off to Germany for some needed training. He spent the morning packing and making sure his IPod was fully charged.

I packed him in the car and off we went to the train station which will take him directly to the airport.

Suit Case…Check



IMG_8791 IMG_8789

Saturday, February 11

What did I do all day on Saturday?


Did I think about stopping to work on my P365 post…yea, but I just took advantage of the blustery super cold day and bundled up in my new quilt and read to my hearts content!

I started The Hunger Games on Saturday morning and had it finished by the end of the day. I was an easy read, but the DD and I are butting heads over some issues. I think there are some rather large holes in the story and the DD of course thinks it is the best book she has read in a long time. Don’t get me wrong I think it is a good story! I do still stand by my opinion that there are some major holes that should have been fleshed out a bit for the story to really connect.


Well that’s my week. My feet are still cold and I have just started book two Catching Fire so I am going to spend the rest of the day turning pages and breaking in my new quilt!

For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!



Monday, February 6, 2012

If you can’t say anything nice…..

then don’t say nothing at all

I am taking a break from my bible study prep for my Wednesday class, my coffee maker has a flashing red light on it indicating that I need to run a cleaning cycle, the refrigerator needs to get a good cleaning out, the dog needs to go to the vet to get his nails trimmed, I need to take the car to the shop for an oil change and tire rotation and the bathrooms need to be cleaned.

So I have decided that rather than attending to all those wonderfully simulating situations I have opted to make a latte and work on a blog post. Never let it be said that I can not place all things in there proper perspective when really pushed to the edge.

I had a situation happen this morning, hence the title of my post!

If you can’t say anything nice then don’t say nothing at all, well this morning I made a error in judgment. Not a long lasting error and one that was easily corrected but still if did get me to thinking about the true nature of people. It really was a very small and basically unimportant thing that spurred all my pondering but it was really very interesting.

I follow one of my favorite authors on Facebook. Over the last few day they have been asking everyone for suggestions on who they thought would be their dream actors to play the main characters of one of this authors more popular series. Well it sounded harmless enough. I tossed out there who I thought should be the lead for the male character and I was shocked at how unfavorable most of the comments were. So much so that given my necessity to shy away from conflict I went back over to the site and deleted my comment.

After I retreated into the safety of my ability to delete I began to think about how easy it was for total strangers to belittle my opinion. I also was pondering on how easy it was for me to fall back on the behavior that I have worked so hard to overcome, i.e shying away from conflict. The rebellious side of my nature wanted to defend my choice and to try and persuade all the naysayer that they were wrong. However I opted to just remove myself from the negativity and to realize that at times the world is really very superficial. I mean seriously people let’s get a clue and recognize that I do have a right to an opinion and being mean and ill natured come easy when you are dealing with the anonymity of the random people you see on Facebook.

The thing I found so interesting was how quickly this all happened. Within in a matter of a few minutes I had almost a dozen comments and they were all in the negative. I was surprised at my emotional response, an ill at ease feeling at being disliked, the notion that there were so many negative comments. It was my opinion after all, everyone is entitle to one. However I was a bit shocked with how fast it happen and how freely these strangers were in sharing exactly what they thought of my choice. It was very clear that they all thought I had lost my mind.

Well it did not take me long to recognize the error of my ways. I dealt with this foray into popular culture quickly. I immediately went over and deleted my submission.

Life it to short and I have more important things to do.

But what I really thought was interesting was at the parallels I saw when I examine the behaviors of human beings and the expectation and standard of living a life based on Christ. I would never think of belittling someone else's opinion, yet the world gives everyone an open microphone and tells you that anything goes.

We all have the right to free speech but sometimes having the right to speak freely does not mean that it is the right thing to do.

Well live and learn, you can bet that it will be a very long time before I toss my opinion out there on anymore public forums.

I am just going to stay right here with all y’all!



Ever been dissed online???

Thank You Jesus for the delete button!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 5

Hey There Y’all! I did a bit better this week, I only missed a few days, and in my book that’s a good week!

I can’t believe that I actually had a Saturday and had the opportunity to get my post ready today instead of late Sunday afternoon. Will wonders never cease!

Monday, January 30

I finished this labor of love on Sunday evening. I have been working on this shawl for quite some time. I actually started on September 15 of last year and finally cast off on Sunday (1-29-2012). Sometimes I can be a bit on the stubborn side, especially when I feel like I did not meet the expectations I set for myself. I had attempted this particular pattern and had an extremely difficult time with it. I had to sit for one entire evening with a friend while she unraveled and corrected my mistakes. I just could not seem to get a handle on how to get the stitches correct. Finally after several days of frustration I finished off the project and turned it in. You can click here to see a picture of it if you like. As I was finishing up the rather difficult project I had a knitting epiphany and finally figured out where I was making my mistake. Once all my synapses were firing in all the right places and I had a handle on the pattern I felt this irritating little voice in the back of my brain nagging me to give it one more go.

