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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 39

Well is was a very eventful week as well as meaningful. You will see on some special pictures in Friday!

So let’s get right at it…

Sunday, September 23

They were running a great deal on Snapfish, 99 prints for .99 cents. I used the opportunity to get our latest vacation pictures printed. I had time to sit down on Sunday afternoon and get the pictures in photo album. I like getting things finished don’t y’all?


Monday, September 24

I used my new study space this morning. In all the rearranging of furniture we have done over the last few days I commandeered a small bedside table that resided in the Girlchild's room. I set it next to my desk. It has helped tremendously to free up the desk space. I moved all my reference books and other study bibles off to the side and now the top of the desk is free for my laptop and study materials. It was a very nice feeling to settle in for a morning of quite time with my coffee in my quiet house in my new study space. It was good y’all!


No pictures on Tuesday, September 25

Wednesday, September 26

I am breaking my own rule already about showing you only finished pieces. I was very pleased with how these carved pieces turned out. I am eager to get them fired and glazed to see how they turn out!



As I left the studio I was in dire need of a bit of a hormonal adjustment. I quickly administered a medicinal dose of chocolate milkshake. It was just the thing to regulate my shifting hormonal state of mind not to mention just plain really really good!


Thursday, September 27

Now that we are in the fall season again it was time to pull my sourdough started out of cold storage. I have it setting out on the counter. I have fed it a few time and it is getting back up to speed. I can smell that first batch of bread now……maybe next week!


Friday, September 28

Well Friday was the day. The son’s wedding was finally here. I can’t tell you the last time I have worn all three of these article of clothing all at once. Pantyhose, heels and ear rings. Thankfully God is merciful and my Spanks did not explode under the pressure…


I will be doing a post this week with a full wedding run down, but I will include a few pictures to whet your appetite.

My son is now officially a Husband and I am officially a Mother-In-Law….



Muffinhead was eyeing the cake…


It was a really great night. I can’t wait to see the real wedding pictures when the happy couple get back from their honeymoon!

Saturday, September 29

Saturday was a total wash for me. I was recuperating from the wedding activity and basically did not do much else but nap and lounge around the house all day. I did manage to get one small project completed. I went upstairs to my second new space and got it organized. I got my brushes set out and my paints stowed away in the drawers. Now as soon as I can organize my time a bit I can get back at my painting. Maybe in the winter when it too cold to work outside in the yard of I run out of clay….LOL


The key is to have everything ready and assessable so if the mood strikes me I am good to go. It was a bit frustrating to have all my painting stuff hidden behind my HUGE pile of yard sale stuff and now……it’s good to get done with another project!

Well that was my week!

For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!


R…A.K.A a New Mother-In-Law

Monday, September 24, 2012

Yard Sale Observations


If you read my last P365 post you know that I just had a yard sale. I have had many yard sales in the past, however I am contemplating their effectiveness in light of how tired I am now. Yard Sales may be a wonderful thing but they may also be for the young at heart as well as body! By Saturday evening I was exhausted, not to mention a bit underwhelmed with the cash pay off I received for my efforts.

I do have a few observations that I will share about human nature as well as my tired and tested, although less than scientific Yard Sale Philosophy.

Over the years and my several yard sales I have noticed that most people fit into five different Yard Sale categories.

1. The Drive By

These people are the folks who just slow down in their car and then crane their neck trying to get a good look at all your stuff as they slowly roll by in there car. My opinion of the Drive By is that they are not truly gifted in the art of the Yard Sale. They are not willing to put forth the proper effort to get the full experience of exactly what a Yard Sale is. They ultimately loose out on the full experience!

2. The Strollers

These are the folks who actually get out of the car, however they just give the driveway a leisurely stroll up and then down again and then get back in there car. They may experience the the Yard Sale but they lack the effort to actually pick up an item and fully investigate the possibility of making my junk their own. The Strollers only have a semi Yard Sale experience, they have showed up for the party but don't fully engage.

3. The Muller's

These folks fall in a sub-category of group number two. They may leisurely stroll up and down the isle but they will periodically stop and just ponder something. They may bend over and pick up whatever they are pondering upon. They may turn it over and look at an item, but then ultimately the refuse to yield to their inner voice that tells them that they must have whatever it is they are pondering upon. The Muller’s lack commitment, again it is their loss and they are destined to return home unfulfilled lacking any of my good junk!

