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Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Shawl, A Family Tradition, A Surprise and a Horticultural Phenomenon

Finished another prayer shawl!

Continued a family tradition started by my grandmother.
my DD and I made apple butter

My sweet thoughtful husband brought me home an unexpected kitchen surprise. I have always wanted one of these. He is so sweet, he picked it up on a recent business trip. I feel like a professional chef in my kitchen with my knives at the ready. No more dull blades for me...YEA!!!!
and last but miraculously not least...it's still blooming folks. 
I think my Christmas cactus is some mutant alien strain of horticultural bizarreness. 
It may never stop blooming!!

My week in review!



skoots1mom said...

wow, what a post...the shawl is awesome...the butter look de-LISH...cool knife gadget...and i'm lovin' me some christmas cactus...gaw-jus, jus' gaw-jus!! Go God!

Nel said...

I can't get over the christmas cactus. Ours bloomed alot this year but just for a day or two. Your is never-ending... too cool!

a portland granny said...

That shawl is just beautiful!! What a labor of love! I envy the knives--sorry, but I do. ...and I haven't had apple butter since I was a young girl! It surely looks delicious.

I am so enjoying the cross I received from you. It is so perfect on my pale yellow wall, with the oak furniture. I look at it everyday and I am so grateful for it!

Sassy Granny ... said...

There's just something about homemade that is so nurturing ... so wholesome. I love the shawl, a wee bit jealous you (or anyone) can crochet (or is it knit?)!

I also smile to myself when I do something domestic that looks/feels like my mother (now living with the Lord). I think she smiles too.


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