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Saturday, February 26, 2011

to shop or not to shop…


There is a brand new Kroger just a few blocks from my house. I have never done much shopping at Kroger, being the rather spend thrift that I am I have found them to be a bit on the pricy side for me on certain things. They had there grand opening this weekend and I think that everyone in our city showed up to do their grocery shopping.

The problem for me will not be the question of to shop or not to shop…it will be to shop or not shop with out first stopping to buy a Starbucks. Will the allure of the Venti Low Fat Ice Coffee with a shot of classic syrup draw me away for my ever faithful Ingles just a few more miles down the road.


The had an amazing floral section and the produce department was incredible. I did notice that some of the items I usually purchase were a bit more expensive, bananas at Ingles are always 49 cents a pound and they had them for 59 cents a pound. I purchased a few Kroger brand products to give myself a comparison to the ones I usually buy at Ingles so we will see how they stack up.


The bakery department had a nifty bread slicer which of course I had to try so there is a loaf of sourdough bread on my counter. I also have a bag of Blood Oranges, I have never seen them in the Ingles so I snagged a bag. The is a huge section of International food items as well as a massive cheese and wine section.

If I ever have a massive small kitchen appliance failure in the middle of the night well since this Kroger is open 24 hours a day I can run up to the store at three AM should I so choose and purchase a new Kitchenaid stand mixer, Cuisenart blender, or any size baking pan know to man.

I will say that these signs in the parking lot are brilliant!

How many times do I get in the story and then remember that my shopping bags are still in the back of the van.


I was a bit overwhelmed with the size of the store as well as the million or so folks who were there, but it is a beautiful store and I will be heading back when there aren't so many people.

Let’s go Krogering……




The Bug said...

When we lived in western NC we shopped at Ingles, but they don't have them up here. In my town the choice is Walmart or Kroger, so we shop at both. I have a Kroger card so I get discounts on a lot of products. But the main reason I go there is that the only soft drink I like is their Big K Diet Citrus Drop :)

Mary said...

I do my shopping at Kroger. If you have a card, you can get some good deals. Especially if you buy the Kroger brands.
I find that if I try to shop somewhere else, I end up spending a lot more.

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