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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 7…bla, bla, bla….boring old woman who knits checking in for the week!

Well it was an off week for me, not in the sense of something bad happening, but when the hubs is out of town I take some time off. I stocked up the frig with chicken pot pies and frozen pizza and I use the time to kinda do whatever I want.

I did all the normal things this week, I had a visit with Muffinhead this week, no cute pictures thought, went to bible study but basically I was at one with my yarn and Kindle all week long during my down time.

Monday, February 13

Y’all I have to brag a bit. I opened up the mail on Monday and found this. The hubs is so thoughtful. As he was heading out of town for two weeks he dropped this in the mail at the airport so I would get his valentine card on time! I made sure to point out to my DD that when it comes time to shop for husbands she needs to pay special attention to what a good one looks like and make sure to get one just like her dad!


Tuesday, February 14

First no I did not make these. I am not even sure who did. One of the ladies in our Prayer Shawl Ministry knows a woman who make these sweaters. Each years she will make several sweaters and donate them to various ministry's to sell as fundraisers. She donated a dozen or more sweaters to us and they were all snapped up. The coordinator of our ministry who is a bit challenged as far as Facebook goes asked me to post some picture of the reaming sweaters to see if we could sell the reaming four we have left. Well I thought I would toss them up here as well. If you see one that you just have to have give me a shout out. The cost for each sweater is $35.00.

They are about a child's size 5 or 6…

IMG_8799 IMG_8804

IMG_8806 IMG_8808

Wednesday, February 15

I finished another pink triangle shawl this week. I did one last year and I made a few small mistakes. You can see the how the design down the middle of the shawl in the picture on the far right is uneven and if shifts to the left and then shifts back again. My marker kept slipping around and I kept dropping stitches. Well hearing that nanner boo boo knitting voice in the back of my head I had to try this pattern again. I gave it a second work through and was able to correct the mistake from my first attempt.

It is a super simple pattern now that I have it figured out. I think I may actually do one of these for myself just to throw over my shoulders while I am watching television.


Thursday, February 16

I am trying to learn how to knit a cable. A friend gave me this yearn. It is a self striping yearn so the cable does not show up as well as it would if the yarn was a solid color. I was just practicing.


Saturday, February 18

Well it has happen again. The yarn has taken over. One day I fully expect to be found beneath a pile of tangle yarn…help me I have tripped on a knotted ball of yarn and I can’t get up………

With the hubs out of town I can spread things out a bit. I walked into the living room on Saturday morning and there was a very large array of various projects surrounding the recliner.

Project’s one, two, four and six are actually in progress. Project three and five are in the queue to be started at some point in the future. I don't normally have more than two project going at a time but sometimes I just get a thought in my head or an idea of how to pare up two different yarn's and then I have to get started. Well it will get all sorted out and eventually finished.

IMG_8814 - text added

Well if you are all not fast asleep with all this riveting knitting excitement please head over to Sara’s and link up with the rest of the P365’ers.

Next week I plan to go bungee jumping, learn to speak Mandarin and play the piano and visit the Great Wall of China and then maybe after all that…….hmmmmmmmmm




LuAnn said...

Love the shawl and your yarn reminds me of mine. Nice job on the cable too.


Love the shawl. I want to learn how to knit. I just have to find some time.

sara said...

I wish I could learn to knit....no, I really just wish I already knew! ha! I don't have the patience to learn...or the focus! :)

those sweaters are so cute! my grandmother used to knit us all sweaters.

your projects look so organized!!!

skoots1mom said...

wow, you have a lot of pots on the fire...
my niece can help you with that Mandarin anytime ;)

momma frans said...

hahaha, I had to laugh at your last comment about your knitting being riveting. :-)
I'm not a knitter, but I envy your quiet relaxing week and time to work on your projects!!
your cable knit looks good!!

Kim said...

You are so funny, girl! I do actually find your knitting "yarns" fun to read :) I'm impressed with your ability and creativity and wish some of it would rub off on me! I love the IDEA of knitting or crocheting, but not the reality of it.

That's a beautiful shawl and I think you should absolutely make one to wear while watching t.v., knitting, reading, or whatever. Make it in a color that matches your living room! :)

Have a great week!

The Bug said...

You're such a nut :) I love seeing your projects - and that shawl is just lovely.

Terri Tiffany said...

I want to see those bungee jumping pics:)
You are working on some nice projects!!

rita said...

Totally understand the spreading out of projects when hubby is out of town, as mine is now. But yours are very organized.
My knitting has slowed down some, but i still keep plodding, always have a project or two going...a row at a time...
Know what you mean about the cable not showing up with self-striping yarn. I followed a pattern like that and couldn't understand why they chose that yarn for cable.
Keep on knitting!

rita said...
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