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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Announcing the “I won…You Win Giveaway!!!”

I won you win giveaway

Several weeks ago I was the lucky winner of a book giveaway from Mocha with Linda.

Click here to read her post about this book!

As I finished the book up the other day I began to think about the two women the story centers around.

The story begins with two pen pals in elementary school and they continue with there friendship for many, many years through letters and emails, but they have never actually met, not until things change for the main character. Her life takes an unexpected turn and she finds herself face to face with her long time pen pal.

I began to think of the similarities between the two women in the book and all of you, my fellow bloggers.

As members of this unique internet community we enter into each other lives as we read each others posts, as we comment, share encouraging words or just a well needed giggle now and then.

But what I enjoyed as I read this book was the depiction of the friendship these two women shared. They had been intimately involved in each other lives but had never been in the same room with each other, never shared a cup of coffee over the kitchen table, never wept in each other arms. Yet they still shared in the deep bonds of friendship.

The relationship the two women in this book have is a real friendship, as real as friendships get.

I found the simulates between the book and the blogosphere to almost mirror each other.

So here is my idea for the “I Won…You Win Giveaway!”

To enter the giveaway is very simple, just leave me a comment.

The giveaway will be open until the end of August. All comments posted on this post and any of my posts from now until the end of the month will be entered into the drawing.

Simple enough.

But wait there is more.

The idea for “I Won…You Win” is two fold.

Once a winner is chosen I will send the book out into the blogosphere.

My hope is that whoever wins it will keep the “I Won…You Win” giveaway going.

The second requirement is once you have finished the book place your blog address on the inside cover, as well as the date you finished the book and then continue the “I Won…You Win” Giveaway on your blog.

Link back to me in you giveaway let’s see where this takes us.

I also want to encourage everyone who reads the book to  mark your favorite chapter in the book with a note in the margin telling future readers why you enjoyed the chapter. Use your imagination, tuck a special note in the pages or a pretty bookmark, but put “yourself” somewhere in the pages of the book.

I am so excited to send this out into the blogosphere.

Let the giveaway begin!

In closing let me just say that I have achieved new levels of frustration and head banging as I struggle for nearly two days trying to figure out how to grab the code for a “Link to this Blog” button.

I think I have it correct.

I can’t tell if I am proud of myself for figuring it out or just obsessed enough to keep trying until out of shear dumb luck I held my mouth right and all the planets aligned and it just happened.

But in any event here is the code (I hope it works) to paste on your blog.

Grab the code below and put this button on your blog let see where this give away takes us!

Be Still and Know




Susanne said...

What a fun idea. I'll post your button in my sidebar.

Susanne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Robin, does melatonin work like a pill, or does it have to build up in your system?

skoots1mom said...

i'm game...put me in, too!
good job, figuring it out

Kim said...

Excellent idea! Sounds like a great plan and it'll be fun to see where it leads :-)

Robynn's Ravings said...

This is BRILLIANT. I will be crossing my fingers to win. I love the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Book" idea with written notes to us. I am one to dog ear books, write in margins, underline, highlight. What a rich thing to see things shared from other blogger perspectives! Oh, I LOVE this!

Chris said...

Great idea.I'm adding the button to my blog too.

Beverlydru said...

This sounds like great fun! I've enjoyed catching up with you. Great pics of the pool dip on Friday. I feel refreshed. : ) I am out of synch with my exercising though.

skoots1mom said...

good workout today...i finished my discIII folders and will pick up the extra books/bags I need from dt's house tomorrow after our workout...then, I'll be coming home to get my food prepped and ready to cook wed. am
fun times!!

Granny on the Web said...

'The Lord works in mysterious ways'.... and he has stirred you to dream up a super connecting ribbon between bloggie pals.
Hope the plan works to perfection.

Love Granny

2Thinks said...

Excellent idea! I'll grab the sweated over code (good job!) and wait for my turn with the book.

I admire anyone who can make a button and attach this code stuff to it for others to grab. I am probably light years away from figuring out how to do that, though I'd love to know.

You've been one of my best teachers, so far, in blogschool.

Becky said...

What a wonderful idea! I love it. Count me in!

a portland granny said...

Sign me up. I love to read and I am not familiar with this author. I'm sorry, but I'm not sure I can do the button thing right....I'll try. Macs are a different breed, you know!!! :)

How's your little girl doing. I hope she is healing nicely and feeling better.

I've followed you all summer but just was too lazy to comment. Loved your garden adventures!!

Dorothy Harden said...

Well, are you shocked?! I had to leave a comment about those precious pictures from yesterday! I remember those blond curls on that little boy when he used to go up and sit by the pastor for the children's sermon. Hold onto those memories . . . remember - Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is OLD he will not depart from it. And in the meantime, rejoice in what God is doing in the life of your girl child and enjoy the precious times and make memories with her.

skoots1mom said...

those daisies have been outstanding!

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