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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pay It Forward

Good Morning to All….

I had a visit from Holly over at A Life Size Catholic Blog the other day. Among the many wonderful things I enjoy about blogging the possibility of meeting new friends and gaining insight to different perspectives is one of my favorite things.

She hosts a Meme called Pay it Forward. (you can click on the link for all the instructions)


I thought about what I would share for a few minutes and then it just “hit me” rather like a the comment below!

Well today the good and wonderful thing I will share with you is this visual image that just made me laugh out loud. I shared in my last P365 post that I was having an extremely nasty bout with some rather unpleasant hormonal symptoms. It wasn’t and still isn’t very pretty! So given the somewhat altered state of my emotional and hormonal condition, well anything or anyone that brings a smile to my face or even facilitates a good old’ belly laugh gets high marks from me!

It still makes me laugh….

The Bug said...

I shouldn't tell you this, but when I was going through the teenage raging hormone thing I would have fantasies about throwing the hymnal at the preacher in church (I didn't like him very much).

Thank You Dana, I may want to hurl a hymnal at someone, however I will restrain myself and just enjoy the visual image of one soaring through the air tumbling end over end and then whacking whatever well deserved irritant in my life squarely up-side-the head!

I just love it!

Now y’all head over to Holly’s and link up and Pay It Forward!




The Bug said...

LOL - I am so glad to make you laugh. I tell you, some Sundays it took all I had not to fling that thing (it's really good I never did because I couldn't throw very well & I would probably have hit poor Mrs. Holsclaw instead).

Holly@A Life-Size Catholic Blog said...

Oh, my ... I'm hooked on the both of you now! Bugs Eye View was delightful, and I'm sure to visit often. The stories and writing are a pleasure to read. I'm always looking for a little humor to lighten-up my day. Plus, I'm usually not a big poetry person, but it's possible I might be swayed by this new find.

Pamela said...

Funny. I'd hit someone else, too. Pitching isn't so straight. It would probably circle back and hit me instead!

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