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Friday, January 30, 2009

Technical Issues Persist, Recovering for a Shattering Defeat, Extreme Weather Predicted and a New Carnival

I'm all over the place this moring, so hang on!!!!!!!

I think my minor technical difficulties have allowed me the much needed time to recover from the shame and humiliation I faced at my crushing defeat in the recent Ugly Mug Contest.  However life goes on and I must put this staggering tragedy behind me and move on to a new day. But before I take the high ground and accept my defeat with dignity I will say that for future contests I feel we must insist upon a revamping of the rules. Specifically and most importantly one must indeed have proof of ownership of said ugly mug at the time of the contest. With such valuable (Starbucks & Chocolate, the two main food groups) and worthy prizes on the line the possibilities for misinterpretation are simply too great. Now that that’s off my chest I gracefully accept my defeat and hold my head high with the knowledge that it is better to have entered an ugly mug content and lost than to have never entered a contest at all……


Moving on...In a stop gap measure, my computer issues still remain unresolved but I m able to continue to use it (hooked up to the docking station) until I can get it fixed. I must say that I have been disappointed in the lever of apathy I have received from the various IT people I have talked to. No one (and this consist of exactly two people who I have consulted with as to the nature of my technical problem) seems to grasp the seriousness of my life-crisis! Alas I forge ahead in search of a compassionate computer geek to take pity on me and offer the timely and cost effective help required. Until then I remained chained to the desk at interment times during the day as the battery life of my laptop is shameful (old). 

Moving on….after watching Lid’s video knee deep in snow (better her than me) I have to share with you that the meteorologist are all a flutter here in the south. There is a front approaching and the forecast for “Extreme Winter Weather” is on the horizon.

We were giggling about that last night in my weekly accountability meeting. In the south we take these predictions very seriously. Now you have to factor in that in the south we get all excited about a mere 1/8 of an inch of snow and the very hint of ice sends the D.O.T. and School Board’s into emergency status. The local television stations will all have the continuous information tickers at the bottom of the screen with minute by minute updates to the school & business closings as well as near twenty four hour television coverage. I anticipate that my mid day tomorrow there will be  shortage of milk and bread on all the shelves at the grocery story. I myself plan to stop at the store later on to pick up the necessary foodstuffs to insure that we will not get caught with out the vital supplies. You may think that this list would include such things as rock salt or additional batteries, but no for me the necessary must have items are vey small…..marshmallows and hot chocolate. The rest will work it’s self out as the predicted ice melts.

We all wait on pins and needles for the barometric pressure to drop and the wind currents to shift, we will be watch the weather channel with baited breath and the children across this stare will be praying in earnests for the possibility of school closings.


Moving on...I have to tell ya, I find that there are so many wonderful creative folks out there in blogland. Today over at “2nd Cup of Coffee” Lid introduced us to a new Blog Carnival hosted by “5 Minutes for Mom’s”, “Say it Forward” I have to say that I really love this idea. The dilemma….who to pick first. I will be pondering on this and I would encourage you all to be thinking about all the wonderful folks who stop by to comment on your blog as well. 

What a Great idea!!!!


Well I’m off to make myself a latte and check the pantry to make sure we will not starve during the Blizzard.




Monday, January 26, 2009

Technical Difficulties or the world may be coming to an end because my "dooomaflaaatchie" is broken!

I am having some laptop issues, a broken power "dooomaflaaatchie" or "doohickie" in the back that has to get replaced. 

I will be back as soon as it is fixed (on a frustrating note I can't get the repair guy at Micro Center to return my calls, he obviously does not fully comprehend the seriousness of my "dooomaflaaatchie" issue) ....until then I will try to post occasionally if  can pry my DD away from the desk top. 

I mean really the status of my blog is so much more important than the new videos posted by her friends on facebook

Mom's rule! 

Move over DD, I got to check my blog!


The Ugly Mug Contest...Eleven compelling (pleading) reasons why I should win! Vote for ME! Vote for Me NOW! Vote for me me ....no really vote for me!

In an effort to be systematic in laying out the best possible case for my winning the Ugliest Mug Contest I have several factors that, once you read, I feel certian will persuade you that I do have the ugliest mug.

