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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 2: Focaccia, Junk Drawers, fine Print and a Shot in the Knee

Hey there y’all!

Some folks get a spurt of energy at the beginning of spring. Mine usually comes at the first of the year. That trend to make an assessment of the things that did not get done last year and the things that I want to get done this year. The things I have been putting off because I  just don’t want to do them. Well it was a week filled with some small projects, I tackled two of them and still have two pending.

Sunday, January 8

I am still loving my new Kindle. Each day they offer an app for free. Some days it is some silly game, mostly I just pass those over. I am not a huge game player. However this app was intriguing. It shows you the phases of the moon for your location. Kind of cool I thought! You can even take your finger and drag it across the moon on the screen and change the phases.


Monday, January 9

The hubs is so sweet. This was under the Christmas tree this year! I have been wanting a second mixing bowl for my Kitchen-aid for a long time. I always regretted not getting the model with the handle. I LOVE IT! Not only do I love having a second bowl, now I can make two batches of bread without having to wash my mixing bowl, but I love the new bowl shield with the pour spout. No more flour getting tossed out all over the place. LOVE IT!


Y’all can check out my post about my Focaccia Bread here! You can get the recipe here.

It was in a word AWESOME!


It was the perfect accompaniment of the 15 bean soup we had for dinner!



Tuesday, January 10

The other thing that happens at the new year is the inevitable decisions to try to do a better job of all sort of things. Skin care for example. I have never considered myself to be overly focused on my appearance. However, the battle against those lovely dark age spots that pop up REALLY get on my nerves. I have been trying out different products. Sadly I have found that my resolve usually falls off after a few weeks and almost all the packaging states that the product must be used for at least 8 weeks for good results.

BUT, that is not what these pictures are all about. Needless to say that since this product is for correcting AGE SPOTS it would stand to reason that most of the buyers would be of the more mature age range.

So there I am standing the the bathroom. Why isn’t this working?????? I can not get the cap to screw on nor can I get the cream to come out of the tube. What’s this I see a small gray smudge on the lid, why look closer it’s a sticker on the lid and there is a small ring about the size of a pea…on closer inspection it seems that you have to remove the ring then fully tighten down the cap which then punctures the tube enabling you to get the cream out of the tip of the tube.

Y’all see that small gray smudge and pea sized ring……..look closely!


Can ya read it now??????????


How bout now?

Age spot correction cream with instructions written in type so small that only an eagle could read it makes perfect sense to me…NOT!


Does this happen to your drawers. From left to right we start with my kitchen gadget drawer, my Tupperware lid basket and our medicine chest.

IMG_8672 IMG_8673 IMG_8674

My goal is to get this all sorted out over the next few days and try to bring some order to the chaos. Yea sure it will eventually get all jumbled up again but at least for now my Band-Aids, Pepto-Bismol and cough syrup are all organized. Not to mention that you have to go through it all every now and again just to toss out that bottle of Nyquil in the back that expired in 2008…..there were a few of those lurking in the back.


A favorite around our household, but I hardly ever make it. Shepherds Pie. It was good y’all! Comfort food for sure!


No pictures on Wednesday, January 11

Thursday, January 12

I have been struggling for a while with some fairly difficult pain in my knee and foot. Getting older at times is not a fun thing!

I had a terrible issue with my knee while we were on vacation. The hubs was very patient with me but I felt bad because there were a few things that I wanted to do but my bum knee was a HUGE issue. Well after getting a few more pressing issues like mammograms, colonoscopies out of the way I promised to address the issue with my doctor. He referred me on the an orthopedist.

The diagnosis, the left foot is Plantar Fasciitis and the right knee has the beginnings of arthritis as well as some issues with a small bone spur. Well he shot up my knee with a nice dose of cortisone and handed me a packet of instruction for some exercises.

Yea for me!


Y’all pray for me that I can remains diligent with my exercises. It has been a struggle for me to maintain any consistent form of exercise. However the Plantar Fasciitis is so very painful that I am really motivated to try to get it to a manageable state so I can at least make a run to the grocery store without having it bringing me to my knees when I get home.

Did I mention that getting older is no fun!

No pictures on Friday, January 13

Saturday, January 14

This is the drawer on my side of the bathroom. It is the depository of all things that I just don’t know what to do with. Since I was on a roll where my junk drawers were concerned I felt that it needed to transfer to the bathroom as well.

I have enough of these little bags of buttons left over…do people really ever use the extra buttons that come with blouses or sweaters. I think in all my days I have never used one…..but I keep them any way, what about y’all? Save em or toss em????


Look at this pristine drawer!


Well that’s it for my for week two!

For more P3645 y’all head over to Sara’s and link you!




sara said...

I am LOL for sure!!! that is SO typical that they put the writing so small on the package...smudge...too funny!!!

you got a lot accomplished this week...want to come to my house? because I have a serious case of procrastination.

would you share your recipe for shepherds pie?

The Bug said...

Yum - that shepherd's pie looks yummy! That IS funny about the instructions. I need to try that stuff - let me know what you think about it.

I usually take the buttons out of the little bags & then I just have a drawer full of random buttons. You can use them for crafting! Ha!

Good luck with your knee & such!


Bread and soup look yummy. We LOVE Shephards pie and I make it a good bit in the winter. I can't believe the smallness of the writing on the package. Did the cream work? Let me know....

beckyjomama said...

Too funny with that label ... what ARE they thinkin?!

Terri Tiffany said...

You make me want to clean out stuff and cook a shepherd's pie!
And yes it is NO fun getting older!!!!

Tori said...

You were on a roll this week!! LOVE your organization....want to come over?

I have always been intrigued by the lid with pour spout for my mixer. I think you may have sold me on it.

15 beans in the soup? Is Beano required with it? It looks delicious!

I keep the buttons and my girls craft with them.

Have a super week!!

Sassy Granny ... said...

I love your organization initiatives! Just today hubby & I worked in the garage. It felt good to see some sense of order appear.

Shepherd's Pie? Yum!

rita said...

Just today, as I continued to organize my new kitchen, i thought about starting to make bread and use my kitchen aid mixer. However, I don't have the nifty cover. Will it work anyway?
I also made one of the drawers my new junk drawer. We'll see how long it takes to get filled up and chaotic.
I save all those buttons, but then I save a lot of stuff ;)
Think of me as you organize--I'm trying to unpack and find just the right place for everything.

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