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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bunny Watch 2011 ~ Day Five

Well unless there is one tucked up underneath by my count we have three baby bunnies. They appear to be doing just fine. I make one trip out a day to give them a visit but otherwise have been leaving them alone. I figure the less human interaction the better.

But they are just so sweet to look at. The little one in the top of the frame is kind of giving his sibling a “stop touching me” nudge as they nestle down in there warm little space.

Now all I have to do if find out how long baby bunnies take to leave their nest.

Anybody know?




Mary said...

It seems like ours were out after 2-3 weeks, unless mama moved them!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

That is the most snuggly-cute thing I've seen in a while! Precious! :-)

Emily said...

Awww that's so sweet!! <3

Emily said...

(Oh, and in regards to your comment on my "Special" post-- that is AWESOME to hear!!! What a great school your DD attends, and it's very encouraging!)

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