4. The Seek and Destroy

These are the people who are serious about making sure there is no stone left unturned. The Seek and Destroy usually arrive in pairs, and sometime they also bring their children. Children of The Seek and Destroy are unique in their ability to completely rearrange everything you have set out in a matter of a few minutes. The Seek and Destroy folks park their car, hop out and are prepared to hang out all afternoon making sure that they have searched each and every box, picked up every household item and unfolded and then refolded each and every article of clothing that is offered up for sale! The look at all the books, they ask questions, they chit chat as if they have know me for their whole lives. They even tell a few jokes. They usually always buy something! I like that too! They were on a mission to acquire more stuff that they will eventually end up in a yard sale of their own one day!

5. The Rhetorical

These are the people who take a look around and then ask if you have any lawn equipment, tools, large items of furniture, appliances or other invisible items that may be hiding in the recesses of your house for sale. They also want to know if the stuff I have in my garage is for sale. Clearly these people do not understand the boundaries of a Yard Sale. Anything behind where I am sitting is obviously NOT for sale! 

Now depending on the day and the circumstances you may fall into one or more of these categories. There will be times when you may encompass all of the qualities all at the same time. I have been know to be a drive by on occasion myself.

This leads me to my next Yard Sale observation. If you want the Drive By’s to actually stop and get out of their car then they must be able to actually SEE all your stuff. Most drive by are looking for something specific, one lady actually rolled down her wide and hollered at me “I’m looking for baby stuff, you got any?”

My obvious reply since she saw no baby stuff was to holler back “NO!” and she rolled her window back up and moved on to greener baby Yard Sale pastures. She was the unique Drive By/Rhetorical hybrid.

Aside from being totally exhausted I can say that the result of having a Yard Sale will be the short lasting state of euphoria as I realize that my house has been purges of all that negative energy that was clogging up my channel to inner peace. I I did have a moment of donation remorse as I drove away from Goodwill on Saturday evening. I was wondering if there were any items in the multiple bags that I might need at some point in the very near future, like those shoes that the girl child had to have but then claimed hurt her feet.

I am projecting into the very near future….”Mom I need some brown heel’s!”

…and then I will say….   “You had a perfectly good pair of brow pumps, you refused to wear them and we got rid of them at the yard sale!remember? “

Lastly I will share with you a bit of a warning.

Beware of those Yard Sale Thief's that lurk in every neighborhood. These are the folks who inhabit the dark corners of your subdivision waiting for someone else to have a Yard Sale and then they toss out all their stuff in and effort to take advantage of all your signs. The only problem is that they fail to pass on the goodwill and direct those stopping at their make shift sale on to mine that is just down the street.

You got it. Somebody stole all my customers on Saturday! He tossed up his sale on Saturday morning and then I never got another customer. Well after several hours of lack luster sales I finally decide that turn about was fair play and I closed up early and removed all my signage. Maybe it was a bit tit for tat but I figure it was just not my day for sales.

I loaded up al my leftovers and headed to goodwill!

Well After resting up and taking a good long look at how much time I spent getting all my Yard Sale ducks in a row verses the small yield of cash I had at the end of the day on Saturday, this may have been my last Yard Sale. One can only take so much rejection not to mention just being plain too old to be hauling all that stuff outside. I do have a plan for the extra cash and will be doing some redecorating in my bedroom. I figure after thirty years of marriage I finally need to have a bedroom that actually looks like something I would want to sleep in.

Well that’s my Yard Philosophy and you can all benefit from my years of experience for future reference at your next Yard Sale should you choose to be brave and have one yourself!



Sunday, September 23, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 38…Updated! Oooopppsss I forgot a day!

Oh my goodness was it a week! The next time I decide to have a yard sale someone has my permission to come over to my house and physically restrain me until the thought has subsided! The lure of extra cash always seems like a good idea but when all is said and done I am not sure if the effort is worth the pay off. Lets just say that it has been a long full week and I am very tired and looking forward to a bit of a rest this coming week!

Here's my week!

Sunday, September16

It was spirit wear day at church! All the kids were encouraged to show their support for their school and their teams. The Girlchild was out of glitter but she did what they call “Paint Up” with some of my acrylics. The gold does show very well in the pictures but she did an alternating design with blue and gold handprints.


Monday, September 17

I was so wiped out I did not even thing to look in my secondary Kodak folder. The camera in my purse dup pictures into a different folder so I forgot I even took these this week.

