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Monday, January 23, 2012

My House Is Quiet…

So here’s what happen yesterday……..

We have to take separate cars to church on Sunday due to the DD having choir practice right after church. I usually take my bible study and get a head start of my prepping for my Wednesday class. So I have set myself up with my laptop and various books at a table and I am getting down to work.

The hubs is in conversation with a friend and I see him across the family center. Love it when the men have the reputation of being bigger talkers than the women, but I digress. He concludes his conversation and comes into the cafe where I have set up shop,

“Is there anything I can do for you when I get home?” The Hubs asks as he gets ready to leave church to head home.

“Yes! Can you stop and pick up a gallon of milk on your way home?”

I pass off a $5.00 bill as the hubs is out of cash and off he goes on his way home.

So after nearly 30 years of marriage it still happens. My expectations and what really happens are two different things.

Later that afternoon I open the frig and notice that the hubs did in fact stop and get a gallon of milk, however what he did was stop at the drug store at the corner, which is on the way home, rather that actually driving maybe half a mile out of the way to the grocery story.

We now have a gallon of whole milk in the frig, which no one but him will drink, and with his cholesterol issues he should not be drinking, sitting in my frig!

Gotta love that masculine perspective.

He was tired, hungry, ready for that afternoon nap and this was easy and right on the way home…..

I love my husband BUT after almost thirty years of marriage I still can’t send him to the store for milk!



PS: I did make a mug of Hot Chocolate with the full fat milk…..can you say good! Again FAT = FLAVOR!


Joyful Noise for a Joyful Life said...

I fall into the same trap of seeing what he does wrong rather than that he did try. I especially notice my daughter-in-laws pointing out the mistakes my sons make. Protective mom here wants them to see the positive not the negative of their attempts. Then I come home and realize I do the same to my hubby. So I am trying to be more grateful.
Enjoy your whole milk. Maybe you could make ice cream.

Just Be Real said...

Came by for a visit. Appreciate your blog. Love the cold snow pictures. Blessings.

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