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Monday, January 12, 2009

Ask me what I’m doing right now????

Come on, come on, ask me!!!!!

I am sitting in my living room drinking my morning coffee looking at my freshly shampooed carpet.

Now you may ask why is this noteworthy or exceptional?

Under ordinary circumstances quiet possibly not remarkable in any way, however as of last night my house has now been teleported to an alternate universe.

You may wonder how and why my home has now made an address change to an alternate universe.

Here’s how! 

My son, who is now living on his own (if that is what you want to call it) came to my home last night and vacuumed my living room and then shampooed my carpet.

Let’s let this sink in a bit.

I have this dark and scary vision in my head, not to mention a very real and unpleasant memory of the odor assaulting my nostrils as I would ascend the stairs to his room. Upon reaching the top of the stairs I would have to kick a path through the debris which covered his bedroom floor. 

Images of the town dump, seagulls darting in and out over the landfill screeching at each other over bits of rotting food and steam rising from the composting refuse… all these images would not have been a surprise on any given day upon entering his room, which I tried to do as little as possible.

I will spare you the truly gory details of exactly how dirty my son’s room really was…lets just say it was unpleasant (really, really bad) and leave it at that.

So now you place these two circumstances together and you have the perfect conditions for which being teleported to an alternate universe may occur.

Oh and I forgot to mention the third component in the equation.

His washer and dryer is on the frits and he had several loads of dirty laundry that needed to be done and quite possible this random act of kindness might just have been a strategic move to insure the future possibilities of unlimited washing machine access.

And hey if the unlimited washing machine access just happen to coincide with dinner time……

What do ya’ll think????


lmerie said...

oh that is great! Enjoy that coffee!(and clean carpet) :)

skoots1mom said...

i have a washer and dryer, too!! Just tell him that...
...any my carpet needs cleaning.
: ) : ) 2 smiles up!

skoots1mom said...

"and, my carpet needs cleaning!"

didn't want you to miss that part in any form or fashion : )

Paula (SweetPea) said...

If dinner and using the W/D is the trade for shampooing carpets...I'm in!

Nel said...

LOL...While reading this I was laughing to myself, thinking...ok what is he wanting. Any of us that have kids know there is always an alterior motive for acts of kindness like that. hehehe

Oh well enjoy it, and feel priveliged he feels like he can come home...

Terri Tiffany said...

I think you nailed the reason! Can you send him my way? I'll bake for him!

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