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Friday, April 16, 2010

Flashback Friday

Here is this weeks doorway down memory lane!

If you have a child in your life, your calendar for April and May is probably quickly filling up with end-of-year activities - performances, recitals, etc.

Did you take lessons as a child? Piano or another instrument? Gymnastics or dance? Other types of lessons?

Believe it or not I took ballet. My instructor's name was Mr. Tom. How I remember that is a miracle.

Were they weekly?

If memory serves I took classes once a week but I am not sure. I remember the big room with the mirrored wall and mounted bar and hardwood floor. I remember lining up across the bar waiting my turn then leaping and running across the floor doing whatever step or foufie dance thing we were practicing.

How much were you required to practice between lessons?

I don't have any memory of practicing between lessens but I am sure as a little girl I Pirouetted and PliƩd around our apartment.I think if pressed I can remember at least some of the positions of the feet. First position feet flat heels together knees slightly bent...

Did you participate in recitals? If so, do any of them stand out in your memory?

I think I took ballet for several years. I am not sure how my mom paid for it but somehow she did. I took classes for at least three years because I remember three specific recitals. Well I don't remember the recitals but I remember the costumes. I have pictures of my pudgy little body all dolled up in these fu-fu frilly little costumes. One day I may have a weak moment and scan and post them but seeing as hell is probably not going to freeze over in the next 24 hours well the chances of that happening are slim to none!

One costume was a pastel rainbow colored tutu with white tulle and a pastel rainbow chiffon overskirt, there was a ruby red tutu with lots of red sequins and then there was a my favorite costume. It was a white satin costume with flowing white and green chiffon panels that attached at the shoulder. It was not like a traditional tutu as it did not have a skirt. I think we were maybe supposed to be trees as the green and white overlaid panels were raggedy at the bottom and it was very flowing and wispy like leaves blowing in the breeze. I remember the tight hair buns and getting to wear makeup, being nervous before the performances, the pink ballet slippers and the pink satin ribbons tied at the ankles. I remember the older girls in the company all wore the point shoes and I aspired to one day dance in them. I actually did practice in them during some of the class but I was never good enough to get a leading roll in the recitals so no point  for me. Plus I remember they really hurt your feet. Very painful in fact. The lambs wool you used to pad the tips was hardly enough of a shock absorber upon your toes and feet. Some days I even remember having blisters on the knuckles of my toes and sometimes my knuckles would even bleed. Good times :(

Did they foster a love or a hate for that activity?

I can't say I have a real passion for ballet as an adult. I think it is beautiful, but I an take it or leave it. I will say that I am a huge Dancing with the Stars fan. Maybe that stems from all that time spent in ballet shoes

Did you want to take lessons in a certain thing that you never got to?

I was never a musically inclined child so I never wanted to take lessons in any instrument. I do remember wanting to lean how to ride a horse but given our situation I knew that it was something that just was out of my reach. I did participate in Girl Scouts and I was on the drill team in High School so I did not lack for extra circular activates.

And if you have kids now, how did your experiences with taking lessons like these impact the activities you had/have them do?

Neither of my children are inclined to sports, but then neither myself or my husband are avid sport enthusiast. So it has never been an important focus for our family. Both my children were involved in scouting but neither of them found it to be their cup of tea. However, and this will be a mystery to me as I am about the least musically inclined person on the planet and my husband does not know a tuba from a trombone, both my children seem to be musically inclined.

My son picked up his first instrument in middle school and then quickly became very enthusiastic. He soon was teaching himself to play multiple instruments. He began on the trumpet, then moved to the guitar, he was switched over to the French Horn and was involve in both the Symphonic Wind Orchestra and Marching Band.

My daughter had been playing the Violin for the past three years in middle school and plans to peruse it in High School as well. This fact alone means that I have been to countless bad concerts, countess half time shows, countless Festival performances, bought numerous band fundraiser candle, fruit baskets, candy bars to raise money for Band Boosters. Most schools have at least three or more concepts a year, before school practice after school practice. afternoon practice wafting from down the hall as I am cooking dinner, trips to the music store for rosin, replacement strings, guitar picks, music books etc...I actually found a disassemble French horn soaking in my bathroom once. I was thankful that my son was able to get it all put back together and in working order.


Great Flashback Friday Linda. For more y'all head over to http://mochawithlinda.blogspot.com/ for more Flashback Fun!


EDIT: I am having some significant internet connection issues! I have been trying to visit and comment all Flashback Friday and Random Dozen all morning long and have had a horrible time. I will stop for now as I am about to put my laptop in the driveway and run over it with my car. I will try again later this afternoon. I will come over and see y'all as soon as I get a reliable internet connection. It is making me nuts y'all! I just want stuff to work!!!!!!





barbarah said...

I cannot imagine dancing in point shoes! I wonder who dreamed that up? I bet your little outfits were cute, though!

Mocha with Linda said...

Don't run over the laptop! LOL

Ballet has always fascinated me, especially the point shoes. So how are your feet in the shoes? Normal? Or are the toes curled under? Makes me cringe just thinking about it!

Bonnie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours reminds me how I wanted to take horse riding lessons also. I absolutely love horses even though I know nothing about them. But that is still one of my goals, now that we have our own money to spend! :)

Nel said...

Ballet, I have always enjoyed watching ballet, I think because I knew there was no way I could ever do that. Talk about a bull in a china closet...lolol. I bet your costumes were cute, you need to think about sharing them with us. :)
Don't run over your laptop. I threaten throwing my desktop in the yard sometimes, come to think of it that is probably why hubby will not talk to me about getting me a laptop. I could throw it...lolol. Hope your internet connection gets better. I know that is so frustrating!
until next time... nel

Kim said...

It is a mystery how our children can be so different from their parents :-) In our case, you couldn't pay my husband nor I enough money to get up on a stage and act in any kind of play. But both our kids LOVED community theatre! Our son was in six plays over the years, I think, and our daughter in a dozen.

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