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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Project 365 ~ Week 23

The lazy days of summer…well maybe just the days of summer as we head into a week filled with preparation for Choir tour and a mission trip and all the necessary trips to wherever to get all the stuff the DD needs for her travels.

This week however was a very laid back and normal kind of week.

Sunday, May 29

I did not take any pictures today but it was my oldest child’s birthday. He celebrated his 22 year today! What momma doesn’t think back to when they were little and remember those first few moments with this new little person. The memories sent me to the photograph album and I had to share a few with y’all!

Y’all I just burst into tears when I look at this picture. Me and Grandma and my sweet baby boy. This was the very first time the two of them ever met! My son was 19 days old in this picture.


Is there anything more precious than a sleeping baby?


or a fresh out of the bath, that clean baby smell…


I think this is one of my favorite picture of my sweet boy. He still sleeps like that with his mouth open.


And look what I still have. Some things you just never throw away, ever!


Monday, May 30

I pruned back my rosemary bush and brought a huge bunch of it in the house. The daylilies are in full bloom and they made a nice contrast against the deep green of the rosemary! Not to mention that it smells amazing!


Tuesday, May 31

When was the last time you did this? The hubs bought one of those underwater cameras when he went on his snorkeling excursion. It had a real film canister in it. I can’t remember the last time I had to drop on of these things off for processing. I am eager to see if any of his underwater pictures came out!

5-31-2011 B 

Wednesday, June 1

The Son and his family came for dinner tonight! Don’t leave you shoes laying around or they will wind up on Muffinhead’s feet.


I have to share a really cute story. After dinner we were all sitting around the living room and Muffinhead was of course running around like a top. Buster is not very discerning and as soon as she takes off especially if she has a toy in her hands he takes this as an invitation that it’s time to play. Muffinhead being the typical toddler that she is is unwilling to share and this sparks a wonderful game of toddler puppy tug of war. Well Buster was begin a bit rambunctious and Muffinhead looked at him and very firmly commands “Buster, Crate!” and to my amazement Buster actually stopped what he was doing and obediently went over and got in his crate. Muffinhead went over and shut the door and went about her business.


Oooooppppssss no pictures on Thursday, June 2  

Friday, June 3

I found myself back at my beloved Mall of Georgia, I say that in jest because I can think of about a million other places I would have rather been. But Skoots1mom took pity on me and joined me as I was on a forces reconnaissance mission while the DD and BFF did their teenage thing and walked around and shopped. I also took solace in an extra large iced coffee with milk and classic syrup from Starbucks while we strolled around.

Y’all when did my sweet little baby girl turn into a full fledged teenager. Y’all she spent over an hour in the bathroom fixing her hair and makeup for the occasion.


But the trip was not in vain. At Christmas my sister gave me some of those Oil & Vinegar bottles with the pour spout that you sit on your kitchen counter. Well I think the spout inserts were not very good and I quickly realized that they were more trouble than they were worth. The oil would dribble out and then stop all together, then I would eventually end up just pulling the stopper out and pouring the oil directly into the pan…major bummer. I had been looking for replacement stoppers ever since. Needless to say this kind of specialized kitchen equipment isn’t found at the Wal-Mart.

Thank you Jesus for Williams and Sonoma!


As we shopped further both Skoots and I decided it would be best if we did not avail ourselves of this wonder bra speculating that if we suddenly went poof and grew two cup sizes we were liable to put someone eye out!

 poof 1

I had left over asparagus, zucchini, potatoes and some broccoli so I tossed it into a pan and made a frittata for supper. It was really good.


Saturday, June 4

There will be a mess of beans very soon!


Y’all my new pour spouts work like a charm! Love, love, love them! One for olive oil and one for vegetable oil! I am a happy girl!


Well that's it for me this week. I love summer don’t y’all? For more 365 fun y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!




sara said...

oh my word, I laughed out loud at the bra comment!!!!!

the mall is one of my least favorite places to go to....however I would endure it if we had a william sonoma there!!!

The Cyber Hermit said...

Oh, I remember the mall of Georgia! (I usually went to the one in Kennesaw, though.)

The daylilies are beautiful and the color is awesome!

RaD said...

I'd love the summer more if it were actually summer here instead of all this rain and dribble.

Love the pictures of your flower arrangement and your boy's baby pics. I also laughed at the story about Muffin Head and the dog. That's a classic!

skoots1mom said...

awesome pics...
and great sharing of our fun
love your lilies.

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Great job on that flower arrangement!!! Who'd have thought that rosemary would look so nice with lilies in a vase on a table? I'll bet it DOES smell heavenly. Rosemary is, by far, one of my favorite smells!

Oooh...William Sonoma is pretty awesome.

Mimi said...

That fritatta looks awesome & the bra thing cracked me up!

Have a great week,

Mary said...

Love her sweet little piggy toes! What a cute story; guess we know who rules the roost! :D

Rebecca Jo said...

what sweet memories of your son... a sleeping baby is always a sweet picture... no matter what year :)

Look at those daylilies... so bright!

I bet you show that film canister to a kid of today & they'd have no clue what that was :)

I need some POOF in my life :)

The Bug said...

I think that you & Skootsmom are a hoot - I'd like to follow you guys around for a day :) I need to get a bottle like that for my olive oil - I always pour WAY too much in the pan...

rita said...

Precious baby pics!
Beautiful bouquet,
delicious frittata,
bra ad--Whoa!
Great MuffinHead story--LOL!
Thanks for the pour spout idea.

Terri Tiffany said...

Never had a fritata but boy does it look good! ANd your granddaughter is so cute! My she is growing!!

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