I was very happy with how this small batter bowl turned out. It was initially supposed to be a coffee cup but a small bump of the hand sent it in another direction!

Small Batter Bowl

Two small serving bowls! I liked the way these turned out!

RL Blue Bowls

Coffee cups round two!


Tuesday, September 18

I drank my first cup of coffee from a cup I made myself. I have to share that it was a very satisfying experience. As I type I am using my new coffee cup also. However I have noted some design flaws. It needs to be a bit taller vertically and just a smidge bigger! But overall I am very pleased with how this second round of coffee cups turned out!


Tuesday was a Muffinhead day!

One of the fun things that grandma’s get to do! Color!

When my children were little I over compensated with them just a bit in certain areas. We were so financially challenge when I was a little girl that when I was able to actually do for my own children, there were certain things that I went a bit overboard. Thankfully the areas of over indulgence were moderate by today standards.

Crayons! Now don't get me wrong, I had crayons as a little girl but I always yearned for the BIG boxes and the real Crayola crayons like all the other kids had. Well God is good and crayons are not expensive so I was able to indulge my childhood desires with my own children and provide them with a wealth of crayon fun. I still have a huge Rubbermaid tub full of crayons and we pulled them out and dumped them on the kitchen table and Muffinhead and me had a wonderful time.

She took her drawing how or I would have taken a picture of that as well!

IMG_0526 - trim

No pictures on Wednesday, September 19

Thursday, September 20

Ya know those things that you know you have but can’t find.

I’ve been wondering what happen to these for over a year!!!!!

Skoots1mom and I were planning a little fondue party and I knew I had a whole boat load of skewers….could I find them! That would be a BIG NO! I looked every where! Well in all the yard sale sorting and looking for stuff to sell I was cleaning out a box in the garage of miscellaneous candles and other nick knacks and there at the bottom of the box I found them! Why you say were they at the bottom of a box that they had no business being in….WHO KNOWS !

So yea I found them!


Friday, September 21

Well here it is! My Yard Sale I will have more to say about this in a later post when I have recovered enough to put a coherent thought together!


Muffinhead spent the night with us. The last time she was here she was intrigued with our big bathtub in our bedroom. She wanted to take a bath in the middle of the day. It was about time for mommy to come pick her up or I possibly would have indulged her but instead I promised her that the next time she spent the night she could take a big bubble bath in grandmas big bathtub! She had a sloshing good time !


Saturday, September 22

Since the Hubs and I were already tired and dirty we decided to add to the mix by going that extra mile and tipping the scale to full on exhaustion. After I took my signs down on Saturday for the yard sale I loaded up all the stuff that did not sell and hauled it all to Goodwill. I moved all the art supplies up to the bonus room, the easel, my paints and all my other supplies. The Hubs gave the floors the once over and then we moved our new dining room table into place. I am glad that my husband has something from his childhood that means something to him. He was sharing with me that the table has been all over the world as it has belonged to his mom since she got married and has traveled all over to all the various army bases as his Dad would get transferred. Germany, Japan and a few other places to! The Hubs mom has recently moved in with one of my husbands sisters and is in the process of selling her house. She really did not need all that space for just her. So we inherited her dinning room set. The Hubs has always wanted it! I am thinking Thanksgiving will be in the dinning room this year!

Here is a little Before…


and After!


I am thinking that both of those back corners need a little something…..and maybe after six years some window treatments! What a concept! All in good time!

It a good feeling to be done with something! I am thankful that after sis years of living in this house I can finally use my dinning room for it’s intended purpose! Maybe it’s time for a dinner party! Hmmmm what to fix!

Well that is my week! I am tired and ready for a nice uneventful week! I am also super thankful that my house has that nice purged feel now that all the stuff is gone! Wouldn't it be great if it would stay that way! Unfortunately we live in a disposable world and are in a sate of perpetual accumulation for all kinds of stuff! But is was six years of stuff and really is was not a ton of stuff but I am glad that it is all gone from my house!

Well that is my week! For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!



Sunday, September 16, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 37

Hey There y’all!

As weeks go it was a good one so let get right at it!

Sunday, September 9

Muffinhead spent the night with us on Saturday night. I could not resist snapping off a picture of this sweet little sleeping beauty before I woke her up to get ready for church.


