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Monday, August 24, 2015

BEACH Vacay 2015 -Day 1

Is there such a thing as a vacay drive happening in this day and age without having some sort of traffic jam? Not on a Georgia highway, that's for sure!

I love my husband but sitting in traffic seems to push him to the limits of his Christian charity.

it did not last too long....

We began our trip with full confidence that the GPS had us safely in hand. At about the mid-point in our trip, we began to wonder. 

Were we headed to the beach or had the mysterious voice in our GPS taken control and decided that the middle of nowhere was a more desirable destination. We were traveling down lonely roads with no other cars in sight in some unknown rural part of Alabama. The roadside was a sea of tall scrub pines, the very picture of a scene from the walking dead.  I kept an eye out for the possibility of the zombie apocalypse, cause if we never returned nobody would ever be able to find us.

I was thankful that we did have a cooler full of vacay food in the very real event that we were hopelessly lost in the rural depths of Alabama with no gas station, restaurant 
or any other signs of human life to be found. 

I was also very thankful that we had the good judgment to fill up before entering the rural wasteland.

 After about an hour of our rural explorations,  we sought the comfort of multiple GPS units to ensure that we were in fact heading in the right direction. We felt somewhat reassured that all three of our units, my phone, the husbands phone and the standard GPS unit were all guiding us in the same direction. 

After six-plus hours on the road, we did end up at our destination. 
I will reflect upon the deficits of the condo in a later post.
I was just thankful to be out of the car and no longer wondering 
the rural depths of zombie apocalyptic Alabama.

The husband volunteered to run to the grocery story for the few items we needed. I was left alone to breath for a few minutes, the simple task of turning on the television proved too much for me. 
We eventually had to call the owners of the condo for instruction on exactly how to turn the television on. Let's just say that there was no printed instruction on how to maneuver 
the three remotes anywhere to be had. 

Not to mention the hoops we had to jump through to get connected the WiFi...and the WiFi was kinda important because we had NO SIGNAL ON EITHER OF OUR CELL PHONES!

Fortunately, we weren't on vacation to watch television 
or surf the web, 
however, we eventually got all the technical issue sorted out and our groceries in place we set out to say hello the Gulf...
The sun was beginning it decent, but it was still several hours away and we were fading fast. Our first sunset for this vacay would have to wait, our tummies were grumbling and our energy was waning.

The ocean breeze was beginning to work its magic, washing away memories of being stranded in rural Alabama, threats of being killed by wondering zombies or having to crack the code on three separate remotes and solving network WiFi issues.
The coolness of the gulf washed over my feet as they settled down into the soft sand and I was in heaven.

Our first vacation selfie, ever since I got my new smart phone in May of this year I have been struggling with the proper positioning and technique of the selfie.
I get it right about half of the time. I have lost count how many pictures of the inside of my hand I have deleted from my phone, am I preaching truth to anybody else!

After our long drive, we were ready for a good nights rest so we headed back to the condo.
 I began my vacation with a much-deserved celebratory
pomegranate martini.

It was good y'all!

Feet propped on a pillow, sip'n a cocktail at the beach!

Good Stuff!

Beach Vacay Day One was at a close!


Day Two, I promise some much better pictures...

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