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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday: What’s your Treasured Possession? Thoughts during a stormy night!

I’m a bit bleary eyed this morning as I blink away the fog from my sleep deprived brain. I spent the better part of the evening glued to the television set watching the tornadoes blow through our southern region. It was well past 2:00 AM before I felt comfortable enough to go to bed. As I was thinking about how to orchestrate all of us in the small hall bathroom I was calculating just how may sofa cushions would be necessary to cover us. And knowing without a shadow of a doubt that there is no way in the world that all three of us plus the dog will fit in my hall bathroom bathtub.

At about 10:30 last night I had a conversation with Skoots1mom, her girl child was in the path of the storm and knowing your child is in harms way and you are not there to hold them in your arms even if that baby is a 20something well it breaks a momma’s heart. It strikes fear and an almost indescribable dread to fill you up. As I talked to Scoot's I was trying desperately to make a back up of all my files on to our external drive. I was also wondering why I can never remember how to do this. Skoots in her ever logical way instruct me to write it down once I figured it out…like I’ll be able to find my instruction during the next tornado warning! After a few minutes I did manage to get all my precious files backed up, all my muffinhead pictures, all my treasured vacation pictures, all my blog post, all my journal entries, I felt better as I unplugged the drive from the computer and set it on top of the dog kennel along with Busters leash to make sure that it would be accessible should we have to make a hasty dive for the hall bathroom. No joke I almost took it to bed with me but calmer heads prevailed.

I did however make sure that my brand spanking new glasses (both pair) were directly with in reach on the night stand, I did not want those pricy puppies betting blow to smithereens if my house got sucked into a tornado.

It was a fun night y’all!

But here’s where I restrained myself. During our conversation Skoot’s and I began to discuss the precious things that we would hate to loose. Who doesn't think of that when they see a house fire on the news or look at those who are sorting through the rubble of a home ravaged by a tornado. I simply can not imagine having that experience. As I prepared for bed I thought of putting my wedding ring on my finger, my fingers swell in the warm weather so I had taken it off. I have another ring that the Hubs surprise me with a few years ago, maybe I should put that on as well, then there is my…I am sure you can fill in the blanks. Picture me laying in bed in my p.j.’s wearing every piece of valuable jewelry that I own…..

Do you know what your most treasured possession is?

Several months ago I attended a Ray Vander Laan conference. I am always fascinated by the Hebrew language and the deep and rich meaning that is hidden with in the translations. The Hebrew word for Treasured Possession is segullah. 

Original Word: סְגֻלָּה
Transliteration: segullah
Phonetic Spelling: (seg-ool-law')
Short Definition: possession

God refers to His (that’s you and me folks!) people as treasured possessions in many places in the Old Testament. Mr. Vander Laan described this to mean that if all your loved ones in your family were safely out of a burring house what is the one treasured possession that you would risk your life to go back for.

Segullah, that‘s what this means.

I could not help but think of all the things in my home. There are many things that I would be heartbroken to loose. But could I narrow it down to just one thing, If I could only grab one thing what would it be?

As I laid on the sofa at 1:45 with the dog watching the meteorologist advise folk directly in the path of the tornado all over the south to take cover right now!!!! Well while folks were running for their basement and interior rooms Buster and I snoozed on and off on the sofa. The wind whipped around my house, the thunder rumbles, the lightening light up the outside and I began to think. Could possible very quietly tip toe into the sitting room right next to my sleeping husband and haul my huge Rubbermaid trunk full of my old journals into the hall bathroom. Yes, Yes I did, well I at least thought about it!


You see it’s wedged under an old broken hard drive and about twenty pounds of clothing that needs to go to goodwill…I calculated the odds of begin able to silently maneuver this feet and I decided that praying for a hedge of protection around my house was the better option.

I went and pried them loose from the bottom of the closet this morning and gave them a visit. I pull them out every now and again…talk about a blast from the past. Well without a doubt if all my loved ones were safe and sound this would be the one thing that I would go back and try to save! There are almost 40 of them, the pages of my life so to speak! It’s almost time for a larger trunk, well maybe a second trunk in any event.


Hmmm…..I wonder how long it would take to scan all this into a PDF?

As I woke up this morning I was thankful that the storm passed us by last night. I also know that there are many who today are waking up with no homes, or living there first days with out a loved one. There are mothers missing there daughters and daughters wishing they had their momma’s arms around them.

Thankful for the sunrise and the new day and that all is well in my house!



Exodus 19:5

5 Now if you obey me fully and keep my covenant, then out of all nations you will be my treasured possession. Although the whole earth is mine,


Patrice said...

Yesterday I was glued to the TV as well watching as they warned of possible rotations that were close to us. Our family pondered together where we would huddle together if any storms were to produce a tornado. The safest place would be a tiny hall bath under the stairwell but the four of us would not fit together in there along with our dogs, so to be all together we decided if the time should come we would huddle together in the masterbath.

As for my most precious possessions, they would be my pictures. I really need to get organized and scan some things and place them on my hard drive for situations like yesterday.

lailani said...

Glad you had a safe night! Last night was probably the first time I have entered an evening of such ominous predictions without grabbing a rubbermaid for my photos. My favorite pieces of jewelry are usually on me (90% of the time). But weather and news like we are seeing, does make one think about it.

I should add, I have online access to more photos now than before, and I have a jump drive in a safety deposit box. So that eases the chance of total loss.

skoots1mom said...

segullah: He is our treasured possession and isn't it wonderful we don't have to put him in a rubbermaid ;)

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