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Monday, June 27, 2011

Bunny Watch 2011 ~ Day Three

Well as I continue to pray over the small nest of bunnies in my back yard they seem to be doing OK. I consulted with a veterinarian friend of mine yesterday at church and he told me that kitten food is acceptable to feed baby rabbits should the need arise. Let’s just hope that the need will not arise. Last night we had a horrible thunderstorm along with torrents of rain that soaked the backyard for over an hour and I grew concerned for our tiny backyard residents. Well this morning when I made my way out to the flower bed to check on our little interlopers they seemed no worse for the ware. They were safe, dry and from all appearances well cared for. They had gotten a good bit bigger. As you can see from the video they are nice and fuzzy now and moving around a lot more.

I can only surmise that since they are still alive and kicking that mommy bunny is around somewhere and making regular visits to her nest. I have not seen her but then I think she may do most of her care giving after the sun goes down.

The nest was originally a bit difficult to find as mommy bunny has camouflaged it very well.


I have a small stick on the ground right next to the nest so I can gently move the ground cover and bunny fluff away to have a look!


Needles to say Buster is still a bit obsessed and doing his best Elmer Fudd impression of Kill the Wabbit, but so far we have managed to keep him away for the nest. We have set up the chain lead in the back yard so he can at least make the occasional trip outside to do his business. This internal imprisonment is not making the DD happy due to the increased amount of walks she must take the dog on…..poor baby!

Just look at the difference!

Day One! Saturday

Day Three – Monday

So the bunny watch continues.

My backyard garden may be in for an invasion very soon….



1 comment:

Mary said...

So sweet! We had a couple of baby bunnies in our back yard right after Easter. I think I saw one of them a few days ago; he got stuck between our house and the sidewalk as I was leaving one morning. I had to slowly back up so he could get away.

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