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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I see, You See…Skoots1mom and Me Made Sushi!

I was inspired by Sara over at Make Music From Your Heart To The Lord. She had a Sushi Party at her house a few weeks ago. It looked like so much fun and since I love sushi I asked the popular Be Still and Know question: How hard Could It Be?

Y’all it was super fun and not very hard. The most difficult thing about the whole thing was actually making the rice and that was not hard just a bit more time consuming that making regular rice, but still very easy. It is a bit ingredient heavy but still it was well worth the effort to do all the prep work and y’all the end result was really good!

On Saturday I made a trip to my ever popular H-Mart for some authentic sushi ingredients. I spent just under $30.00 and I have enough sesame seeds to last me the rest of my life, the sushi mat’s are reusable and the rice and vinegar will last me a long time as well. So all total if I had to guess I would say that maybe we had $10.00 tallied up in ingredients for enough sushi to feed 4 folks!

You can’t beat that!


I got the cucumbers and peppers out of my garden.


About 20 minutes to get it all prepped!


We were ready to roll’em up!


Step one, roll up a small ball of rice.


Pat out evenly over the nori.


Sprinkle with sesame seeds


Flip over onto sushi mat.


Load it up with whatever filling you want. Not to much though!


Tuck and roll pressing firmly and then continue to roll until the sushi is formed and snugly together.


Using very sharp knife cut into 6 or 8 equal pieces. These were my fist attempt!


Skoots1mom rolled up these!


Y’all for the very first time we did this I would call this a HUGE success! We sat down and enjoyed ourselves so much. It was just to GOOD!




Y’all it was really good!


You can bet we will be doing this again and again and again!

That’s one thing crossed off my Bucket List: Part Two! Learn to make sushi…CHECK!




The Bug said...

Ooh that DOES look yummy! I may have to try that sometime - although there's a pretty good sushi place near here & since it's not Dr. M's favorite thing it might not go over so well for me to make it :(

skoots1mom said...

i love it ... u can soooo 'americanize' it...i envision a pork bbq one, slice fried chicken/coleslaw, etc...what fun to have part traditional ingredients and part 'americanized' ingredients for those who don't like 'seafood'...my next one is going to be a spider roll w/ softshell crab... ;)

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