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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 38…Updated! Oooopppsss I forgot a day!

Oh my goodness was it a week! The next time I decide to have a yard sale someone has my permission to come over to my house and physically restrain me until the thought has subsided! The lure of extra cash always seems like a good idea but when all is said and done I am not sure if the effort is worth the pay off. Lets just say that it has been a long full week and I am very tired and looking forward to a bit of a rest this coming week!

Here's my week!

Sunday, September16

It was spirit wear day at church! All the kids were encouraged to show their support for their school and their teams. The Girlchild was out of glitter but she did what they call “Paint Up” with some of my acrylics. The gold does show very well in the pictures but she did an alternating design with blue and gold handprints.


Monday, September 17

I was so wiped out I did not even thing to look in my secondary Kodak folder. The camera in my purse dup pictures into a different folder so I forgot I even took these this week.

I was very happy with how this small batter bowl turned out. It was initially supposed to be a coffee cup but a small bump of the hand sent it in another direction!

Small Batter Bowl

Two small serving bowls! I liked the way these turned out!

RL Blue Bowls

Coffee cups round two!


Tuesday, September 18

I drank my first cup of coffee from a cup I made myself. I have to share that it was a very satisfying experience. As I type I am using my new coffee cup also. However I have noted some design flaws. It needs to be a bit taller vertically and just a smidge bigger! But overall I am very pleased with how this second round of coffee cups turned out!


Tuesday was a Muffinhead day!

One of the fun things that grandma’s get to do! Color!

When my children were little I over compensated with them just a bit in certain areas. We were so financially challenge when I was a little girl that when I was able to actually do for my own children, there were certain things that I went a bit overboard. Thankfully the areas of over indulgence were moderate by today standards.

Crayons! Now don't get me wrong, I had crayons as a little girl but I always yearned for the BIG boxes and the real Crayola crayons like all the other kids had. Well God is good and crayons are not expensive so I was able to indulge my childhood desires with my own children and provide them with a wealth of crayon fun. I still have a huge Rubbermaid tub full of crayons and we pulled them out and dumped them on the kitchen table and Muffinhead and me had a wonderful time.

She took her drawing how or I would have taken a picture of that as well!

IMG_0526 - trim

No pictures on Wednesday, September 19

Thursday, September 20

Ya know those things that you know you have but can’t find.

I’ve been wondering what happen to these for over a year!!!!!

Skoots1mom and I were planning a little fondue party and I knew I had a whole boat load of skewers….could I find them! That would be a BIG NO! I looked every where! Well in all the yard sale sorting and looking for stuff to sell I was cleaning out a box in the garage of miscellaneous candles and other nick knacks and there at the bottom of the box I found them! Why you say were they at the bottom of a box that they had no business being in….WHO KNOWS !

So yea I found them!


Friday, September 21

Well here it is! My Yard Sale I will have more to say about this in a later post when I have recovered enough to put a coherent thought together!


Muffinhead spent the night with us. The last time she was here she was intrigued with our big bathtub in our bedroom. She wanted to take a bath in the middle of the day. It was about time for mommy to come pick her up or I possibly would have indulged her but instead I promised her that the next time she spent the night she could take a big bubble bath in grandmas big bathtub! She had a sloshing good time !


Saturday, September 22

Since the Hubs and I were already tired and dirty we decided to add to the mix by going that extra mile and tipping the scale to full on exhaustion. After I took my signs down on Saturday for the yard sale I loaded up all the stuff that did not sell and hauled it all to Goodwill. I moved all the art supplies up to the bonus room, the easel, my paints and all my other supplies. The Hubs gave the floors the once over and then we moved our new dining room table into place. I am glad that my husband has something from his childhood that means something to him. He was sharing with me that the table has been all over the world as it has belonged to his mom since she got married and has traveled all over to all the various army bases as his Dad would get transferred. Germany, Japan and a few other places to! The Hubs mom has recently moved in with one of my husbands sisters and is in the process of selling her house. She really did not need all that space for just her. So we inherited her dinning room set. The Hubs has always wanted it! I am thinking Thanksgiving will be in the dinning room this year!

Here is a little Before…


and After!


I am thinking that both of those back corners need a little something…..and maybe after six years some window treatments! What a concept! All in good time!

It a good feeling to be done with something! I am thankful that after sis years of living in this house I can finally use my dinning room for it’s intended purpose! Maybe it’s time for a dinner party! Hmmmm what to fix!

Well that is my week! I am tired and ready for a nice uneventful week! I am also super thankful that my house has that nice purged feel now that all the stuff is gone! Wouldn't it be great if it would stay that way! Unfortunately we live in a disposable world and are in a sate of perpetual accumulation for all kinds of stuff! But is was six years of stuff and really is was not a ton of stuff but I am glad that it is all gone from my house!

Well that is my week! For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!




The Cyber Hermit said...

Muffinhead is so very cute :).

And I congratulate your get-up-and-go (better name for complete exhaustion?). Hope you get to have a restful week this week.

sara said...

I swore off garage sales years ago....not worth what little money you get!!!

Hope you can REST this week!!! Love the coffee mug!

RaD said...

Wow! your dining room looks great.

You did a great job on that picture too! I'm a bit jealous of your skills.

rita said...

You are a true artist!
Love the crayon pic and all your ceramic pieces!
Dining room looks great! Enjoy!

momma frans said...

I'm with Sara; I did a garage sale once,and that was enough.
I'm tired just reading about your week!!
Use this week to recuperate. :-)

skoots1mom said...

lovin' your dining room...and you're gonna love having your painting upstairs...i still want you to teach me some painting ;)

The Bug said...

Love the dining room - & I agree about the corners. Maybe a plant on a pedestal?

Your pottery looks great! I'm glad you're having fun with that.

We need to do some purging at our house - and it will go straight to Good Will.

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