I shared with you last week about the furniture that the Hubs went and picked up from his mom. Well In addition to the bedroom furniture and the dinning room table he brought home his old desk. I have been wanting some kind of desk for my sitting room off the master bedroom. This is a bit smaller that I had wanted, but one does not look a gift horse in the mouth. It will certainly suffice until I can get something more to my liking, not to mention get my bible study paraphernalia off of the far end of my kitchen table.


Monday, September 10

I think the transformation from dog to human has been fully achieved. Buster has now decided that his favorite place to sit in the back yard is lounging in the chair under the patio umbrella. They don’t call it a dogs life for nothing.


Tuesday, September 11

I have been working diligently to adopt a more disciplined attitude toward my vitamins. Regretfully the small pill organizer I had only worked for a little while. The new glucosamine pills I got were much bigger than the last bottle and along side the horse pill sized multi vitamins I am also try to remember to take they simple would not fit in the small compartment of the old container I had. I have now fully accepted this small step into senior citizenship and went to the drug store and got the GIANT sized pill organizer.


Wednesday, September 12

Muffinhead had a really cute case of Bead-Head going on Wednesday morning.


It was a beautiful day so after breakfast we hopped into the car and headed to the park around the corner. She had a wonderful time leaping from rock to rock like a Super Girl hero!

IMG_0495IMG_0496IMG_0497  IMG_0500 

After dinner Wednesday at church, we were walking to our car and this was going on. The Lord was doing His usually awesome work!

100_1281 edit

Saturday, September 15

It was kiln unloading day. It was also a hit and miss kind of day too. I was happy with about 50% of my finished pieces. Sometime the glaze just doesn't work out like I anticipate. Truth, it can be a bit of a let down to find that the hard work is underwhelming in the finished product. Live and learn I guess.

I was happy with these coffee mugs and this very small bowl!



We finally had some time on Saturday to get the furniture from last weekends road trip set up in the girlchild's room. I think she is pleased, her grandma even tossed in her old bedding, the works! Sheets, comforter, accent pillows and even a few nick knacks! It is still a work in progress but the major pieces are in place. Now all the girlchild has do do is get it all situated like she wants it.

I am happy that I can now park my van back in the garage once again.



OK , so there is a bit of a clash with the wall color, but the jury is still out on the bedding. You know how teenagers are. We will see how she likes it after a week or so and then maybe make some changes as to paint colors. However there are a few other projects that are way in front of repainting the girls room….let’s just say I am in no hurry to make a Home Depot run any time soon!

Well that's it for me this week.

For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s an link up!



Friday, September 14, 2012


of the World Bloggers Award

Why do y’all blog?

I know for me I started out not really knowing what all this blogging things was about. I was curious and I just want to find out more about it. Not to mention the concept of expressing myself through the written word, which holds great appeal to me.

What I did not anticipate was the unique opportunities that blogger have every day to encourage, to laugh, to share, to spend a few minutes visiting with other blogging pals. I was not expecting to develop friendships with folks all over the country. I like that about blogging. It broadens your horizons in way that I just was not prepared for.

Basically I feel like I know all y’all and most of you I have never even met.

I think that very cool!

Some weeks my blog is as dry as a bone, there are weeks when I  am filled to the brim, overflowing with things to share, insights to pass along. Other days I am just trying to resist the urge to strangle my beloved 17 year old with the cord to her flat iron…well maybe just hide it under my bed just to give back some of the teenage love she is doling out these days..but I digress!

Well this morning I was doing my usual rounds and found that Karen over at Karen's Korner had pass a lovely Blogging Award my way. Sometime they happen all the time and then sometimes I go months wondering if anyone is even reading anything I have to say.

First I have to thank Karen for thinking of me and for passing on the warm fuzzies!

The world needs more warm fuzzies in my opinion.

Next I am supposed to share with you seven things you may not know about me. I kind of feel like Karen, after all the posts I have tossed out there I am wondering if there is anything that y’all don’t know about me or more to the point anything that I found to embarrassing or painful to keep to myself. I am an open book kind of girl.

The first thing I will share is that I went shoe shopping on Thursday. Now most of y'all know that I really really hate shopping of any kind, especially at the mall. So I had two strikes against me already. I was trying to lesson the pain by repeating in my head the mantra “Just go in and pick a pair of shoes and get out. Just go in and pick a pair of shoes and get out. Just go in and pick a pair of shoes and get out!”

