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Monday, August 31, 2015

Beach Vacay Day Three ~ Dark Clouds

Day three unfolded the same as the day before. After breakfast, we headed down to the beacht. However after a few minutes.....

...we began to notice some very looming dark clouds off in the distance.

We were able to get in a few hours of beach time before the dark clouds lumbered in. We had to rapidly pack up and race back to the condo before the thunder and lightning hit.

God is good and the thunderstorm did not last very long.

Our evening cocktail and stroll was just gorgeous!

I was again basking in the solitude of the beach!

Is this not gorgeous, I keep using that word!

Outstanding, spectacular, breathtaking, amazing.....

Meanwhile back at the condo...I had a few minor issues with the refrigerator. The setting was a bit off and several things froze.

The strawberries I had brought with me.....FROZE SOLID!

I was regretfully forced to alter my menu and suffer through a frozen strawberry cocktail while we relaxed after our evening stroll!

Oh woe is me.....NOT!


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Beach Vacay Day Two

Day Two....

After a wonderful nights sleep, we hit the beach after breakfast.

I had been looking forward to sinking my toes down into the sand for so long. I was good y'all!

In a perfect world, our condo would have been just a few steps away from the beach. However, due to circumstances beyond our control (conflicts on the Hubs office calendar, we had to adjust our dates to accommodate his work schedule) plus, the place we had originally wanted to stay at was no longer available for the new dates we needed. There were also some financial constraints (I don't know about y'all, but that money tree in the backyard just isn't producing like it is supposed to!) So ya make adjustments and move forward. Our condo was about a 5 to 10-minute walk to the beach, not perfect, but it was still the beach.

My saving grace was the clubhouse and pool. Once set up at the beach it was a very short walk up to the pool and restroom. I could lounge to my hearts content and then head up for a cool dip and a potty break anytime I wanted.

An afternoon thundershower chased us off the beach, so we packed up and enjoyed an afternoon nap in the air conditioning..

We grilled steaks for supper....YUM!

After dinner, we fixed a cocktail and headed down to the beach for a stroll to enjoy the sunset.

We practically had the beach all to ourselves!

The sunset was beautiful.

I am always re-reminded of God's majesty when I experience a moment of sunset!

It seems like every day I discover some fun new thing my phone does!

It kinda weirds me out sometimes, I picked up my phone and got a message that there was a new animation waiting for me to look at.

My Photo App all by its lonesome had assembled a series of photos onto this really cool animation.

I love the way it looks, but REALLY it sorta reminds me of The Terminator. I keep wondering when my phone is going to achieve consciousness and attempt world domination

Me and the sunset....aaaahhhhhhh good stuff!


Monday, August 24, 2015

BEACH Vacay 2015 -Day 1

Is there such a thing as a vacay drive happening in this day and age without having some sort of traffic jam? Not on a Georgia highway, that's for sure!

I love my husband but sitting in traffic seems to push him to the limits of his Christian charity.

it did not last too long....

We began our trip with full confidence that the GPS had us safely in hand. At about the mid-point in our trip, we began to wonder. 

Were we headed to the beach or had the mysterious voice in our GPS taken control and decided that the middle of nowhere was a more desirable destination. We were traveling down lonely roads with no other cars in sight in some unknown rural part of Alabama. The roadside was a sea of tall scrub pines, the very picture of a scene from the walking dead.  I kept an eye out for the possibility of the zombie apocalypse, cause if we never returned nobody would ever be able to find us.

I was thankful that we did have a cooler full of vacay food in the very real event that we were hopelessly lost in the rural depths of Alabama with no gas station, restaurant 
or any other signs of human life to be found. 

I was also very thankful that we had the good judgment to fill up before entering the rural wasteland.

 After about an hour of our rural explorations,  we sought the comfort of multiple GPS units to ensure that we were in fact heading in the right direction. We felt somewhat reassured that all three of our units, my phone, the husbands phone and the standard GPS unit were all guiding us in the same direction. 

After six-plus hours on the road, we did end up at our destination. 
I will reflect upon the deficits of the condo in a later post.
I was just thankful to be out of the car and no longer wondering 
the rural depths of zombie apocalyptic Alabama.

The husband volunteered to run to the grocery story for the few items we needed. I was left alone to breath for a few minutes, the simple task of turning on the television proved too much for me. 
We eventually had to call the owners of the condo for instruction on exactly how to turn the television on. Let's just say that there was no printed instruction on how to maneuver 
the three remotes anywhere to be had. 

Not to mention the hoops we had to jump through to get connected the WiFi...and the WiFi was kinda important because we had NO SIGNAL ON EITHER OF OUR CELL PHONES!

