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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Project 365 ~ Week 7

Sunday, February 6

The DD was at church at a Youth Super Bowl Party, the Hubs was enjoying some hot wings and I started a new prayer shawl project. This is a super bulky homespun type yarn. I don't know what kind it is, it was some yarn that had been donated and all the labels had been removed. Really pretty colors though!


Monday, February 7

The far end of the kitchen table is my study area. Monday and Tuesday morning are spent getting ready for my Wednesday morning class.


Tuesday, February 8

I bought these flowers for our Sunday School Dinner Social. They are such a nice bright spot in the otherwise dreary winter week!



IMG_4881 IMG_4879

No pictures on Wednesday, February 9      

Thursday, February 10

We woke up to about 1 inch of snow. Thankfully it caused no major issues, surprisingly they even kept the schools open. By mid afternoon most of the snow in the back yard had all melted away.


Skoots1mom always laughs at me when I say this, but Thursdays are my day off. I do manage to put a meal on the table and maybe the odd load of laundry or household chore, but other wise I set Thursdays aside to do what I want to do.

Waking up to a scant covering of snow was just the incentive to curl up with my latest project and get it knocked out of the yarn basket so to speak. Like I said earlier this was super bulky yearn and I used an extra large crochet hook so it was a super quick project. Start to finish it took me abut four days.




Friday, February 11

At Prayer Shawl on Wednesday I loaded up on yarn. I knew that I would finish my current project with in a day or two so I went ahead and got some supplies for my next project. God has been kind to us and we currently have a very good supple of yarn.

I pickled out several different colors and brought them all home.


It usually takes me a few minutes to decide how to lay the colors out. After getting them all sorted by color I lay them all out and line them up in the color combinations to see how they sit with me.

Option one.


Option two.


Option three.



Saturday, February 12

I went with option one. Gotta love that homespun. From start to finish this shawl took me one day to finish. The laundry was caught up, most of the bills had been paid, the house was reasonably clean and there was food in the pantry so there was not much to do but crochet. I don’t think I have ever finished two shawls in one week before. I also had enough to start a second shawl using the same color combinations.



My last picture of the week.

Gotta love the hubs too! I have been having some very unpleasant issues with my oven for quite some time. It takes forever to come up to temp and then if you open the oven door to check on what ever you have in there the temp drops down to 200..needless to day I have been avoiding the oven which makes dinner preparation problematic at times, not to mention cooking in general.Saturday evening was the last straw. I had pulled some chicken pot pies out of the freezer for dinner. I cranked the oven up to temp and then purposefully did not open the oven door to check on them until about 10 minutes to the end of cooking time. I look in at the internal thermometer and the temp read 200…that was the last straw.

Before agreeing to pay someone to come out and look at the oven this was the situation on the sofa for the rest of the evening. The hubs goggling oven repair and trying to figure out how to fix it himself. You want bet he can get it figure out. He beats anything I have ever seen at being able to take just about anything apart and put it back together again in working order. In the nearly 30 years we have been married I can count on one hand, half a hand really the times I have had to call a repair man out to the house to fix a major appliance or any other type of household repair to be perfectly honest.

The man can fix just about anything!


Well that was my week.

If you were wondering, the hubs spent about an hour working on the oven when we got home form church. He has gotten it back in working order and has a new part that will be ordered to get it back up to speed. Told y’all he could figure it out!

I feel some cookies on  the horizon, now that the oven works!



For more 365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!


sara said...

all your shawls are so beautiful!!! Such a blessing!

The Bug said...

I was hoping you'd go with Option 1 - it was my favorite. You're so talented! And so is your hubby!

Mimi said...

You're shawls are amazing & so is your hubby!

Have a fantastic week,

Mary said...

Those shawls are beautiful! Isn't it great to have a hubby who can fix just about anything?

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

sounds like you had a good week.

The Cyber Hermit said...

The flower pictures are beautiful!

rita said...

Yarn in the first photo made me feel happy. Then further down, the completed prayer shawl and later another beauty! Such gorgeous color combinations. Hard to believe you make them so fast.
Had to laugh at your claim "My husband can fix anything." That is what I always say. And my hubs is self-taught watching YouTube, on any subject! :)

Wylie @ Shout A Joyful Noise! said...

You are so talented!!! Love the shawls - just awesome!!! I love the study books piled up, too & your Thursdays "off." Awesome!!!

RaD said...

Yay! A properly working oven is a must in the winter time. Glad you got it all figured out.

You have such talent. Those shawls look awesome.

Kim said...

GORGEOUS prayer shawls!!! Makes me wish I crocheted or knitted :) Really love the colors you used too.

My hubby is like yours, able to fix pretty much anything. They're keepers! :) We've saved so much money over the years because of his mad fix-it skilz!

Ladynred said...

The shawls are beautiful. I wish I know how to crochet. love the flowers too!

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