1. I’m Hormonal and I think I deserve to win! (please pay careful attention to the fact that I have my sweater zipped all the way up to spare you all the truly frightening images of my neck, this compassionate gesture on my part should also be considered as you are casting your votes as well!)

2. My mug has a moose on it!
3. I’m Hormonal and I need this validation to feel like a worthy human being.
4. My mug also speaks a foreign language.
I am not sure what it is saying as I do not speak Swedish but it proudly proclaims something of which I can not understand!
5. My mug has these lovely moose tracks down the handle of the mug.
6. My mug not only has one Moose on it, it has an entire moose family.

Here is Dad on the one side

And Mom and Baby moose on the other side.

7. My mug was in fact gift from my husband.
He took great care in selecting just the right memento to bring back to me from Sweden (countless second in the airport gift shop prior to boarding the plane to be sure) to add to my collection of travel mugs.

8. This mug no doubt traveled the furthest as Sweden is 4580.8 miles away from my home.

9. I feel that extra points should in fact be added as I actually took the time to look up on the Internet exactly how many miles it is from Sweden to my home.

10. I’m hormonal and I deserve to win and did I mention I’m hormonal and I deserve to win!

11. Lastly and most importantly, and this one I feel in all honesty is critical to the very nature of the "Ugly Mug Contest" ideals is the fact that I actually owned my ugly mug at the time of the contest.

I did not need to do an exhaustive search of the local goodwill or thrift shop. I was willing to throw open the cabinet doors and allow complete and total unhindered access to the hidden recesses of my kitchen cabinets.

Yes! I own an ugly mug and I am proud to show it off.

I even drink out of it from time to time so with won't feel slighted or have an inferiority complex about being ugly.

So there you have it eleven compelling, pleading, begging, forceful, persuasive and undeniable reason why I feel I should win this contest.

You may now stop what you are doing and immediately go over to 2nd Cup of Coffee and vote for me.



Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Shawl, A Family Tradition, A Surprise and a Horticultural Phenomenon

Finished another prayer shawl!

Continued a family tradition started by my grandmother.
my DD and I made apple butter

My sweet thoughtful husband brought me home an unexpected kitchen surprise. I have always wanted one of these. He is so sweet, he picked it up on a recent business trip. I feel like a professional chef in my kitchen with my knives at the ready. No more dull blades for me...YEA!!!!
and last but miraculously not least...it's still blooming folks. 
I think my Christmas cactus is some mutant alien strain of horticultural bizarreness. 
It may never stop blooming!!

My week in review!


Monday, January 19, 2009

One Fell Swoop

Over the last few days as I have browsed and read the many wonderful blogs I visit from time to time a phrase popped out at me not once but twice.


One fell Swoop, what does it really mean. Where did it originate? Isn’t the internet great, within in a few moments I had my answer. Here is what I found out.




People have been using the phrase “at one fell swoop” in English since the 1600s, and like many idioms, many people are entirely unaware of its origins. This phrase is generally used to mean “all at once,” in a very rapid and final sense, although one could be forgiven for wondering what falling and swooping have to do with something happening suddenly and perhaps violently. Unlike many idioms, which seem to have appeared in the English language with no apparent origins, we actually do know where “one fell swoop comes from.”

To understand the origins of this phrase, we are going to need to read a little Shakespeare, because the first documented use of “one fell swoop” appeared in the play Macbeth:

All my pretty ones? Did you say all? Oh, hell-kite, all? What, all my pretty chickens and their dam at one fellswoop?


The “kite” referenced in this quotation is a predatory bird. Kites are famous for their rapid and savage attacks; in this quotation, Shakespeare is using fell in the sense of “evil” or “deadly.” While this usage of the word is uncommon today, in Shakespeare's day, it would have been widely known. The reference to the savage bird underscored the ferocity and rapidity of the events described in this quote.

In Shakespeare's “one fell swoop,” a single incident changes the life of the character MacDuff forever; his entire family is murdered on the orders of Macbeth, who fears that MacDuff is angling for his throne. In the end, Macbeth's fears turn out to be well-grounded, as he is ultimately defeated by MacDuff at the end of the play.

