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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Project 365 ~ Week 15

I did good until the end of the week then my resolve just evaporated. I spent several hours in long distant transit in my car for various reason at the end of the week and the very last thing that was on my mind was taking pictures.

Sunday, April 3

The hubs and I took a nice walk around the neighborhood and I snapped these lovely red tulips.


Monday, April 4

I’m giving a big shout out to Skoots1mom for these wonderful orange tennis shoes. She picked them up on one of her thrifting adventures. The have come in very handy now that the garden work has begun. I can slip them off and on as I go back and forth with out tracking in half the yard all over my kitchen floor!  Thank you Jesus that I have a friend who loves to shop and knows my shoe size! Why do I think these shoes now have a permanent spot right inside my kitchen  door for the remaineder of the spring and summer!


Tuesday, April 5

Having the day to myself I spent a few moments working on my painting. I am still in the very early stages and I am just getting all the major areas blocked in and then it will get down to the real detail work. It’s doesn't look like much now…but hopeful it will all come together in the end!


Wednesday, April 6

The DD is home from her time at the beach with her church friends. She came home sporting a new look! It’s all about the hair these days!


Thursday, April 7

God is so good. Karen over at Karen’s Korner left a comment about one of the prayer shawls I had just finished. Well I “just happen” to have a large padded mailer laying around and I “just happen” to have a completed prayer shawl at hand so now it is on it’s way to a loved on. God works in wonderful ways y’all.


No pictures on Friday, April 8 or Saturday, April 9….major bummer!

Well that’s it for me this week! For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!




Mimi said...

I love the orange shoes & your daughter is so beautiful. I'm glad she had fun.

Have a great week,

sara said...

You are very lucky to have such a good friend!!!

love, LOVE DD's hair!!!

I so enjoy my prayer shawl I got from skootsmom!!!! I know Karen will love it!!!

The Cyber Hermit said...

Man, your daughter's hair is the kind of hair I so wanted as a young girl. It's gorgeous - and so is she.

Beautiful picture you're painting. Thanks for sharing it!

skoots1mom said...

love that the 'tennies' r working 4 u...they'll wash easily too with those open backs

love ll's hair that way; how ling does it take to do that?

did you know that karen @karen's korner sang @ my step dad's church for their revival...small world, hug?!!!!

rita said...

Sometimes we watch landscape painting shows on TV while we eat. Long time ago my hubby gave me a set of water colors, but I never did anything with them. The daughter has them now.
Skoots has a great eye for a bargain and for style.
And DD knows what looks good.

Lisa said...

Pretty tulip shot! And those shoes look like they will get lots of use!! They would here, anyway. :)

momma frans said...

cant wait to see your finished painting!! its already beautiful!

Rebecca Jo said...

I cant wait to see the finished painting... I am so jealous over that kind of talent.

those orange shoes are AWESOME!!!! I'd wear those everyday! :)

The Bug said...

Your painting is already well beyond what I could do - go you!

Love the tulips & your orange shoes. And your daughter's hair is great!

McCrakensx4 said...

Good friends are the best...loving the orange shoes! The redtulips are so pretty too. Loving your daughter's hair...so pretty!

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