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Monday, January 9, 2012

Random Ramblings…a hormonal tale of woe

I pulled up in my drive way after a marathon grocery shopping excursion. I notice a county water truck across the street. I think to myself “Self have you paid the water bill this month?”

Given the less than reliable state of my memory during this time of my life it is entirely possible that I have forgotten an odd household utility bill. I have an irrational fear that due to my forgetfulness I will at any moment have all my household necessary function shut off. I have a basis for this fear due to the reality of having my gas cut off a few years ago simply because I forgot to pay the bill. I had the money to pay it, it just did not get done. Ever since that shameful occurrence I have had this lingering fear that I am forgetting some odd bill that has fallen down behind my computer desk. I saw the utility truck parked on my street and I immediately think…..”Did I pay the water bill????”

I hop out of the car and grab a few bags of groceries and head to the kitchen. I check the faucet…thank you Jesus the water is still running.

I have a small glimmer of a memory receiving an email from the county website saying that the online account I had set up is about to be deactivated due to inactivity. Hmmmm I sort thought the big pile of bills and find an old water bill. I log onto the account and make sure it does not go inactive. I also give my account a look-see and not only is my water bill current but there is .39 cent overage.

So I was freaking out that my water bill was past due when in fact I have overpaid by .39 cents!

.39 cents to the good!

I should be working on my bible study but as well as thinking I had forgotten to pay the water bill I am also working on a real good case of the C.B’s (Cranky B _ _ _ _) so I decided that after I got the groceries unloaded I would just sit for a bit and pout about what a bad mood I was in.

My new mattress, well let’s just say that no matter how long you send lounging around on a mattress in the store it simply is not a true test of how comfortable that mattress will be during a full nights sleep. The jury is still out on how long this mattress will remain in residence. That kind of bugs me too. I was so wanting something in my life to be simple.

Not to mention that I still need to find new phones. Data plans, how much data, keyboard, no key board, touch screen…YIKES!

Mattress shopping, phone shopping, y’all I HATE shopping!

I had a few other things I was prepared to rant about but they seem to left my brain!

At least I have running water and a full pantry!



Edit: Now I remember, the bag boy at the grocery store put a rip in my sugar bag and as I was unloading my groceries I got a wonderful layer of sugar all over my kitchen floor. 



Bless your heart. I know it is frustrating when things don't go as planned....thinking of you today...hope the day gets better for you.

Cheryl Linn Martin said...

Sounds like some days I've had!

Hang in there, Robin!

skoots1mom said...

oh no...i broke my sugar open one time...it's hard to get up, too

here's to a be a better day tomorrow

The Bug said...

Mike had an annoying week like that last week - everything he touched seemed to break. And since he's Mr. Fixit I was afraid our lives were ruined forever :) Fortunately he got over it. You will too!

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