The root for “fell” in this sense is the French fel, which means “evil.” Although we no longer use the word in this sense, except in obscure poetry, we do retain another word in the English language with this root: “felon.” Fell as in “to fall” comes from an entirely different Anglo-Saxon word, illustrating the diverse roots of the English language.

People often use this phrase to describe the accomplishment of several tasks with a single action, as in “the candidate rearranged the campaign staff at one fell swoop.” The term implies finality and rapidity, sometimes with a hint brutal force. It is also sometimes mispronounced as “one swell foop,” sometimes deliberately by people who want to bring levity to a serious situation.

 So Now You Know!



Sunday, January 18, 2009

There’s something about Worship.

There are times when it is easy to be witty and share about a lost coffee scoop, then there are moment when life is so real and so clear and God’s plan for how things are supposed to work is so very apparent. Even when things don’t seem to go the way I think they should God has an amazing way in showing me that even in sadness and heartbreak there is great hope.

I think Sunday mornings are my favorite day of the week. The expectation of coming together in the house of the Lord, the anticipation of a shared experience, the deep soul thirsty feeling that gets satiated with the lifting up of hands and the bending of a knee.

Having the word of God opened up and delivered in a unique way.

A song that touches a tender place with in my heart.

In worship this morning, as it happens quite often these days I am moved to tears as the music washes over me. Part of my emotional response is simply a filling up of how amazing my God truly is and the other part is a deep desire to see my prayers fulfilled, only to know that certain things I pray for each and every day remain the same. I have to wonder exactly what it is about the power of the human voice, a melody and lyrics have that can touch my heart in a tender and meaningful way.

The turn of a phrase set to music can evoke feelings and then those feelings will well up and the outpouring burst’s forth.

“Somebody’s Praying Me Through” these words filled the sanctuary sung by an amazing voice, a true gift of God to our congregation. I have heard this person sing this song before however today on this morning it hit me in a new way that struck a fresh cord with in me. I could try to hold back but the safety, the comfort, the protection all of these things provide for me a safe zone for which all the reserve, the stiff upper lip approach I have is melted away. When I am in worship I can truly allow myself to weep before the Lord.

The lyrics of this song hit me in a couple of very profound ways, as the reality of my daily prayers for my son seem to pile up in a giant heap, I wonder why they seem to go unanswered. Yet I know that even though my prayers may seem to be unanswered, I know that they are not unheard. I know that God hears all prayers and that I have to continue to remember that my thoughts are not His thought nor are His ways my ways (ISA 55:8). I have to remember that there is always a reason why and when God chooses to act or to remain silent in any given situation.

My sweet friend and associate pastor so wisely reminded us all in today’s sermon that even Christ in his anguish over his approaching death wept bitterly and pleaded with His heavenly father in prayer for the cup to be removed from his hands (MK 14:36). Yet in that same sentence yielding his life over to his fathers will.

As a mother I confess that what I want is for “my will” to be done, yet I have to recognize that what is more important is a yielding over to His perfect and pleasing will.

The knowledge that I am a praying mother, this means that I am praying for my son, praying him through on a daily basis. At times it feels like an overwhelming task. The mountain of prayers seems to high or impossible, but when I am overwhelmed and feeling as if my prayers simply are not working the “Somebody’s Praying Me Through” transforms and the sisters I love let me know that while my heart is breaking for my son, they are praying me though.

It is one of those wonderfully circular moments. I’m praying him through as someone is praying me through.

The scripture for today was Psalm 103, it reminds me to continue to praise the Lord even in my inner most being, it speaks of not forgetting how great, merciful and compassionate my God truly is.

Psalm 103

1 Praise the LORD, O my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name.

2 Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits--

3 who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases,

4 who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion,

5 who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's.

6 The LORD works righteousness and justice for all the oppressed.

7 He made known his ways to Moses, his deeds to the people of Israel:

8 The LORD is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love.

9 He will not always accuse, nor will he harbor his anger forever;

10 he does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities.

11 For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his love for those who fear him;

12 as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.

13 As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him;

14 for he knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust.

15 As for man, his days are like grass, he flourishes like a flower of the field;

16 the wind blows over it and it is gone, and its place remembers it no more.

17 But from everlasting to everlasting the LORD's love is with those who fear him,

and his righteousness with their children's children--

18 with those who keep his covenant and remember to obey his precepts.