So I am walking in the direction of the shoe store. I made the critical mistake of making eye contact with a young man standing at one of those kiosk's that line the interior of the mall. He sprung into action and began to complement me on how lovely my hair was. REALLY? Do I ever curl it, yadayadayada I am still walk and he begins to follow me trying to get me to come back and sit down and do something to my hair….LIKE I'M GONNA DO THAT! He quickly jots down his name and hands me his card and yells after me that if I change my mind to come right on back.

All the while I am thinking “Great! Now I have to figure out a way of getting back out of the mall without having to walk past this crazed hair curing person stalking the mall!”

Thankfully I dashed into Payless Shoes and notice that there are the escalators to the upper floor. Yea for me! Well I snagged a pair of shoes hopped the up escalator and bypassed the crazed hair curler and made it safely out of the mall with my follicles unscathed.

So I guess my fist revelation is that I will do just about anything to avoid crazed hair curling psychos stationed at the mall.

Second, I don’t like olives.

Third, I am about ready to loan my teenage daughter out to anyone who is in need of some exciting drama in their lives. We are currently in the midst of a crisis of epic proportion as I have refused to purchase a new homecoming dress. She may either have to wear one she already has or heaven forbid wear her brand new bridesmaid dress, which I told her was going to be her next homecoming dress when we bought. But NOOOOOO! Did the words come out of my mouth, why yes they did. Did the girlchild hear the words come out of my mouth, why yes she did. So I am wondering what has happen to her ability to recall conversations in that now she thinks I am going to fork out more cash so she can get a new dress….NOT HAPPENING.


Fourth, When I was a little girl we had a cat with two names. My mom solved the dilemma of two girls with two different name for one cat by deciding that the cat’s official name would be “Pretty Kitty and Mittens”

Fifth, I just had to inform my husband that he had to reschedule his business trip that is schedule for later this month because it conflicted with his son getting married. Really? Son getting married…..sometime I wonder about how the male mind works! Crisis averted as I did tell him that attendance is mandatory!

Sixth, I don’t like dill pickles.

Seventh, I have over 400 books (all free downloads, again yea for me)  pending on my Kindle! All I need now is an unlimited amount of free time!

Now about passing it on to seven of my blogger pals. I love you all and if you choose to pass the love on that would be great. I know some folks choose to skip the awards, so no harm no foul!

So my seven beloved bloggers will be Skoots1mom, over at My Hands His Glory, because I love her more than words can say. There are times when people will call me by her name and vice versa, so I guess we are like old people who start to resemble there pets. We have been hanging together for so long we have become interchangeable.

Next, gotta love Dana over at Bug’s Eye View. I just lover her perspective and her wonderful sense of humor.

Kim at Just A Southern Girl, I love checking in on her as she and her husband have their adventures in South America.

Rita over at Meemaw Moments and Sara over at Make Music From Your Heart to the Lord are two of my favorites. I have been blogging with them for a long time as we post in Project 365. It is just amazing how seeing the weeks pictures really gives you a glimpse into the lives of friends. After a few years you really do feel like you are best friends.

Sassy Granny simply because I just love her, her wise words and her perspective. I know when I pop over of a visit I will gain much insight into many things.

I know technically I am probably not supposed to do this but, it’s my blog and I am going do what I want! Nanner Nannaer Boo Boo so there!

So my last blogger will get a double portion of the bloggy love. Karen over at Karen’s Korner.

Well it's the weekend and it looks to be a good one. The weather totally messed with me as it was predicted to rain so I postponed the yard sale I was going to have. Now it looks like it may be a good one after all. However I know there is no way I can get my ducks in a row in the time allotted, it is just not happening.

So I guess I will be force to simply enjoy the wonderful weekend….:)

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



Thursday, September 13, 2012

In the Land of Teenager: Another True Story

6:15 am…sleeping like a stone warm and snug in my bed.

There is a small tap on my shoulder…

“Mom I need you to sign something.” and then she turns and walks back out into the livingroom.

I get out of bed and she is sitting at the computer looking at homecomming dresses on the internet. She hands me the slip of paper and I ask,

“What am I signing?”

“It’s my Language Arts grade.”

I forgot to put on my glasses so I can’t see the grade…

“What is it?”

“A 91”

I sign the paper and then head back to bed and she then asks me,

“Mom if I can find a really inexpensive dress online can we get it?”

It is now 6:17 am and I am standing there looking at her wondering why she did not just bring the slip of paper into me in my room, then I wonder why I did not have the presence of mind to tell her to bring the slip of paper into me in my room so I did not have to get out of bed and NOW at 6:17 am she is asking me about homecoming dresses…..which I all ready told her I was not buying her another one…


Could I get back to sleep…

That would be NO!

