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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit, kill the waaaaaabbbbbbiiiiitttttt! A Quiet Saturday morning with Be Still and Know!

So there I was enjoying the peace and quiet of my house on this fine Saturday morning. The Hubs and DD were still asleep! I was about to to spend a few moments savoring my first cup of coffee. I let my sweet Buster out for his morning constitutional and I sit down to check the ol facebook page and maybe do a bit of blog hopping. In a few minutes I see something out of the corner of my eye. It’s my wonderful furry child bounding around the back yard with something unfamiliar in his mouth.

So there I am in my blue stripped seersucker bathrobe and my orange garden shoes that skoots1mom had given me running around my back yard trying to croaks to dog into dropping whatever it is he had decided makes a wonderful play thing. The normal enticement were of little interest, he would not be distracted, even his ever faithful tennis ball would make him drop his prize.


I resorted to the one and only thing that I knew would get his attention! A very firm “Buster Crate!” This did the trick and he immediately dropped his prize tucked his tail and and headed for the back door. I herded him into his crate and hastily went out to the back yard to have a closer look at his prized possession. I will spare you the gory details but let just say that thankfully the sweet new born bunny did not live very long after it’s morning romp with my precious puppy.

I gave the back yard the once over trying to determine where he had retrieved this tiny little creature from with no success. I then removed the small little casualty for a proper burial.

A little while later when the hubs and DD had finally awoken we were out in he back yard enjoying a second cup when all of a sudden Buster leads us directly to his wabbit stash. He snatched a second play thing out of the nest and we quickly pounced upon him and gently placed the infant safely back in the nest with it’s sibling.

Y’all mommy bunny had set up house right in my herb garden.


I guess she felt at home given the open invitation extended by my garden statuary!


As we discussed our dilemma, the hubs points out the bunny spotting from the night before! We were all about to settle in to watch a movie last night when the hubs call us over to the dinning room window. He had spotted a bunny hopping along the side of the house next door. We stood for a moment to see if we would catch a glimpse of him. We could see it’s little ears poking out being the neighbors AC unit. Having never spotted a rabbit in the neighborhood before I have to assume that the offspring left in my flowerbed belongs to our long eared friend we spotted last night.

Given the very small size of the babies I suspect that she found her spot last night and gave birth. We have banished Buster from the back yard until we can figure out a solution.


Buster has been less that enthusiastic about his imprisonment and it has been a running episode of the Looney Tunes cartoon as he whines and whines to be let out in the back yard so he can continue making friends with his new neighbors.

Y’all pray that momma bunny comes back and that our sweet little babies will be OK!



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