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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Bucket of Melancholy: The hores are moaning…

It seams I can no longer form a complete thought. For the past few days I will walk over to the computer and open up my profile and click on my lovely live writer icon and then just sit and stare at the blank page. Being determined to post something just so that I can say that I did complete at least one task this week I will attempt to bang out a few thoughts.

I am sure I have a thought in my head but right now they revolve around wanting to submerge myself in a chocolate sundae or pomegranate martini while ignoring all the important aspects of my maternal and wifely duties.

The DD is getting ready to go on a church choir tour, she leaves on Sunday and she was having a mild panic attack at the concept of not having the proper eye shadow or coordinating headbands to take on the trip. So it was of CRITICAL importance that we go shopping. We did get the eye shadow but alas there were NO CUTE headbands, the choir tour may be in danger of being a major disaster speaking from a strictly fashion stand point that is.

It seems that all I have done over the last few days is shop, write checks and fill out forms…some of my favorite things…NOT!

I did manage to maneuver myself in and out of the Wal-Mart without running over anyone in the parking lot. 

The thing about erupting hormones is that I just never know when they will rear their ugly head. It just washed over me like a bucket of melancholy. There really isn't anything to be sad about but sad and a bit irritated/angry/hostile is the basic feeling. Picture in your mind a tiny evil fairy dressed in Kevlar with an AK 47 strapped to her side, an ammo belt filled with hand grenades. She is randomly whirling about dropping her negative nasty fairy dust all over the place and taking aim at those I love without mercy. I try to find something positive, yet all I can focus on is the fact that I have an internal negative dialogue going on in my head and it ain’t pretty

I am just thanking Jesus that I have that Heavenly Duct Tape fastened firmly over my mouth or there would be some serious confession time needed. I will still have to dump a boat load of internal confessions out there but thankfully no metaphorical or physical blood has been spilled, at least not yet anyway.

The hummingbirds are back and they are a sweet bright spot in my day as they flit in and flit out! The Daylilies and the Rose of Sharon are in full bloom and the veggie garden is doing much better than last year.



So I am trying to dump my bucket of melancholy out and refill it with iridescent hummingbirds and bright purple and orange flowers. I just hope that the evil fairies don't target their heat seeking missile's on my sweet little humming birds.

Fly birdie’s fly…save yourselves…..





Mary said...

Double up on the black cohosh! :D

The Bug said...

I felt this way for about two months after I stopped using birth control in March - man it felt like the world was ending. Isn't it annoying that the feelings are so REAL & yet you know that it's really a phantom? Sorry for my language, but damn hormones!

Holly@A Life-Size Catholic Blog said...

Do you think you could send that AK 47 clad fairy over to my place and have her take aim at my ants? Because when I look at your beautiful flowers and think of your hummingbirds, I remember I had to remove my hummingbird feeders. Why? The ants were climbing the trees—yes, you read that right— and infiltrating the feeders by the hundreds. Have you ever hear of such a thing? Perhaps you could snap a shot of a hummingbird for me, it has been so long since I’ve seen one! :-C

skoots1mom said...

my hummingbird feeder has been sitting all alone since Tuesday and no little flitting ones to be found anywhere. I reeeeally wish they would come.
Most of the squirrels have stopped invading the bird feeder now that I've laced it with cayenne pepper...there is one that still eats though and I have to shoo him away..he's mean...
u cracked me up with the headbands..too funny.
my internet has been down a couple of days and finally was brought back to life with a new modem via Charter.
Love your flowers.

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