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Monday, January 12, 2009

15 minute of my life…gone forever or at least for the next 42 days

There are many (many) things in life that make me shake my head in utter confusion. Some of these things I have the ability to simply let go off with the understanding that in the grand scheme of things there are aspects of life that I am never gong to understand, nor do I want to understand them. 

Then there are other things that make absolute no sense to me at all. 

Things that make me nuts….. 

Several years ago I was diagnosed with Acid Reflux. At the time I was written a prescription for a name brand medication by my physician which after some time eventually made life bearable again.  No more sleepless nights being kept awake by a painful burning sensation which nothing would eliminate. No more running in fear from the mere sight of just about anything on a plate. Life was good again!

Each month I would call in my prescription and it was faithfully filled by my pharmacists for years and years. Each month I would drive to the drug store and pick up my medication in one nice little brown plastic bottle. 

Those were in fact the good ol’ days. 

In November 2002 (I had to look it up on the internet to find out just when it went OTC) the FDA approved the production of a generic medication for acid reflux. 

Now this in itself is not that remarkable. It could be considered a good thing as my days of refilling a monthly prescription were over.

Now however I am forced to wonder certain things. 

Why for instance is it now impossible for me to purchase the equivalent of a 30 day supply? 

I can purchase a 14 day supply or a 42 day supply, but not a 30 day supply…can someone explain this to me. 

Why was it previously perfectly acceptable to package said medication in a simple brown bottle which now has been replaced by multiply seven day blister packs. 

It isn’t just the blister packs mind you, it is the fact that each 14 day supply is in its very own little box and then the drug manufacturers take three of these boxes and stack them up and then repackage them into a larger box. Now each 14 day supply has with it a set of instructions. Not just one set of instructions but three set of instruction in the same box.

So let’s do the math shall we. 

Good ol’days …one bottle = 30 day supply 

Today…2 large boxes + 6 small boxes + 6 identical sets of instructions + 12 – 7 day blister packs +  one pair of kitchen scissors = 42 day supply

As I sat at my kitchen table this after noon diligently cutting open all 12 blister packs it occurred to me that I have missed the whole point of this 42 day process.

There is great potential for creative expression.

Think of the possibilities in architecture...

I am sure they will be using this design for future sky scrappers in the very near future.

or this fine example of modern sculpture entitled: "Blister Pack:The Aftermath"

And last but not least my personal favorite 

Remember these….

who needs gum wrappers...

The possibilities are endless....

Oh the ridiciliousness of it all.... I really do miss my simple little brown bottle. 



Sassy Granny ... said...

Speaking of packaging pandomonium .... Whoever developed those little styrofoam bubbles for packaging (we call it "ghost-do-do" at my house), gets coal from me at Christmastime. That stuff has a life of it's own; traveling where it wants at will, sticking to everything, and showing up in the oddest of places!


Cyndy said...

Ah yes. Packaging. I'm sure somebody, somewhere had a good reason for it...but it alludes me. At least you are able to view it with humor!

a portland granny said...

All I could think of as I read your adventures with the pills, is what a waste of paper, packaging, etc. Doesn't sound like a very "green" way to package things, does it? I am thinking I'm very thankful I'm still getting most of my meds in botles, except samples, which always seem to come in blister packs.

I guess if they help, it has to be worth the trouble to dig them out!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh, how I despise the blister packs! And the box thing, that's how my contacts come. Ridiculous.

Ruthie said...

Oh, Robin - that is all so true. In trying to simplify things, it becomes more complicated. :)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh, Robin. You "get" me. You really get me. :)

Technonana said...

Oh My Sister, I feel your pain!! Is there not enough trash in the world that we have to go and make more? or is this the answer to child-proof caps on medicine bottles? Or just another way for Satan to get at us?

skoots1mom said...

go over and look at all of her pics and what comes into her backyard...


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