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Monday, March 22, 2010

Found Them…

One of the things I have noticed about myself and the grieving process is that like most I look for distraction. After returning from the funeral the other day I set about the house doing those things that you put off because you don’t want to do them. The closet in the sitting room off my bedroom got clean out, several church notebooks got cleaned out/consolidated and are sitting aside to take to church to put in the Stephen Ministry storage area and out of my house. In my pursuit to find distraction guess what I found? (Check out my answer to question number 1 from my last Random Dozen.)

My wedding shoes.


I also learned a very valuable lesson. Never tape up a box without first labeling the outside very clearly. The thought that goes through your head when you are young is  “I’ll remember what’s in this box!” Well I pulled three different boxes down, all securely taped up and had to open each and every one because I had absolutely no clue what was inside.

Note to self: Never assume you will remember, your just to old!

On a side note, on Saturday after my grand daughter’s birthday party the family and crew came back to my house for a bit of a visit. My wedding shoes were still sitting on the counter. After I took them out of the box they were a bit on the dirty side and so I gave them a gentle wipe down and had left them on the counter to dry. They are no longer white and sadly with the birth of each child I gained over a shoe size so my wonderful size 9 1/2’s will no longer fit in the petite size 7 of long ago. They have turned from a pristine white to an aged ecru and you can defiantly see the 28 years of age in theses pumps.

My sister picked them up and said “Where did you get these? Are they vintage?”

“Well they are my wedding shoes, so yea I guess you could call them vintage!” I said.




Kim said...

Oh, I like that! We're not old, we're vintage. LOL

2Thinks said...

Ditto Kim's comment. Ha!

I'm on chapter 9 of the I Won...You Win book!

Have a wonderful day.

Journaling Woman said...

Sorry about your loss. He looked like a sweet child.

Time seems to fly doesn it?

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