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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A day off for Be Still and Know…it started with a GaGa or maybe I should say Gag Gag

For as much as I love Wednesdays with my morning bible study, lunch with Skoots1mom and then dinner at church and prayer shawl after dinner I love my Thursdays morning as well. Most of the time I don’t have to be anywhere so I don't set my alarm. I laze around in my pj’s a little longer and I linger over my coffee just a bit more than normal. The activities that are typical for a Thursday mornings are reading, watching a saved chick flick on the DVR or maybe working on my painting for a bit, sometimes I try a new recipe. I just sortta let the day unfold and wander into things as I feel led.

This morning I had an extra treat as the Hubs had a service call at a local business so he joined me in an extra cup. While we were enjoying our coffee we turned on the morning news. Old habits are had to break, for a very long time we have been loyal watchers of Good Morning America. I am trying to wean  us off to a morning news show with a bit more substance in their reporting but sometimes making a change in your daily routine is a bit difficult. We all fall into habits that we just do with out thinking. The hubs flipped on he news and there she was Lady GaGa, (follow the link to see a picture and watch a video clip) Now I don't think there is a more musically challenged person on the planet than me. Don’t get me wrong I love listening to music, I appreciate music, but I can honesty say that the desired sounds wafting through the air around me is silence or the breeze blowing through my windows and the birds having conversation.

I will also say that in my younger a more artistic days I probably would have been the first in line for GaGa tickets, however being the decrepit old woman I am now I no longer have the capacity to be objective.

She was giving an interview about a new campaign she is trying to promote. It’s all about safe sex and preventing HIV and in honor of this cause she explained that she had chosen her outfit to reflect a latex condom. Well I’m looking at her and I notice like you could miss it that she had enough eyeliner on to make a raccoon jealous and there are some prosthetic edge like protrusions highlighting her cheek bones, her outfit is made out of some kind of skin colored shiny latex looking material and her hat looks like a giant plastic flour tortilla that had seen better days.

Honestly I did not hear a word she said due to my being distracted by her appearance.

I did hear one thing she said, she made a comment that her new lipstick is a taupe color, “It’s hard to find the right color taupe!” she said!

WOW! I am so glad that Lady GaGa has this lipstick crisis in hand and I no longer have to worry about searching the planet for the exact right shade of taupe lip stick.

I will say that fighting Aids and preventing sexually transmitted diseases is an important topic of conversation. The DD and I have been having the conversation for some time about the illusion of safe sex, there is no “safe sex” except for “no sex”.

As I moved on to other things in my day I kept thinking about her message. I am not sure that dressing like a condom and looking like a raccoon out of a science fiction movie is the best way to get the message across, but then I’m just old and decrepit!

It gives me pause to think that there are millions of young people who are looking to Lady GaGa as a role model and this give me great reason for concern.

Let’s just hope her 15 minutes are over soon!

Blessings y’all!

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