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Friday, September 14, 2012


of the World Bloggers Award

Why do y’all blog?

I know for me I started out not really knowing what all this blogging things was about. I was curious and I just want to find out more about it. Not to mention the concept of expressing myself through the written word, which holds great appeal to me.

What I did not anticipate was the unique opportunities that blogger have every day to encourage, to laugh, to share, to spend a few minutes visiting with other blogging pals. I was not expecting to develop friendships with folks all over the country. I like that about blogging. It broadens your horizons in way that I just was not prepared for.

Basically I feel like I know all y’all and most of you I have never even met.

I think that very cool!

Some weeks my blog is as dry as a bone, there are weeks when I  am filled to the brim, overflowing with things to share, insights to pass along. Other days I am just trying to resist the urge to strangle my beloved 17 year old with the cord to her flat iron…well maybe just hide it under my bed just to give back some of the teenage love she is doling out these days..but I digress!

Well this morning I was doing my usual rounds and found that Karen over at Karen's Korner had pass a lovely Blogging Award my way. Sometime they happen all the time and then sometimes I go months wondering if anyone is even reading anything I have to say.

First I have to thank Karen for thinking of me and for passing on the warm fuzzies!

The world needs more warm fuzzies in my opinion.

Next I am supposed to share with you seven things you may not know about me. I kind of feel like Karen, after all the posts I have tossed out there I am wondering if there is anything that y’all don’t know about me or more to the point anything that I found to embarrassing or painful to keep to myself. I am an open book kind of girl.

The first thing I will share is that I went shoe shopping on Thursday. Now most of y'all know that I really really hate shopping of any kind, especially at the mall. So I had two strikes against me already. I was trying to lesson the pain by repeating in my head the mantra “Just go in and pick a pair of shoes and get out. Just go in and pick a pair of shoes and get out. Just go in and pick a pair of shoes and get out!”

So I am walking in the direction of the shoe store. I made the critical mistake of making eye contact with a young man standing at one of those kiosk's that line the interior of the mall. He sprung into action and began to complement me on how lovely my hair was. REALLY? Do I ever curl it, yadayadayada I am still walk and he begins to follow me trying to get me to come back and sit down and do something to my hair….LIKE I'M GONNA DO THAT! He quickly jots down his name and hands me his card and yells after me that if I change my mind to come right on back.

All the while I am thinking “Great! Now I have to figure out a way of getting back out of the mall without having to walk past this crazed hair curing person stalking the mall!”

Thankfully I dashed into Payless Shoes and notice that there are the escalators to the upper floor. Yea for me! Well I snagged a pair of shoes hopped the up escalator and bypassed the crazed hair curler and made it safely out of the mall with my follicles unscathed.

So I guess my fist revelation is that I will do just about anything to avoid crazed hair curling psychos stationed at the mall.

Second, I don’t like olives.

Third, I am about ready to loan my teenage daughter out to anyone who is in need of some exciting drama in their lives. We are currently in the midst of a crisis of epic proportion as I have refused to purchase a new homecoming dress. She may either have to wear one she already has or heaven forbid wear her brand new bridesmaid dress, which I told her was going to be her next homecoming dress when we bought. But NOOOOOO! Did the words come out of my mouth, why yes they did. Did the girlchild hear the words come out of my mouth, why yes she did. So I am wondering what has happen to her ability to recall conversations in that now she thinks I am going to fork out more cash so she can get a new dress….NOT HAPPENING.


Fourth, When I was a little girl we had a cat with two names. My mom solved the dilemma of two girls with two different name for one cat by deciding that the cat’s official name would be “Pretty Kitty and Mittens”

Fifth, I just had to inform my husband that he had to reschedule his business trip that is schedule for later this month because it conflicted with his son getting married. Really? Son getting married…..sometime I wonder about how the male mind works! Crisis averted as I did tell him that attendance is mandatory!

Sixth, I don’t like dill pickles.

Seventh, I have over 400 books (all free downloads, again yea for me)  pending on my Kindle! All I need now is an unlimited amount of free time!

Now about passing it on to seven of my blogger pals. I love you all and if you choose to pass the love on that would be great. I know some folks choose to skip the awards, so no harm no foul!

So my seven beloved bloggers will be Skoots1mom, over at My Hands His Glory, because I love her more than words can say. There are times when people will call me by her name and vice versa, so I guess we are like old people who start to resemble there pets. We have been hanging together for so long we have become interchangeable.

Next, gotta love Dana over at Bug’s Eye View. I just lover her perspective and her wonderful sense of humor.

Kim at Just A Southern Girl, I love checking in on her as she and her husband have their adventures in South America.

Rita over at Meemaw Moments and Sara over at Make Music From Your Heart to the Lord are two of my favorites. I have been blogging with them for a long time as we post in Project 365. It is just amazing how seeing the weeks pictures really gives you a glimpse into the lives of friends. After a few years you really do feel like you are best friends.

Sassy Granny simply because I just love her, her wise words and her perspective. I know when I pop over of a visit I will gain much insight into many things.

I know technically I am probably not supposed to do this but, it’s my blog and I am going do what I want! Nanner Nannaer Boo Boo so there!

So my last blogger will get a double portion of the bloggy love. Karen over at Karen’s Korner.

Well it's the weekend and it looks to be a good one. The weather totally messed with me as it was predicted to rain so I postponed the yard sale I was going to have. Now it looks like it may be a good one after all. However I know there is no way I can get my ducks in a row in the time allotted, it is just not happening.

So I guess I will be force to simply enjoy the wonderful weekend….:)

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!




The Bug said...

I love this post - I think you're pretty funny too :)

I'll have to ponder what I will say because I generally don't leave things unsaid on my blog. I even have a label called, "I Have No Shame" so you know there's not much left to reveal. However, I think I'll take a picture of my pill container so you'll feel better about yours :)

The Bug said...

I finally put up my post accepting the award :)

The Bug said...

And darn it I forgot to take a picture of my pill container!

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