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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pancakes and Vomit…..Y’all it was one of those kind of mornings!

Keeping it real and sharing the love…….vomit and all!

5:37: Muffinhead gets dropped off!

5:40: Have an early morning snuggle with Muffinhead in a warm snuggle bed.

5:50: Muffinhead falls fast asleep.

6:10: I gently ease out of bed and settle in with my coffee and my new kindle for my Joyce Meyer reading plan…I am currently on day 5…

6:35: Wave goodbye to the DD as she heads for the Bus stop, did I mention that it’s 24 degrees outside!!!!!

7:15: I wake Muffinhead up and get her dressed, I have my first bible study this morning. We have been off since before Christmas!

8:00: Pull into McDonalds with Muffinhead for Breakfast!

8:05: Order pancakes and apple juice for Muffinhead!

8:30: Pull out of the McDonalds parking lot and head to the drop off day care center and then on to bible study.

8:45: Realize that I left Muffinheads backpack on the sofa at home.

8:46: Turn the car around and had back home to get the backpack.

9:01: Get backpack and head back to the drop off center.

9:10 Realize that I left the DVD I needed for my Bible Study at home still in the DVD player.

9:15: Arrive at Drop Off child care place and hop out of car to get Muffinhead out of her car seat.

9:16: As I am unbuckling her from her car seat Muffinhead throws up the pancakes she just ate at McDonalds all over her and all over the car seat.

9:17: Use the remaining wipes and half a box of tissues to try to sop up about a gallon of vomit that is now puddle in the bottom of the car seat and all over Muffinhead.

9:18: Tell the folks at the Drop Off Center what has just happen. “When mom gets here to pick her up please tell her she is with Grandma!!!”

9:19: Made emergency phone call to Skoots1mom 

9:20: Praise Jesus she picked up her phone!

9:21: Skoots1mom checked the Disciple closet and found another copy of the DVD I left at home…..GOD IS GOOD!

9:25: I buckle Muffinhead back in the car seat which is still puddle with vomit and head over to the church.

9:26: Have an emergency phone conference in route with one of the members of the bible study so they can regroup and facilitate for me.

9:30: Arrive at church hand off some facilitation information and a few handouts and some last minute instructions.

9:35: Head back home.

9:55: Arrive back home, pull Muffinhead out of the car….car seat is still puddle in vomit. Her coat is soaked, her scarf is soaked, her jeans are soaked and I am all out of wipes and as I am getting her out of the car she throws up again……

10:00: Strip Muffinhead down and put all her cloths in the washer and then try to remember everything I touched in the last 15 minutes so I can go back and disinfect it so no one else get sick.

Y’all I am thankful to say that once I got her back home and cleaned up she did not throw up again. She did ask for more pancakes with I emphatically refused……

I have also successfully taken the vomit soaked car seat apart…that was loads of fun and the padding and straps are now now being sanitized in the the washer and dryer.


So the high point of my day: Having breakfast with Muffinhead!

The Low point in my day: cleaning up a vomit soaked toddler while standing in the parking lot of the drop off center in the freezing cold and then taking apart a vomit soaked car seat that has now had time to sit a spell while I tended to Muffinhead…the things ya do for love!

Mom just picked her up and is off to the pediatrician….now I am going to wash my hands again!




Terri Tiffany said...

Oh dear!!! I don't miss those days! I hope it was just a bug and she'll be fine fast!

Cadence Brielle said...

Feeling better Grandma!! Doctor told me to eat lots and lots of popsicles!!

Mary said...

Bless her heart. Hope she's feeling better soon!

A_Esteves said...

I absolutely love these snow pictures at your blog. I'm in love with snow! Very beautiful!


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