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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Project 365 ~ Week 14: Pancakes, Chicken, Prayer Shawls, Muffinhead, Wardrobe Malfunction and Happiness

Hey y’all!

Sunday, March 27

Normally I do not cook on Sunday’s but every once and a while it happens that the leftover fairies will raid the frig. We found ourselves with a limited number of choices, basically the frig was bare so I made the ultimate scarifies and whipped up a batch of pancakes for dinner.

I have to share that I love my case iron flat top griddle and I love my newest cast iron edition also. I purchased this 12” cast iron frying pan about a year ago and it’s almost seasoned just right. Now don’t get me wrong I will never give up my Grandma’s 8” cast iron skillet however it did not do a very good job when it came to frying bacon. It just did not have enough surface area in the bottom of the pan to lay out the bacon. This one will be good and ready for the DD when I’m on the other side hanging out with Jesus, but until that time I get to enjoy it in my kitchen.


Monday, March 28

I tried a new recipe. Lemon Chicken and it was really good and on the easy side as well! Ina’s recipe called for chicken breast but I used chicken things and it worked just fine. I did have to alter the cooking time just a bit because the chicken things were much smaller that chicken breast. I think all total it was in the oven about 25 minutes. I served it with seasoned rice and steamed broccoli and asparagus.


Tuesday, March 29

I was in the zone this week. I was able to finish up one prayer shawl and then actually complete a second one. The coordinator gave me a grocery bag full of odds and ends, basically it was all the remaining balls of yard that get left over at the end of a project. It was all homespun and she just handed it to me and I took it home to see what would unfold. For me the trick is to make sure you get and even mix of colors from start to finish. I just make sure I go from light to dark and then to keep them contrasting as I work.


I love it when one comes together quickly and then has an interesting feel to it when it's finished.

Wednesday, March 30

After Disciple I stopped by to pick up Muffinhead. What happen next I guess can technically be labeled a wardrobe malfunction with extenuating circumstances. I was attempting to hike my leg over the baby gate and the tip of my tennis shoe got caught on the top of the gate and I went down like a ton of 51 year old bricks. Wham! I landed right on the old knee.


Thankfully only my dignity was impacted. My knee was tender and a bit bruised. I came home and tried to give it a rest with the ice pack. I did the best I could while trying to contain a busy two year old. I gave myself a healthy dose of naproxen sodium and then thankfully it was not long and the DD was home to help with the chasing duties.

I’m not sure what she had in her hair but the DD decide that a bath was in order and since she needed the babysitting experience I let her take change in the bathing department. This came at an inopportune time for Muffinhead as she was greatly displeased with the concept of getting in the tub and even more disturbed at having her hair washed….


Can you say “Kicking and Screaming” she was not a happy camper. I share this picture to prove that she is a normal toddler and even though she may be the cutest most adorable grandchild on the planet she doe in fact have her moments when she is possessed by you know who!

This is fairly typical of the bounty we receive on a weekly basis. This mountainous stack plus my two that I turned in is ready and waiting to be given out. Yet again the odd’s and end one did not even make it onto the closet. It was snatched up by a member to be delivered to someone in need.


Thursday, March 31

On the way home from church the evening before the DD and I were discussing the upcoming spring break retreat. She was telling me that she “needed” a few things for the trip. I told her to make me a detailed list of the personal items she “needed” and to put it on the counter and that I would go to the Walmart in the morning.

Y’all just check out her list and please make note of the very last item on the list.


I guess in the mind of a teenager an itunes card falls under the category of something she REALLY needs! LOL!

Our next vacation is rapidly approaching. After our last vacation I made the decision that I needed a new camera strap. I love my new camera but it is a bit on the heavy side. The strap that comes with is is adequate but it is very short and after a while of wearing in around your neck it becomes rather heavy and begins on pull on your neck muscles something awful. I have been searching for something that I could use that would allow me to have the camera at easy access but also be able to have it down at my side and off my neck.

I had to pay a good bit for it but I will let you all know how it works for me when we get home. Just over a month and we will be headed to the warm tropical sunshine……….


Friday, April 1

There was enough of the odds and end to make a second prayer shawl and I think there will be enough to make a third one as well (maybe) but I have not started it yet!


Saturday, April 2

Is this a happy face or what!!!!

It was the start of the annual Spring Break Youth Retreat. I dropped the DD off at with all her church pals and they loaded up the busses and headed to Florida for some fun! The added bonus is that the hubs and I will have the weekend completely to ourselves, kind of a test run for our empty nesting years.

Can y’all say DATE NIGHT!


Well that’s it for me for this week.

For more 365 fun y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!




McCrakensx4 said...

What a productive week...those are some very beatutiful prayer shawls. And your meals look delish..always love breakfast for dinner! I hope your knee is feeling better and that DD had a great retreat.

Sassy Granny ... said...

Mostly I lived in my car last week, playing resident nanny to my 14 year old granddaugther while her mom (my daughter) vacationed. I have nothing to show for my work other than a bushel of new memories. Good stuff ... but I'm glad to be back in the productive groove again.

Now I'm hungry (thanks to your yummy pictures)!


Kim said...

Ouch! Hope your knee is feeling better!
Now my kids cried when I took them OUT of the tub. lol They absolutely loved bath time.
Good thing I just had lunch or I'd be heading to the kitchen after seeing your food photos :)
Enjoy your weekend with the hubby!

sara said...

i couldn't live without my cast iron skillets...well, I could but you know what I mean!! :)

yea, for spring break! enjoy!

Mimi said...

OH she looks so beautiful! We got a great set of cast iron when we got married & two of the pieces never leave my stovetop! I love using the dutch oven to make stews over the campfire when it's chilly when we're camping.

I bet she got the gift card, didn't she? lol

Have a great week,

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

great pictures. looks like you had a busy week. and is there anything better than pancakes and bacon? it's a dinner staple in our house

The Bug said...

Why you're about as graceful as I am :)

I was going to ask if she got the i-Tunes card - it probably IS a necessity of life!

Love your food pics as usual. And the odds & ends prayer shawls are gorgeous!

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh man.. I get a hurt knee feeing.. no fun!!! HOpe its better today!

I cant believe all those prayer shawls... that's simply amazing!!!!

I'm now craving pancakes!

RaD said...

Sorry to hear about your knee. Knee pain can be the worst.

I love the pic of Muffinhead not too happy about the bath. She looks like she is saying, "Aren't you going to help me?"

rita said...

Good news: great meals; gorgeous colors in the prayer shawls; spring break trip and date nights :)

Bad news: sore knee; sad Muffin :(

Have a marvellous week!


The prayer shawls are gorgeous. My mom is in a nursing home and I would love to find one for her. Hope your knee improves. My athritis is killing me in my left knee. That lemon chicken meal looked too yummy for words. I could almost smell it.

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