19 The LORD has established his throne in heaven, and his kingdom rules over all.

20 Praise the LORD, you his angels, you mighty ones who do his bidding,

who obey his word.

21 Praise the LORD, all his heavenly hosts, you his servants who do his will.

22 Praise the LORD, all his works everywhere in his dominion.

Praise the LORD, O my soul.

It feels like a double edges sword at times. One edge is painful and bitter as it cuts through a mother’s heart. The other edge is a soft and soothing healing balm as the prayers of those who love me come in after the deep and painful cut has been rendered. They wrap there loving arms around me and tell me that it will be all right. I still have to experience the pain and the sadness but I know that as I pray for my son whom I love with out reservation, that when my burden gets to heavy or I fail to see over the huge pile of seemingly unanswered prayers that there is someone one holding the lamp for me, someone praying me through and eventually it will be all right.



Somebody’s Praying Me Through


Pressing over me like a big blue sky
I know someone has me on their heart tonight
That's why I know it's gonna be alright
'Cause somebody's praying me through
Somebody's praying me through

It may be my Mother, it might be my Dad
Or an old friend I've forgot I had
But whoever it is I'm so glad that
Somebody's praying me through
Somebody's praying me through

Through the tears, through the rain
Through the sorrow, through the pain
It keeps bringing me through
Over and over again
So when you're drowning in a sea of hurt
And it feels like life couldn't get any worse
There's a blessing waiting to push back the curse
'Cause somebody's praying you through
Somebody's praying you through
Someone got down on their knees and prayed for me
Somebody's, somebody's praying you through

Friday, January 16, 2009

Out of Sorts - Part II

I initially thought when I started this blog it was just on a whim. A friend of mine at church had a blog and for reasons unknown to me at the time I simply wanted one. 

It sounded like fun. 

The desire that God has placed upon my heart to express myself through the written word is very strong at times, overwhelming even. In any event there are moments when I just know, when a piece of scripture comes to me and it unfolds for me in a special way. When this happens I need to prop the old laptop upon my knee and get to typing. 

However lately my focus, or lack there of has shifted a bit. 

I read so many wonderful blogs all of which are either interesting, witty, hilarious, deeply spiritual, enlightening or thought provoking. This intern spurs in me a desire to approach my blog with the same fervor and commitment. 

The only problem with my desire to be witty, profound, deeply spiritual or thought provoking was hindered by one very simple thing. 

I could not find my coffee scoop. 

Ya'll remember my new Christmas toy

Well on a brighter spot in my day I have been totally enjoying exploring the joys of being able to make my own afternoon Latte’s. The simple pleasure of listening to the steam gurgling and watching the milk froth up all white and foamy brings joy to my hormonally saturated soul. 

But I digress, back to the more pressing issue of the missing coffee scoop. The Espresso & cappuccino maker came with a small black coffee scoop which has a flat bottom which is perfect for tamping the coffee grounds down into the small basket. This being a necessary part of the espresso making process. I am not sure why tamping down the ground is important but it is. 

For the last few days I have been on a near obsessive search for this coffee scoop. It had vanished off the face of the earth. I had done an extensive search of every kitchen drawer, every utensil caddy, in the bottoms of cabinets. Fear washed over me at the thought that it had slipped out of the silverware caddy in the dishwasher and had met an untimely demise having landed upon the heating element in the bottom of my dishwasher. 

I looked through all the drawers in my kitchen twice (it was more like five or six times, but that sonds really, really obsessive), I enquired with my DD if she had seen it and then bless her little heart even she was pulled into my obsession as she began to re-search the drawers in the kitchen. 

In an act of desperation I turned to the hubby. “Have you seen the coffee scoop that came with my new toy?” 

He looks at me for a very brief few second, not even a few second as his next questions was almost instantaneous “Have you looked in the coffee bag?” 

I walked over the refrigeration and in my shame opened the door and reached in for the small blue bag. Yes, a quick squeeze of the bag and all was revealed. 

My coffee scoop! 

I am now wondering if I in fact actually do have a working brain. 

In all the drawer searching, cabinet rearranging, retracing my steps and lamenting over the possible fate of my coffee scoop I never once thought to look in the coffee bag. 