Fortunately, we weren't on vacation to watch television 
or surf the web, 
however, we eventually got all the technical issue sorted out and our groceries in place we set out to say hello the Gulf...
The sun was beginning it decent, but it was still several hours away and we were fading fast. Our first sunset for this vacay would have to wait, our tummies were grumbling and our energy was waning.

The ocean breeze was beginning to work its magic, washing away memories of being stranded in rural Alabama, threats of being killed by wondering zombies or having to crack the code on three separate remotes and solving network WiFi issues.
The coolness of the gulf washed over my feet as they settled down into the soft sand and I was in heaven.

Our first vacation selfie, ever since I got my new smart phone in May of this year I have been struggling with the proper positioning and technique of the selfie.
I get it right about half of the time. I have lost count how many pictures of the inside of my hand I have deleted from my phone, am I preaching truth to anybody else!

After our long drive, we were ready for a good nights rest so we headed back to the condo.
 I began my vacation with a much-deserved celebratory
pomegranate martini.

It was good y'all!

Feet propped on a pillow, sip'n a cocktail at the beach!

Good Stuff!

Beach Vacay Day One was at a close!


Day Two, I promise some much better pictures...

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Girlchild Update and a Vacation

For the few of you who still read my blog, the Girlchild made it home safely from the beach.

Momma, made it through on her knees, but I made it through.

The one fact remains steadfast, there is no problem that prayer can not soften, I could not actually know what she was doing, I had to trust in the foundations we have laid for, the foundation she has taken up for herself.

God is good and a steady stream of conversation with the creator kept my head from exploding, my accountability sisters were awesome as well.

I don't know what I would do without those women in my life!!! FOR REELZ!

Life is funny, I am convinced that God has a wonderfully sharp sense of humor. No sooner does the girlchild make it home safely from her first unsupervised vacay, what do we do????

We promptly head out leaving her all by her lonesome while we enjoyed some down time, some much needed down time in fact.

So I switch from concern over her being at the beach unsupervised to worries about her having the house all to herself.

So, I'm think'n that God is trying to teach me something, I just need to figure out what it is...

Trust in God...
Trust the foundation...
Trust, Trust, Trust...
Do not worry...
Train up a child in the way they should go...
Be still and know that I am God...

Take your pick!

And I had no signal whilst at the beach so I couldn't  phone home!

Another valuable lesson...

It's ok to unplug every now and again.

We arrived back home to find that the house was still standing, the Girlchild was fine, the dog did not starve, nor did she and all was well.

I know she did not starve because the physical evidence she left behind was still in the sink.

And yes, she did clean it up, cause momma wasn't doing it....

GOD IS GOOD y'all! !!


PS: Contemplating doing some vacations posts...it was good y'all!

So keep an eye out...

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Streaching Those Prayer Muscles

Sooooooo it's been a different kind of week for me.

As a mom, I have those moments when I am stuck in worry and concern. The rational side of my brain tells me to let go and let God handle things. That would be the smart thing to do.

Me and smart have a love hate relationship!

It was another maternal milestone, watching my daughter drive down the street heading for her first vacation...without ME!

She and three of her friends headed to the beach. She worked hard all year long, ended the semester with a 4.0 and working diligently saving her paycheck.

Yet, for as hard as she worked, the momma in me wanted to throw myself on the hood of the car and scream "DON'T LEAVE ME! "

I was good, I was a grown up, I did snap a picture of her car, licence plate and student parking pass (while she wasn't looking ) because, yes I need to recognize that my little girl really isn't my little girl anymore, but flashes of the nightly news are very real.

My instructions:

If you walk away from your drink it goes in the trash, better yet never leave your cup unattended. 
Never go anywhere by yourself! Stay together always!

Be safe and be smart!

I don't know about y'all, but when I was a young thing it never once crossed my mind that someone might slip something into my drink or that I could have been abducted and sold into the sex trade.

The evil one places a rolling loop of horrible thoughts, images and possibilities in my path.

The good news is prayer and God's word are powerful and effective tools. My Accountability sisters have been holding me up. I have been praying without ceasing for the past seven days.

She drives home today, so one last hurdle,  arriving safely home. I have another marathon prayer session in front of me again today.

My prayer muscles are getting a workout!

Plus, my niece is also on this trip, my sister can track her phone so on the trip down she sent me frequent updates on their travel progress. No doubt she will do the same for the trip back. Technology can be a good thing!

Note to self: figure out how to do that on my phone. I will be discussing this with both husband and daughter in the very near future, she may not like it but....since momma and daddy are paying for the phone...guess who wins that argument!!!

Prayers for safe travels today are appreciated.


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