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Saturday, August 1, 2009

August 1, 2009 A Green Bean Story

June 9, 2009
Once upon a time (58 days to be exact) a middle aged (hey a girl can dream can’t she) southern woman planted a packet of green bean seeds straight down the middle of her brand new raised garden bed!!!
Each day she would venture,
each day she would walk,
to her small little patch,
longing for even the smallest of signs of life,
an inclining, a glimpse,
but not even a vine.
Day after day, she checked and she watched.
Day after day she hoped and she dreamed.

Saturday June 13, 2009
One bright sunny day,
as she checked her small plot,
per chance did she notice,
a small tiny green spot!
Her heart leapt for joy,
as she bent down,
down to the ground oh so low.

Her heart it was reeling with glee and delight
for what did she see,
but a tiny green  sprout,
that oh so quaintly poked its head out!
Saturday June 13, 2009
That evening,
she pondered and dreamed and rejoiced,
she cold not sit still,
so excited she was,
she journey outside,
to say just one more good night.
As she stepped a bit closer,
to say her good nights,
a tiny green sprout,
poked it leafy head out,
It popped up and proudly announced,
“If you don't mind I’m a bit parched, may I have a drink?… and could you move to the left a bit your standing in my light!”

The next day...
Sunday June 14, 2009
Each day they grew,
and they grew,
and they grew.
She wondered and pondered and dreamed,
and she hoped….

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
Three days later….alas be still my faint heart!

Wednesday, June 16, 2009
They grew and they grew,
not just one but a few and a few.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Each day they grew taller,
their leaves they did swell.

Sunday, July 5, 2009
Alas they grew crowed,
they started to yell,
“What’s up with these cucumbers,
can you give them a pull!”
Thursday, July  16, 2009
At last…at last!
The first blossoms appear!!
She jumped for joy!
She skipped and she danced,
and she wiggle her rear!
July 28, 2009
“Hurray!! Hurray! Another day or two and they will be ready to pick!” she exclaimed!
IMG_0013 IMG_0009
To the grocery she went,
for some this,
and for some that,
her pantry she made ready for the final event!
August 1, 2009
The day had come,
she could wait not a minute more,
she fetched her handy basket and headed for the door.
She sat on the ground knee deep in her garden.
She could not believe her good fortune!
She picked and she plucked,
for over an hour (really more like ten minutes)
and then announced to all who would listen with glee,
“I picked me a mess a beans!
Come and see! Come and see!”
August 4, 2009
But wait, you may wonder,
why yes there is more.
A second harvest!
of green beans galore!
She gazed at her basket,
Tears of joy filled her eyes,
She sang like the town crier,
a pronouncement for all to hear,
“There will be a mess of beans on the table tonight for sure!!!!”
For all my faithful followers who have endured my endless rambling over my garden I gratefully submit the following video.

I have two regrets,
The first one is that you can not smell the aroma floating around in my kitchen as the beans cooked!
The second is that you can not pull up a chair and grab a fork and dig into this mess of beans along with me!!


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