Coffee scoop…..coffee bag…… 

I aspire to one day be able to function in any way that resemble normalcy. I wait with great anticipation for my hormones to stop wreaking havoc on my emotional well being, my ability to process normal things such as memory retrieval as well as the sudden urges to run innocent people over with my mini van to subside. 

I am contemplating changing the name of my blog to “Shut Up, Get Out Of My Face, What Was I Just Doing and Why is it so HOT in HERE” 

Other than that I am juuuuuuust fine!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Out of sorts...

I’m taking a breath…


Shaking my head and breathing some more and laughing at myself to keep from bursting into tears. 

You ever have one of those days when you foolishly think you are on the right track. 

This past fall I began a new weekly bible study, it is a rather in-depth comparative study of the Gospels. Now I have to also confess that I am having some difficulties with this study as I am simply not that analytical. 

I know that there are individuals out there who truly do care why the precise verbiage is different in Marks account as apposed to the account in Matthew. I however have found it a bit mind numbing at times. I also know that God’s word never returns empty so I persist knowing that I will receive what God intends for me to receive during this study. I am trying to remain diligent and open to this new way of delving into the God’s word.  Trying being the operative word here! 

Confession time…over the holidays I had allowed myself to be less than diligent, a total understatement as I did not crack my study manual once during the holiday beak, my bad… why yes I am thank you very much!

Well feeling less than prepared last week I decided to get back on track and actually made the effort to get my study done this week as to be fully prepared for Wednesday morning. I checked off each scripture as I read it, I highlighted all the interesting or noteworthy lines of text in the manual and was fully satisfied that upon entering the room this morning that I would be able to hold my head high as well as being able to fully participate. 

As I listened to the opening video it began to slowly wash over me.

That’s funny I thought they have in the wrong video.

I did not read anything this week about Jesus turning over the tables of the money changers in the temple…. 

The reality crashed in upon me, yes, you guessed it. 

What’s the expression…a day late and a dollar short, or maybe it should be a week early and I’ve no clue what is going on. 

And I thought I was so diligent when in fact I was one week off. 

I used to be a competent person, I remember the days when I could walk from one room to another and actually remember what it was I came into the room for. Now however it has become very clear to me that the very simple concepts such as short term memory as well as the ability to make sure I am on the right page have now become a thing of the past. 

I humbly ask you to pray for me people, or quite possibly your prayer time would be better spent praying for the people who are under my care such as my DD and DH. 

On the bright side I am now one week ahead in my study time, but given the fact that in one week’s time I quite possibly will have no memory of what I read this week I may just need to begin again. 

Ya think??? 


Robin (Praise Jesus I remembered my name!)

Monday, January 12, 2009

15 minute of my life…gone forever or at least for the next 42 days

There are many (many) things in life that make me shake my head in utter confusion. Some of these things I have the ability to simply let go off with the understanding that in the grand scheme of things there are aspects of life that I am never gong to understand, nor do I want to understand them. 

Then there are other things that make absolute no sense to me at all. 

Things that make me nuts….. 

Several years ago I was diagnosed with Acid Reflux. At the time I was written a prescription for a name brand medication by my physician which after some time eventually made life bearable again.  No more sleepless nights being kept awake by a painful burning sensation which nothing would eliminate. No more running in fear from the mere sight of just about anything on a plate. Life was good again!

Each month I would call in my prescription and it was faithfully filled by my pharmacists for years and years. Each month I would drive to the drug store and pick up my medication in one nice little brown plastic bottle. 

Those were in fact the good ol’ days. 

In November 2002 (I had to look it up on the internet to find out just when it went OTC) the FDA approved the production of a generic medication for acid reflux. 

Now this in itself is not that remarkable. It could be considered a good thing as my days of refilling a monthly prescription were over.

Now however I am forced to wonder certain things. 

Why for instance is it now impossible for me to purchase the equivalent of a 30 day supply? 

I can purchase a 14 day supply or a 42 day supply, but not a 30 day supply…can someone explain this to me. 

Why was it previously perfectly acceptable to package said medication in a simple brown bottle which now has been replaced by multiply seven day blister packs. 

