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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday ~ She has her own now!

The DD told me today that she needed a bigger three ring binder for school.
No problem…I went in search of one in the spare closet. I have many old large three ring binders from my time on various church functions. I rummages around in the box of notebooks looking for one that could be emptied out. Sure enough I came up on one that I no longer used.
Look what I found tucked in the front cover!
Back then the contents of my purse and my make up bag were a treasure chest of forbidden fruit! She had great fun until I came into the playroom and found her looking like this!
Mt sweet little girl is fifteen today and now she has her own lip gloss and mascara but she still will raid my make up drawer from time to time. And if I want to find my tweezers, well I always know where to look for them, in her bathroom!.
So today I am thankful for a beautiful daughter on her birthday.
Happy Birthday to me sweet girl child.
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On a much more serious and life altering note, it seems that the ol’ laptop may in fact be beyond repair. The hubs has done all he knows how to do in with his semi knowledgeable computer expertise. I will be checking which computer stores have the best deals on diagnostic testing to see if in fact it can be revived from the status of “large gray paper weight” and turned back into a laptop.


Robynn's Ravings said...

Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your precious 15-yr-old! She is only a couple of months off from my same-age son. If that isn't THE most precious picture! Was it an "OH NO!" moment that day or were you able to laugh then as well? Those make for the GREATEST memories don't they?

Mary said...

Oh, that picture made me laugh! That is precious!

skoots1mom said...

she was having a time with that lipstick!!
precious pic :)

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