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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Y'all I can't concentrate

It's confirmed I've totally got the worst case of spring fever.

I set out this morning to go to the Growers Outlet for all the necessaries for my veggie garden. I would drive for a few minute and then it would happen. I would spy out the passenger side window an amazing burst of dogwood trees or azaleas or creping phlox or blooming iris or tulips and on and on and on...well it's a good thing I did not get a ticket as each time this would happen I would forget momentarily that I was behind the wheel of my car.

"Why no officer I have not been drinking but did you see how gorgeous that stand of flowering cherry trees were back there?"

It is just to gorgeous, but I think I already said that.

Now that I am trying to do Project 365 I also find myself fighting the impulse to just pull of to the side of the road and snap off a few dozen pictures of all these amazing vista's, but I restrained myself as I did in fact have a mission of buying my tomatoes and cucumbers.

"No pictures while you're driving!" I actually rolled down the window the other day while I was at a red light and snapped a few pictures.

How could I resist. Just look at this!!!!!!!


"Remember your off to buy tomatoes and cucumbers!"

I have to have an internal dialog with myself. "No looking at that dogwood Robin, no stopping the car, stay on the road." 


"Honey where's your mom?" the hubs asked when he gets home from work. "Gee Dad I haven't seen her!" that because I can't make it one hundred yards down the road without wanting to jumping out of the car to take a picture!


Last Saturday as I was on my way home from the farmers Market I drove by a beautiful typical southern home with the pristine white columns, with a deep green lawn carpeting the front fenced in by a graceful white picket fence with a breathtaking oak tree shading the entre setting and to make matters worse there was an beautiful brown horse lazily grazing in the shade of the tree. I bout ran off the road as this overwhelming visual image passed in front of my eyes. Well since this was a private home I did not think the homeowner would think too kindly of me had I pulled over in front of their home and began to snap away.




1 comment:

Nel said...

Oh girl you got the bug too. My hubby finally realizes when I yell stop going down the road doing 60 mph, it is not an emergency. His lovely wife just seen something she wants to capture with her camera. I must admit, I think I scared him to death a few times. This is me what can I say, so I fully understand where you are coming from!

until next time... nel

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