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Friday, February 11, 2011

What do Piranha's and my small group have in common?…or…Keys, Keys…who’s got the Keys

I can think of various choice adjectives to describe the aging process. For me it has been a surprising journey rather like stepping upon a mine field wearing a blind fold. You just never know when the next unexpected explosion will happen.

If you are a regular visitor you know that Skoots1mom and I are very good friends. She and I are in the same accountability groups among other things. We have know each other for a very long time. Getting older at time feels like membership into an exclusive club, especially for those of us who struggle to maintain some level of hormonal balance, most times I fail miserably but I will say that the theory of
“Strength in Numbers” has some validity. No one can sympathies more to the emotional and physical trauma of hot flashes, lettuce moments, insomnia and forgetfulness better than someone who is down in the trenches right along with your.

However I have read stories of certain species turning on each other in extreme circumstances. I saw a discovery channel documentary once about piranhas and how during a feeding frenzy it is not uncommon for them to start chomping away at each other in the turmoil. I can actually attest to this fact having seen first hand a whole tank full of piranha and most all of them had bite size chucks missing from their fins. Not a pretty site!

I am not sure if this situation falls under the same category but it defiantly could be classified as a hormonally fueled piranha-esque-brain-fart feeding frenzy that not only brought me down but regretfully I took skoots down with me…..

I love my small group y’all, we meet in the parlor at our church. It has just gotten a major face lift and there are still a few pieces of furniture that are still out being recovered, but this is where I spend my Thursday evenings. Please take note of the highly technical special effect I have use to illustrate this post!


We have been meeting in this room for almost seven years now, maybe eight but who can remember…. As most things go we have settle into a routine. Skoots1mom sits on the loveseat and I sit on the far right side of the sofa, there is a small end table in the corner between the two pieces of furniture. It makes a nice sitting place for our coffee and cell phones as we chat and about our week.


Well like I said before you just never know when you will get up and step directly on that mine field. One Thursday evening not long ago we had finished up our meeting and we all stood up and collected out things. I began packing up my bag, putting my bible away and getting my keys off the table as well as my cell phone. Myself and the two other ladies in the group made our way to the hallway and we waited.

We waited and we waited, I’m standing there and I am beginning to wonder exactly what Skoots is doing.

I look in and she has her head buried in her knitting bag. She is rummaging around furiously pulling things out and digging around looking for something.

“What, you can’t find your keys?”

“Did you leave them in your car?”

More rummaging, more deep sighing at having misplaced her car keys.

We all stood there for about a minute and I looked down at the keys that I am holding in my hand.

Friendship is a good thing, forgiveness is a good thing, skoots1mom’s car keys looking just like my car keys…not such a good thing.


My new Thursday night ritual as I am heading out the door to the parking lot…check to make sure I have the right keys in my hand!

Y’all it’s bad enough to suffer with the inconveniences of getting older, it’s a totally different story when you grab your friends and drag them along for the ride!




skoots1mom said...

hahahahah, better watch out...i might bite you if ya grab my keys again, hahaha!

The Bug said...

I just love how you write - I went back & read the "lettuce" story - hilarious! Trying to digest salad while being convicted by the Holy Spirit - snort!

Mary said...

Geez, I've NEVER done anything like that! ;)

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Oh, Robin, that's hilarious! I really thought you were going to say that y'all looked and looked, and finally called somebody to bring some extra keys or something before you realized they were in your hands...so really, you're not too bad off. lol

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