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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What were y’all doing at 6:20 this morning?

It was 6:20 A.M.

I am warm and snug in my bed and I feel a light touch on my shoulder.

“Mom, It really thundering a and lightening outside, Can you give me a ride to the bus stop?”

I stumble out of bed and get dresses. I am thankful for my coffee. We hop in the car a few minutes later. It was coming down really hard and there was some pretty nasty thunder and lightening lighting up the skies.

The bus rounds the corner and comes down the street. The DD hops out of the car and makes her way to the bus stop. I could have put the car in drive and made my way back home but I stayed for a few minutes and watched her standing there in the dark. The rain had lessened just a bit and there were two more teenagers approaching the bus stop.

I sat in my warm dry car sipping my coffee and I had one of those memory flashes.

How many times did I stand watch over the bus stop when my children were little. Sometimes chatting it up with the other mom's in the neighborhood. Other times just watching from my bedroom window or just sitting quietly on my front stoop.

I could have just dropped her off and driven back home but instead I decided to wait. I sat and watched my daughter standing at the corner. I observed that the other two teenagers who arrived were young girls. All three of them had gone to great length to protect their hair from the rain. Gotta love teenager girls….protect that hair!

I had so many images pass through my memory. All of them surrounding a curly headed little boy kicking the rocks in the dirt and then a few years later a little girl with pig tails and her book bag on her back bending over to pick a dandelion from the grass for the bus driver.

She got onto the bus and I drove back home.

It was a sweet memory.

Good Morning Y’all




The Bug said...



I love memories like those...at 6:20 this morning I was almost to school....I live an hour away....less than 3 hours of sleep. Right now...I am miserable I am so sleepy.

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