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Saturday, April 2, 2011

update from the Board of Domestic Household Affairs….

In recent days the Board of Domestic Household Affairs has been on the forefront in striving to bring you the most up to date coverage on the emerging trend of unexplained phenomenon that has been occurring in the southern region.

It is our sad task to inform you that the anomaly has now unexplainable altered it’s form of infestation. What was reported several weeks ago has now mysteriously mutated and is now showing up in the form of this.

March 14


March 20


Regrettably this new anomaly has now show up on two separate occasions. The Board of Domestic Affairs did extensive field research and has interviewed all the normal suspect. It has been determined that this new anomaly can be traced back to the fact that the dishwasher installed at the southern office was in fact full of clean dishes and for some unexplained reason a logical solution could not be found to resolve this issue.

The Director of the southern office of the Board of Domestic Household Affairs issued this statement: “It is my hope that after extensive training and a sever reprimand we have hopefully take the necessary steps to resolve this issue to our satisfaction. Although it may be necessary for ongoing training regarding the unloading and loading of the household dishwasher, we feel certain that with continued effort by the director in charge of the field office this anomaly can be completely resolved.”

As always the entire staff at the Board of Domestic Household Affairs strives to bring you the latest and most helpful information available. We will continue to keep you informed of any new developments that may occur.


The Director of the Southern Offices of the Board of Domestic Household Affairs.



Patrice said...


The Bug said...

LOLOLOL - you are such a nut. I wish there were someone to reprimand in my house, but it's just me. Sigh.

Sassy Granny ... said...

Oh dear! Better call the CDC.

A similar infestation assaulted the sensibilities of our home nigh onto 23 years ago now. It was very intense during the time of resident teens, diminishing greatly upon their exit. I was nearly certain we had evidence of the origins of e-coli ...


Emily said...

OHHHH! HAHAHAHA!! love it. So funny!

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