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Monday, April 4, 2011

This & That: The hubs is out of town on business and the Girlchild is on retreat….

The hubs was on the road to the airport before the sun came up this morning and we dropped the Girlchild off at church on Saturday for her annual Youth Spring Break retreat.

We had a wonderful date night on Saturday evening. We tried a new local Italian restaurant. It was good but not a home run. My Tortellini was awesome it was filled with ricotta and served in a sauce made of 3 kind of cheese, what's not to like about that! The hub’s veal marsala was not so much. I got the Bruschetta with tomato, garlic and basil as an appitizer and it was un-inspiring, plus it was huge for an appetizer. I neglected to take any pictures of my meal but you will just have to trust me when I say that this brochette did not look like any brochette that I had ever seen. It had way to much tomato topping and it was way to big.

After dinner we went to see True Grit, we really stretched the old budget as it was at the dollar theater. We are all about begin big spenders on date night can’t ya tell.

It was a good movie but I did find that I was a bit confused in a few placed as to who the characters were and why they were important to the main story. My advice wait for the DVD that way you can hit the pause button to go back to figure out the confusing parts.

After the movie we topped off our night with a trip to the DQ, never let it be said that the hubs and I cant push the envelope and walk on the wild side from time to time!

Today I have putted around the house catching up on a few movies stored away on the old DVR. I did a bit of work in the garden getting it ready for my plantings don’t ya just love the smell of cow manure as it waft in from the back yard, however the dog is in seventh heaven with all the wonderful new smells going on and I am looking forward to a evening alone with a take out salad and nice glass of wine and Dancing With The Stars.

All in all it’s been a good few days and it’s only Monday!

Gotta love Spring Break!



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