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Monday, August 31, 2015

Beach Vacay Day Three ~ Dark Clouds

Day three unfolded the same as the day before. After breakfast, we headed down to the beacht. However after a few minutes.....

...we began to notice some very looming dark clouds off in the distance.

We were able to get in a few hours of beach time before the dark clouds lumbered in. We had to rapidly pack up and race back to the condo before the thunder and lightning hit.

God is good and the thunderstorm did not last very long.

Our evening cocktail and stroll was just gorgeous!

I was again basking in the solitude of the beach!

Is this not gorgeous, I keep using that word!

Outstanding, spectacular, breathtaking, amazing.....

Meanwhile back at the condo...I had a few minor issues with the refrigerator. The setting was a bit off and several things froze.

The strawberries I had brought with me.....FROZE SOLID!

I was regretfully forced to alter my menu and suffer through a frozen strawberry cocktail while we relaxed after our evening stroll!

Oh woe is me.....NOT!


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