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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 52b….

I wish I could come up with something poignant to end the year with however having just returned from a harried jaunt around the neighborhood in search of a wayward dog I find that I can only muster is a “Praise Jesus!” that we found him. On our collective list of things to do this year will be obedience training for both dog and owners……

Well let’s get at it for the last week of 2011!

Sunday, December 25 ~ Christmas Day!

We had a wonderful Christmas day.


My fingers were busy and every one received hat’s and scarves!


Muffinhead is into all things Tinkerbelle so NOW I can show you the costume I made for her! I think she was pleased and since I totally over bought the supplies I have enough material to actually make a second costume for her to have at my house. I may make a few alterations to the second one having struggle with a few minor flaws in the first one. However I think it turned out OK!


Brunch and the Christmas Day Sticky Bun Disaster of 2011, you can click on the previous link if you would like a blow by blow account of how I almost burned the house down on Christmas morning…….but aide from that it was a good day!

IMG_8545 IMG_8547

Monday, December 26

I think it is the small simple things that I enjoy the most. My favorite gift I received this year is my new rain gauge. One of my closed friends has a rain gauge in her back yard and every time she tells me how much rain they received I found myself wanting……wanting to be able to measure the rainfall in my back yard. Why you ask? No reason beyond I just wanted to have one.


Tuesday, December 27

The Lord clearly endorsed the addition of my new rain gauge in the back yard by sending a nice long rain shower the next day! 1.25 inches of rain! The fact that I can share this small tid bit of information with all of y’all fills me with gardening joy! Y’all I can measure rain…..life is good!


Wednesday, December 28

On Tuesday we went mattress shopping. There may be an additional post pending on the delicate process of how one goes about selecting the perfect mattress….however the first things you need to do is dip into your retirement and then have a stiff drink to help with the sticker shock! We returned home from a full day of mattress comparison with our head swimming and our spirits slightly deflated at just how expensive mattress are!

On a lighter note one of the benefits of peri-menopause and the related short term memory loss is that I often find myself with unexpected blessing that I did not even remember. A very long time ago I made plans to redecorate my bedroom, the master bed room in my old house! Not long after I had gone through the painful process (for me anyway, shopping and decisions making being a less that pleasant experience for me) we made the decision that it was time to move. Being on the thrifty side I could not see going to the trouble of making window treatments for windows we were not going to get to enjoy. Nor did I want to make a new bedspread for my old bed, which was going to get replaced with a new one when we moved into our new home.

Well it’s been over five years. We did manage to get new living room furniture and a new kitchen table and chairs but isn’t it the way of things. The money never goes quiet as far as you think it will. All the additional expenses that pile up when you move into a new home and all of a sudden our furniture budget was gone with the wind. Sadly there was no new bedroom furniture.

Well the fabric I had purchased found a home in the very back of a closet and there it has stayed…out of sight out of mind. I began to think about bringing the new mattress into the bedroom and getting rid of our old bed and mattress and then it hit me….I still had all that old material that I never used. I went and pulled it out of the back of the closet and I even found a whole bolt of left over fabric that I may be able to utilize in some accent pieces.

I have not totally decide what I am going to do or how I am going to put it together but I am so thankful that all I have to do is get a few small things, thread and other supplies and then I can get to work on decorating my bedroom.


This close up show the embossing of the yellow fabric…….


The red I had left over from that last time I recovered the sofa and love seat. I may use it in some throw pillows or maybe some cushions for a small wicker love seat….still pondering.


No pictures on Thursday, December 29

No pictures but we did actually find a mattress that we both agreed upon.

Friday, December 30

I had some Kohl’s cash from some shopping I did for Christmas and then I received a 20% off coupon in an email so I headed off to Kohl’s end of the year clearance sale. I came home with a new mattress pad, some 700 (yes that’s 700) count Egyptian cotton sheets, a fleece blanket and a down alternative comforter. I got some really good deals. I’ll be making a duvet cover for the down comforter…maybe a two sided one.

Suggestion welcome…what do y’all think?


Saturday, December 31

We headed over to my sisters house for a post Christmas family gathering. Now that they live a bit further out we do not get to see them as often. The DD usually takes advantage of her time with her cousin’s.


Muffinhead was enjoying taking pictures of the cat…..but mostly all the picture were of her fingers over the lens of the camera! She had fun though….“Say cheeze Grandma!”


Well 2011 is in the record book y’all!

When we all began this years edition of P365 it’s so difficult to think all the way to the end. There are weeks when the last thing you want to do is get the camera out and then there are weeks when it just doesn't happen. However I will say that looking back I am so thankful that I have been doing this. Not only does it connect me with all of you but it gives me a window into my life when I look back. It may not seem important now but think of all the small things that will be remembered, all the funny things that would ordinarily go forgotten, the window into lives, friends and what happened to us each day!

Now it begin again!

2012 starts off and we all wonder what will happen, where we will go, who we will meet, the fun things that will happen, some sad things too no doubt!

Happy New Year y’all!

For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up. If you have never participated in P365 then give it a go! Life in pictures and when you look back it’s a good thing!




The Bug said...

Love your tree & stockings - very pretty. We got my dad a fancy schmancy rain gauge a couple of years ago - he loves it (I think it has some sort of sensor so he can read it from inside the house).

That Muffinhead really is the cutest thing - and I LOVE all the scarves & hats!

Happy New Year!

skoots1mom said...

absolutely love your christmas den!

and all the hats and scarves make you want to go get in a sleigh w/ all the kiddies

great shot of the twins and ll ;)

i've done horribly on p365 this year...will try to do better in '12...
love your rain guage, too

can't wait to see your bedroom ... it will be a great getaway spot for you

momma frans said...

your tree setup is beautiful and I love that color of green on the wall!
glad you had a merry Christmas!!


Loved the picture of your tree....and all the scarves...but my favorite is child at the foot of the stairs. That picture is awesome.

Kim said...

I can say amen to all you said about P365! 2012 will be year #4 for me, and I'm so glad I've been doing it. For the same reasons as you :)

LOVE the fabric you'll be using to re-make your bedroom! Especially that lovely embossed yellow. *swoon* The red will make lovely accent pillows or whatever you decide to do with it. The floral is lovely, and can tie together the yellow, red and green.

Super job on all the bedding deals you scored at Kohls! I am SO sold on good quality sheets! Have never had 700 thread count, but we do have 350 and 400 thread count and it's like sleeping on a cloud :) I have become a high thread count cotton sheet snob. LOL

Look forward to seeing how your project progresses!

Your craftiness (scarves, hats, costume...) is amazing -- love all the colors and styles.

I am with you on the "small things" and I think I now want one of those rain gauges too. hahaha Seriously, that's a cool tool!

Now I'm heading back to read about the Christmas kitchen catastrophe :) I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has experiences like that!

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