Well not wanting to yield to failure I started on a second attempt on the pattern. I decided to take my time. My level of proficiency with crocheting is at a point where I can watch television, hold conversations and still work on projects. Knitting not so much. This project took a bit longer due to the fact that I had to reserve it for the times when I was undisturbed, the short of it is that I can not knit and talk at the same time. At least not this pattern anyway! I also had some very lengthy breaks for the project as I set it aside before Thanksgiving and then did not return to it until after Christmas. But after all the holidays were packed away it was time to pick this one up and get it finished.

I was very pleased with how it turned out. Will I do this one again….well that is still up for debate.


I do really like the open weave and the wavy pattern. It did turn out nicely even if I do say so myself!


Tuesday, January 31

Well it has begun. I think the county school system must have sold their student data base information, because the collage advertisements have been showing up like gang busters. At least one, sometimes as many as six or more show up every day. The DD is assembling quite a hefty stack of envelopes in the future collages prospects folder.

IMG_8728 - crop

Thursday, February 2

Muffinhead was here for the morning. She was a good little mommy as she changed Angel Baby’s “stinky butt”, several times that morning in fact!


Never under estimate the enjoyment factor of empty butter tubs.


Later that afternoon the DD and I drove out to visit my mom. She is recovering in the hospital from knee replacement surgery. We had a nice visit and I opted to snap a picture of the every popular parking ticket, one day someone one will explain to me why we all just roll over for parking fees at hospitals. It really bugs me.


Friday, February 3

No I did not eat breakfast, lunch or dinner at the IHOIP today. I did however have a late supper at IHOP last night on the way home from the hospital.

This is me going back the the IHOP when I discover that I had left my phone there the night before.

Thank goodness for facebook and a dear sweet friend. I sent her a message on facebook to call me on my cell phone to see if I could find it. We no longer have a land line so I could not call myself. Bummer. It went straight to voice mail. I mentioned to her (via facebook chat) that I had looked everywhere I could think of and the only place left was IHOP. She called the IHOP and inquired for me and hurray!!!! they had my phone.


I love not paying that nasty home phone bill every month but relying only on cell phones has been a bit of an adjustment. I was a bit unsettled once I realized that I was completely unreachable. I have now gotten the Hubs old cell phone and will be taking it up to the ATT store soon to enquire about getting a replacement phone. It will no longer hold a charge. It will become our permanent house phone.

Well my IPod arrived in the mail today, y’all remember I got it free when we purchased our new mattress!

IMG_8760 - smudge IMG_8761

I am not sure what I am going to do with it and I have not figured out how to use it. It keeps shutting off on me after about two minutes. I don't’ know if it is defective or if it still needs to charge. I left it on the charge all night. I have downloaded the the owners manual and I need to transfer it to my Kindle so I can give it a look. I did manage to get some music transferred to it last night.

Saturday, February 4

The hubs was teasing me last night about the numerous amount of electronic devoice that are stacking up in my vicinity.

With my newest addition of my IPod (which I did figure out why it was shutting off on me. I did not have the headphones plugged in all the way and it was shutting off…gotta love Google for those easy fixes!!!!), well my pile of devises has gotten a bit out of hand.

From bottom to top, my laptop, my Kindle, my external storage device, my cell phone and now my IPod…..If I wanted to I could blog, read, back up my files, talk on the phone and listen to music all at the same time…..I’d call that CTRAZY!


It still boggles my mind that a HUGE 747 has the ability to soar through the air so I was equally impressed with the improbability that this matchbook sized device can actually play music. I was marveling last night at how tiny this newest device really is and just how many songs it will hold. I am not a HUGE music lover but I am considering getting one of those adaptors that go in your cassette deck in the car that will allow me to play the IPod in my van.

The hubs returned from Puerto Rico on Saturday and at my request made a stop at the duty free story and picked me up a bottle of Light Rum and Dark Rum. I am now on a quest to try and recreate the Mai Tai’s that we had when we were in Hawaii. I will be off to the grocery story in a bit to see if I can find some Orgeat which I had to Google to find out that it was Almond syrup….wish me luck!

Edit: Before I hit the publish button I wanted to amend my post with an update! After a trip to the Kroger and Ingles I finally located a bottle of Orgeat at the local Liquor store. The DD was away at a birthday sleepover so the hubs and I took to opportunity to have a date night. On the way home we stopped in the beverage superstore and snagged the final ingredient necessary for the Mai Tai’s!

Orgeat…who knew…NOT ME! But is was a deal at $4.99.


The assemblage….the Mai Tai is a bit ingredient heavy however it did come close to tasting how I remember them.


However the rum I have is not as dark at the rum they used in the islands. I will have to do some further investigating.


Aloha…..I am pretending I’m in Hawaii!

Well that’s it for me this week!

For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!



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