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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Project 365 ~ Week 24 or the week in which the hormones got the better of me…..

Once upon a time there lived a woman who loved to participle in Project 365. Each week she would gleefully post all her pictures and have a wonderful time looking at everyone else's’. Weeks and weeks went by and life was good. The good and happy fairies danced and flitted about sprinkling their sparkly happy fairy dust upon everything leaving a lovely a iridescent glow on her life.

Then one day a dark and evil cloud lumbered over her sweet fairy dust covered life. How could this be? She sat looking at the computer in utter amazement as it proceeded to download the one and only picture she took all week? Surely this can’t be right, but alas it was true. Could she blame it on the evil fairies, that could be a plausible explanation.

However in looking at her hormonally charged week full of up’s and down’s and all manner of emotional upheavals, this was more than likely the culprit.

But my money is on the evil fairies…

Seriously here is my one and only picture for the entire week. One day in the in a land far far away where menopause is firmly rooted and established is where I hope to live one day. Until then I will continue to struggle with the evil fairies of peri-menopause and all they bring with them. Like mood swings, unexplained fits of anger, daydreaming of smashing all my dishes against the kitchen floor and trying not to run over strangers as the cross the Wal-Mart parking lot!

Monday, June 6

The happy fairies must have taken this one…..


Y’all just ignore me and head over to Sara’s and visit some folks who actually did take a picture every day and are not swatting away evil fairies every five minutes!



sara said...

oh...some of us are swatting too!!

If you want to email me...I will tell you what I've done that helps me. everyone is different but the info might help. sarawbowyer AT msnDOTcom.

I would suggest a saliva test for sure to see exactly where your hormone levels are!!!


semperfi said...

That was a beautiful picture!!!! Sometimes it just takes one to say it all. Hope you have a better week, big cyber hug

LuAnn said...

I can maybe help - got some cream from the health food store called Fair Lady. It is a pump with a blue lable. Put a little bit on the wrists before bed. It had taken care of my hot flashes too. You go on 3 weeks, then off a week.

debi9kids said...

Oh my! I don't look forward to that.
I keep saying that I have JUST started pre-menopause and the night sweats are already enough to drive me insane. "Can't wait" for the rest. ugh

Hang in there lady!

ps Beautiful flower!

skoots1mom said...

i'm wanting of some of those good fairies and their dust...can you sway them to fly southwest to my house?


An amazing flower picture....needs nothing to go with it. I know all about the hormones. I have been in some stage of menopause since I was in my late 30's. Not fun!

The Bug said...

I shouldn't tell you this, but when I was going through the teenage raging hormone thing I would have fantasies about throwing the hymnal at the preacher in church (I didn't like him very much).

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

I'm sorry. :(
For what it's worth.
I'm glad you found a glimmer of hope and beauty at some point in your week, though. That's something.
Now...go email Sara.

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