It isn’t just the blister packs mind you, it is the fact that each 14 day supply is in its very own little box and then the drug manufacturers take three of these boxes and stack them up and then repackage them into a larger box. Now each 14 day supply has with it a set of instructions. Not just one set of instructions but three set of instruction in the same box.

So let’s do the math shall we. 

Good ol’days …one bottle = 30 day supply 

Today…2 large boxes + 6 small boxes + 6 identical sets of instructions + 12 – 7 day blister packs +  one pair of kitchen scissors = 42 day supply

As I sat at my kitchen table this after noon diligently cutting open all 12 blister packs it occurred to me that I have missed the whole point of this 42 day process.

There is great potential for creative expression.

Think of the possibilities in architecture...

I am sure they will be using this design for future sky scrappers in the very near future.

or this fine example of modern sculpture entitled: "Blister Pack:The Aftermath"

And last but not least my personal favorite 

Remember these….

who needs gum wrappers...

The possibilities are endless....

Oh the ridiciliousness of it all.... I really do miss my simple little brown bottle. 


Ask me what I’m doing right now????

Come on, come on, ask me!!!!!

I am sitting in my living room drinking my morning coffee looking at my freshly shampooed carpet.

Now you may ask why is this noteworthy or exceptional?

Under ordinary circumstances quiet possibly not remarkable in any way, however as of last night my house has now been teleported to an alternate universe.

You may wonder how and why my home has now made an address change to an alternate universe.

Here’s how! 

My son, who is now living on his own (if that is what you want to call it) came to my home last night and vacuumed my living room and then shampooed my carpet.

Let’s let this sink in a bit.

I have this dark and scary vision in my head, not to mention a very real and unpleasant memory of the odor assaulting my nostrils as I would ascend the stairs to his room. Upon reaching the top of the stairs I would have to kick a path through the debris which covered his bedroom floor. 

Images of the town dump, seagulls darting in and out over the landfill screeching at each other over bits of rotting food and steam rising from the composting refuse… all these images would not have been a surprise on any given day upon entering his room, which I tried to do as little as possible.

I will spare you the truly gory details of exactly how dirty my son’s room really was…lets just say it was unpleasant (really, really bad) and leave it at that.

So now you place these two circumstances together and you have the perfect conditions for which being teleported to an alternate universe may occur.

Oh and I forgot to mention the third component in the equation.

His washer and dryer is on the frits and he had several loads of dirty laundry that needed to be done and quite possible this random act of kindness might just have been a strategic move to insure the future possibilities of unlimited washing machine access.

And hey if the unlimited washing machine access just happen to coincide with dinner time……

What do ya’ll think????

Sunday, January 11, 2009

More and more and more!!!!!

I have to admit that I did not think this cactus would ever bloom, now I am beginning to think that it will never stop.


Are ya'll bout tired of looking at my cactus!
(that's a loaded question......)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day Three....It continues to show off in a big way

Ya'll look! 

Each day brings more blooms and more ohhh's and ahhhh's

All I have to say is Go God!


Friday, January 9, 2009

Thursday, January 8, 2009

It Bloomed....at Last

I am not a plant person. In fact I now have the grand total of two house plants that I have been able to keep alive for several years, this statement in itself is proof of a real miracle that they are in fact still alive. 

A dear friend gave me a Christmas cactus last year. I have managed to keep it alive and was shocked the other day to see small red buds forming at the ends of the plant.

Excitement does not begin to describe how I feel each day as I have chronicled the progression of the growth. I will admit to my growing anticipation and just a bit of amazement as I watched the tiny red buds get a bit bigger every day.

Friday, December 21th, 2008

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

Wednesday January 2nd, 2009

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

At last it bloomed!

I am so excited!!!!!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I got nothing........





A Big Fat Zero....

Laa Tee Daa..... Hmmmmmmmm....

Yup... still got nothing....

So what do you do when you got nothing?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"dyed in the wool"

I'm a bit of a word junkie. I love finding out where expressions come from and their origins. As I was working on yesterday post I began to wonder about the expression "dyed in the wool

Here is what I found:

The expression "dyed in the wool" refers to a state of steadfastness, especially with respect to one's politicalreligious or social beliefs. The expression comes from the fact that fabric can be dyed in a number of ways. The woven fabric may be dyed after it is complete, or the threads may be dyed before they are woven. When a color is "dyed in the wool," the wool itself is dyed before being spun into threads, so the colour is least likely to fade or change.

