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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Project 365 – Week 15

Sunday, April 4

Easter Sunday

It was nice to have my whole family in worship for Easter morning!


After church we all came back to grandma’s house for lunch! After this…


it was necessary to do this…can you guess what the Easter Bunny left at grandma’s house. We had fun blowing bubbles in the bath tub!


I was wondering when she would figure this out. This is now her new favorite thing. She crawls in closes the door then crawls back out and closes the door. The process is of course repeated multiple time. As you can see the dog is a bit perplexed as to this latest development.


Monday, April 5

Genus: Loropetalum (lor-oh-PET-al-um) (Info)

It survived the move (and winter) from the front yard to back! It’s nice to finally have a bit of color in the back yard.


Tuesday, April 6

Oooops! Maybe I just thought I took a picture!

Wednesday, April 7

Carpe Deim, yes we seized the day and swung by the subway and met Skoots1mom and her girl child at the park for a pic nic. It was a wonderfully breezy day and we enjoyed our lunch under the cool shade of the pavilion.


After lunch our girl children took a break on the swings.

 IMG_1304 IMG_1305

 IMG_1306 IMG_1307    

The wisteria was in bloom. It was a good day for a leisurely stroll!

IMG_1315   IMG_1318 

God is totally showing off down here in the south y'all. This spring is one for the books. We have been under such sever drought conditions for such a long time that now that the drought is officially over well everything is making up for lost time!


It is just gorgeous!!!!!!!



Thursday, April 8

I went to the grocery store and I walked in and right inside the front door was the an amazing old fashioned flower cart full of the most beautiful spring flowers. Another reason to always have your camera. I had to snap these with my cell phone.

 P0804100004 P0804100003

P0804100002 P0804100001


Friday, April 9

A trip to Goodwill. I have a question for you?

If you saw this...what would you think?


I will elaborate in a later post once I see what your thoughts are on this!

Saturday, April 10

I read an add in our local paper about a Farmers Market not for from my house. I set out Saturday morning to give it a visit. I had to pull over and snap a quick picture. This was just to beautiful to pass up!




The jury is still out on the Farmers Market. There were not very many vendors there, but I was told that the produce vendor are only there every other week. There were a few vendors selling home made bread, biscotti and granola and a few other things. I am planning a trip back next weekend to see what all the fuss is about. But aside from not getting any fresh veggies it was so take with this establishment. It is a small ranch with stables. You can board a horse there or take horse back riding lessons. they have these amazing free roaming chicken that were just too beautiful.


Isn't he amazing. I can also say that he was defiantly ruling the roost. While I was watching he let out several hearty "Cock-A-Doodle-Do's" assuring to all the world just who was in charge!


The precious little sweetie spent a pleasant Saturday morning just grazing in the morning sunshine.


It was am amazing place and I look forward to going back and checking out the fresh produce.


That's it for my week! For more 365 fun head over to Sara's at http://thebowyers.blogspot.com/ for more!




Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Sounds like you had a great week. All your pictures were beautiful. Yes, things are blooming everywhere here too. So beautiful!!! I am enjoying spring, despite all the pollen. Have a wonderful day. Love & blessings from NC!

sara said...

I just love seeing all the signs of spring on EVERY ONE's posts this week!!! yea!!!

Ok, goodwill item. I would think that it is 99 cents and has 2 parts because of the B under the 99

skoots1mom said...

if it was a 'blue' day...then you got it for $.50...and I think it's an 'upside down' marguerita glass :)

Robynn's Ravings said...

These photos look like a tourism catalog!! Really spectacular. Who can top what God can do?!

And I love the crated baby! Hunter used to do that all the time. You'll love this: he's 15 and we just bought a bigger crate for Minky and he had to prove he could still get in it and so he fit himself AND the dog inside. Where WAS my camera? Do boys EVER grow up?

And that looks like 99/13. Does that mean there are 13 pieces in the set and they are .99 cents each??

Tori said...

Your nature pictures get better by the week! LOVED them all!!
I'm not sure which I chuckled louder at, messy baby or crated baby. Both precious!
My Goodwill guess would be .99 for the item and B for blue.
Have a super week!!

Rebecca Jo said...

Between the bubbles floating & the wet eye lashes - that picture looks like one that could win some awards... BEAUTIFULLY taken!

Elizabeth said...

Priceless picture with the bubbles and the doggie crate... just priceless!

Sonja said...

No wonder we all love spring! These photos are a beautiful reminder of new life, from the precious baby to the gorgeous trees and flowers! Loved this!

rita said...

Babies, bubbles, and beauty of nature= BLESSED!

Beverlydru said...

Wow- enjoyed the spring photos. Did you know a rooster is sooooo loud? Since we have two, I now know!

The Bug said...

The crated baby picture is great - I had to share it with Dr. M because of the perplexed dog. He'll enjoy that.

Your flowers are gorgeous! We're enjoying a lot of blossoms here in Ohio too.

Kim said...

I'm seriously jealous of the gorgeous Spring you're having! Absolutely so beautiful!!!

Kaye said...

Hi, I was out doing a bit of blog surfing and discovered your site. The photos are great! As a fellow grandmother of several adorables including twins, I especially loved the one of your grandchild in the dog's crate. :) I also loved all the gorgeous flowers! Is the unknown pix of a lampshade or casserole cover? :)

Have a blessed day.

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