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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Project 365 ~ Week 6

Sunday, January 30

We had communion at church today! The tradition and the reality of the act, do this in remembrance of me…it is always a humbling moment to know that we still have the opportunity to honor Christ and his act of sacrifice in this sacred way!


No pictures on Monday, January 31 

Tuesday, February 1

I felt like kicking it up a notch in the kitchen tonight. Apricot Chicken made with my homemade Apricot Glaze with caramelized red onion, dry sherry and served over herbed rice. It was really good y’all!


Wednesday, February 2

I finally finished my latest Prayer Shawl. I will be truing this project in on Wednesday, but I always like to get a few pictures before it gets sent off into the world.


Thursday, February 3

Laundry, cleaning, dusting. sweeping…


Friday, February 4

My Sunday school class came for a dinner social tonight. My contribution was Paula Deen’s Strawberry Delight with a Be Still and Know twist.


The recipe called for 8 ounces of cream cheese and I substituted 4 ounces of Fat Free Cheam Cheese as well as 4 ounces of Neufchatel Cheese and I substituted Fat Free Eagle Brand instead of the full fat version.

IMG_4860 IMG_4859

I did however use the real things when it came to the whipping cream. I mean there was no fat in the angel food cake, no fat in the strawberries, very little fat in the cream cheese and no fat in the eagle brand so I figured it sort of balances out a bit.

Chunk up the angel food cake, beat together the cream cheese and eagle brand condensed sweetened milk, whip the whipping cream with a few tablespoons of sugar, and some frozen strawberries in syrup.


Layer of cake, layer of cream cheese, layer of whipped cream, layer of strawberries and repeat.

IMG_4865 IMG_4866

Top off with whipping cream and I added some fresh strawberries on top for a decorative touch.

It was a very good, sweet and light way to end off a great meal!

Saturday, February 5

Mommy Treasures and other keepsakes.

Regretfully the house across the street from us has been foreclosed upon. The owners also regretfully left the inside of the home in a bit of a mess. Apparently the real estate company that has purchased the home has hired a couple of gentlemen to clean up the inside of the house. They were hauling things out and inquired if we wanted to take a look before they began taking things to the dump. Well, not being one to miss an opportunity the hubs and I took a stroll over and gave the contents a look see.

Is that wrong??? It did feel a bit weird sorting though the stuff, but after all it was all headed for the town dump…

Mostly it was a bunch of trash a few very old televisions and other household items, but against a wall was this curios cabinet. It was in very good condition, it looked almost brand new. The Hubs and I removed the shelving and hauled that puppy back across the street. I feel very bad for the family that lost their home and even more confused at the quantity of possessions they left behind, not to mention just walking away from a huge mess for someone else to clean up, y’all it was not pretty inside YIKES!


However after a few minutes of cleaning up this little curio cabinet is now home to all my sweet little mommy treasures, the handmade candle holder made to look like a turkey that the DD made in school, the carved fish that my son made for me about a million years ago, the rock that he fished out of the creek and brought to me because it looked like a heart, the little porcelain kitty figurine that he bought for me at a yard sale one morning while out playing in the neighborhood. He came running home and proudly presented it to me like it was the Mona Lisa “Look what I got for ya mom!” All the choir attendance medals the DD accumulated over the years, it’s all in there, all those things that you treasure in your mommy’s heart! And y’all I have an empty shelf just for muffinhead!

God provided! I have been wanting a shelving unit to place in my sitting room to hold all my mommy treasures and now I have one. I am not real crazy about the pale color of the wood but I may decide to give it a coat of paint, but for now my mommy treasures are properly displayed and safely protected from the elements and artfully displayed and it even has a light to highlight all this wonderfulness!

Well that’s my week y’all!

I hope you had a great week and I look forward to looking at all your pictures!

Y’all pop over to Sara’s and link up for more P365!




sara said...

your dinners always looks so good and that dessert...oh.my.word!!!!

It does always amaze me what people will walk away from. But what a nice find for you!

The Cyber Hermit said...

The dessert looks really good :).


Foreclosures are so sad. The food looks yummy....that dessert was awesome. I will have to give you my chocolate version. I love making desserts like that.

Mary said...

I'd love to have your recipe for the apricot chicken and herbed rice. It looks really good.
I have a friend/coworker who bought a house that had been foreclosed. Very nice neighborhood, but she said the house was a total disaster. I was at her house before Christmas, and it's unbelievable what a nice house it is. I don't understand why people do that. Love the idea of a cabinet to put "Mommy Treasures"!

skoots1mom said...

great food shots
you'll enjoy that cabinet

Rebecca Jo said...

Love your prayer shawl!!!! I'm sure it will bless someone!

I think any sorta strawberry dessert is always so beautiful in presentation

Mimi said...

Your food is amazing looking!

Have a great week,

The Bug said...

Wow that strawberry thing looks fabulous! Yum-o!

Going to an Episcopal church means that I get communion a lot more often than my Baptist upbringing (it's supposed to be every week, but we're without a priest right now so it's more like twice a month). At first I wondered how it could still be special if we did it that often, but now it feels weird to not include it in a worship service.

RaD said...

It's not weird to take something someone left behind. They obviously weren't coming back for it.

Your pictures of your dessert are amazing! It looks so yummy!

Wylie @ Shout A Joyful Noise! said...

Oh, my word, that strawberry dessert looks amazing!!! Great pics!!!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

that desert looks yummy.

semperfi said...

Even though I do not like anything strawberry, that dessert look wonderful!!!

rita said...

Thanks for your comments.
Great knitting. You must try a different pattern for each prayer shawl. Fun!
I love the cabinet God provided.
Reminds me of one my grandmother had with all the souvenirs her missionary kids brought home. As a child visiting the grandparents, those items from different countries were very special.
Any dessert left? I thought not :(

Tori said...

Why do I always visit you and then leave hungry? :) I have to ask though, would Paula approve those low fat substitutes?! :)
I love that you are displaying those Mommy treasures. What a blessing!!
Have a super week!

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