Dyed in the wool first appeared in the 16th century as a metaphorical expression.


Monday, January 5, 2009

Soap Opera Dead

I have a confession people, of the many flaws in my character, one of the more nasty and hard to break is that I am a dyed in the wool “All My Children” addict. 

It began years ago when I was in High School so in my formative years the foundation for years of dependency was well established. 

Over the Christmas holidays my DH had from Christmas Eve through yesterday off. Today was his first day back after the New Year. 

Throughout his time at home he would from time to time catch a few moments of my daily fix. 

“I thought he was dead!” says my DH. 

I shake my head in shame and gently repeat to him the rules. 

I say in my most loving tone "Now Honey you know that there are two different definitions of dead. There is real life dead and Soap Opera Dead.” 

Now over the course of our 26 years of marriage I have explained this concept to him countless times, yet he fails to grasp the shear genius of the distinction. 

I patiently explain the concept to him yet again. 

“Now honey you know that no one is ever really dead on a soap opera unless they die in real life. If you die on a soap opera there is always a chance for a miraculous recovery, a scientific breakthrough that brings them out of a permanent vegetative state, there was a body switch in the hospital morgue made by Russian spies, a near death individual was whisked off to a remote island to convalesce in seclusion, or being held captive in a third world country, there is a terrible accident and they lay bandaged from head to toe for months in a convent. Let’s not forget the being held captive by an evil millionaire or having your memory erased by an explosion as you wander aimlessly across the country until you are reunited with your long lost love, or one of my all time favorites is the secret identical twin or dissociative identify disorder scenario.” 

He looks at me and shakes his head, I marvel at his ignorance. 

I actually feel a moment of pity that my husband has not had the benefit of the occasional dose of Myrte, I continue weeping, you see Myrtle Fargate a long time AMC cast member recently passed away. They devoted an entire episode to saying good bye to this sweet and crusty old carney gal. I will miss her wit, her way of telling it like it is and down right brass you know what.

I was watching the tribute to her one morning and brushing away the tears. It is so funny how you grow to love and really feel like you know the actors who come into your lives though these silly shows. But I must admit that I did shed a tear when I heard that she had passed away. 

My DH looks at me as I wipe my tears away and he tentatively asks me “So is she really dead???” 

As I reach for another tissue i think to myself that the only force of nature that can not be overcome by the unique and slightly bizarre talents of the writers of my beloved soap is the passage of time. 

I shake my head in pity, he will quite possible never get this delicate balance of life and death involved in the land of soap operas and I just simply answer “Yes honey she’s really dead.”

 So there is soap opera dead and there is real death.

Rest in Peace Myrte.





Saturday, January 3, 2009

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas………..next year’s Christmas maybe…..

Ya’ll, I am so doing the happy dance.

It’s is my all time favorite thing, getting a huge bargain

Given the fact that I absolutely hate to shop, I take great pleasure in making the system work for me. 

Last year I got a huge deal on a beautiful pre-light Christmas tree and several (lot and lots of them, I mean seriously I had a brand new (and much bigger) tree, so it needed more oraments to fill it out) boxes of ornaments. 

This year I am overjoyed to show you the newest addition to my Christmas d├ęcor

I got two sparkly green and gold Christmas trees (originally priced $49.99 a piece) to go on either side of my fireplace......

A large nativity statuette (originally $79.99) to go with my growing collection of nativity scenes. 

I got a new red wreath (originally priced $69.99) for over my fireplace. I am planning to add a bow and maybe a few springs of greenery (the holly garland was purchased to use on this wreath) to fill this out a bit. 

Two small snow men (original price $24.99 and $29.99) to add to my growing collection of them as well. 

I also purchased a new holly garland (originally priced $19.99)…..

My grand total for the day……$68.98 (total.... if I had payed full price over $330.00, which I would never do under any circumstances ever... ever... ever!!!!!)

Yes, that’s correct boys and girls thanks to the 80% discount at the Hobby Lobby I got all this for less that the full price of the wreath.


I Love It, I Love It, I love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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