And she used the last of the coffee creamer and then put the empty bottle back in the refrigerator instead of getting a new bottle out of the refrigerator in the garage…

AND I do not have Muffinhead this morning and was looking forward to sleeping in…

Good Morning Y’all!


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 36

Well I hit five out of seven his week, not to bad as P365 averages go.

Monday, September 3

My newest thing these days is remembering to take these. I have tried several methods to facilitate trying to remember to take them every day to no avail. I have now decide that I am easing into senior citizenship with my handy dandy pill organizer. So far so good. I managed to take six out of the seven day this week! I need the vitamins, well just cause we all need vitamins and the glucosamine I am in hope will help with my aching knees. I am very tired of being in pain all the time. The problem with the glucosamine is that it is cumulative. You have to take it for several weeks before you begin to feel the result. So far I have not noticed any difference but then it has only been a few weeks so the jury is still out.


With Monday being a holiday we had a small dinner party. Skoot1mom and her husband and another friend along with one of my husbands work friends came over and we had a wonderful time. The Menu: Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Sweet & Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken, Baked Beans, Potato Salad and Deviled Eggs. Skoots fixed some of that wonderful Pretzel Salad for desert and I tried that recipe that has been floating around Pintrest, the cherry fluffy salad. I am not sure why they call it a salad. I think it is really more like a desert. However my assessment is that it is an ok desert, not spectacular. I think it has to much fluff and and enough fruit. I may try tweaking the recipe a bit. I like the lightness of this desert, its wonderfully light and fluffy and perfect for a warm summer evening when you don't want something heavy but you want something sweet. I still think the recipe needs a bit of work but I was not completely dissatisfied!


Tuesday, September 4

Remember my post from several weeks ago (week 32), right after I started working with the clay. This very small bowl got a bit damaged. Well my friend Ann was able to save it. She made a few alterations and turn it into a rice bowl. She has been working on some sushi trays and condiment bowls and this will make a nice addition to one of her sushi sets.

100_1113bowl 5 - ooops


Here is another one of my completed pieces. Sometimes it can be a bit of a let down. This did not turn out exactly as I had hoped.

100_1190 - trim

More wet and drying clay on Wednesday, September 5…

Thursday, September 6

There have been some changes in the MIL’s life. The biggest is that she has moved in with one of my husbands sisters. She is selling her house and we now have her old bedroom set and dining room table and chairs in our garage. If all goes well we are going to move the bedroom furniture into the Girlchild’s room. Regretfully it will not work in our room as our bed is a king-size and the frame for her old stuff a queen size. Not to mention that the hubs was not particularly fond of the furniture to begin with so it's off to the girls room.


Friday, September 7

The hubs had the week off. He spent the part of the week helping a friend and helping his mom move and doing a few other things around the house that needed doing. He did reserve one day for just us! I packed up the cooler and we put the top down on his new toy (a red corvette) and went for a drive up into the mountains. It was an absolutely gorgeous day.

We drove up to Vogel State Park. It was a pleasant day and we enjoyed the sunshine, the blue sky and the fact that we really didn’t have a plan! 


We loved this sweet little covered bridge….


that took us over this lovely babbling stream….


We found a nice little shady spot….


and had a pic nic…


It was GOOD y’all!

It was even a trip down memory lane. I had to do a bit of digging when I got home but I finally found what I was looking for.

This was from October 1986, our very first camping trip together….at Vogel State Park!


It was a Blast From The Past!

Saturday, September 8

Some days you are in the zone and other you just aren't. Well Saturday was defiantly not my day for working with the clay. It’s a good thing I am well seasoned in letting things go or I would have been very upset about the short life of this small tray. I am learning what to do and what NOT to do…like pick up an unfired piece by the edge….I just was not thinking. Live and learn. Now I have to make a new try to go with my cup. Bummer.


Muffinhead spent the night!

Grandpa saw a commercial for a buy one get one for .99 DQ Blizzard so there was only one thing to do, an after dinner Dairy Queen run!


Well that was my week! The weather is about to start getting very nice around these parts, and as I am finished up this post I am sitting at the computer desk enjoying the afternoon breeze through an open window. I came home from church to find the hubs had opened up the house. Don't ya just love a cool breeze though an open window on a lazy Sunday afternoon!

For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up:)



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