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Friday, March 12, 2010

Flashback Friday

Mocha with Linda has a great idea for a new meme. Today is the very first Flashback Friday.


So lest get to reminiscing shall we!!!!!!


How and when did you learn to drive?

If memory serves I was 16 when I got my drivers license. Back in the day they actually had Drivers Education classes in high school that were a required course. Our high school had several cars that we would all take turns driving around with the instructor in the front seat. I remember once I made a left turn and there was an oncoming car and apparently my judgment as to the safety of the distance between the oncoming car and the instructors judgment were vastly different as he about came out of his seat. Once he had recovered for his distress he gave me a very stern lecture of exactly ho to appropriately gauging a safe distance of an oncoming car.

Do you have any particular memories associated with getting your driver license?

Nope, I must have passed…were talking 30 plus years ago, who can remember that far back?????

How old were you when you got your first car and what was it?

Now this I remember. A 1962 Ford Fairlane.

I got it just before my 16 birthday. It was pure torture to see it sitting in the parking lot knowing that I cold not drive it until I got my license. One of my mom’s friends found the car for me. Sadly I do not have any actual pictures of this car from back when I had it but I found these on the internet. Mine was white just like this one!

Isn’t this a great car y’all!

It was made out of solid steel and was nearly indestructible, which is probably why my mom’s friend picked it out for me. Top speed was about 50 miles an hour, and it had red and white leather interior. It had an am radio that took about 10 minutes to warm up and start playing after you turned it on. The one distinct thing I do remember about the car was it had a very faded decal on the drivers side door.


My friends and had had great fun coming up with different scenarios about who W.W. was and what W.W. stood for. My particular favorite was “Wild Wanda”.

It was not exactly an eco friendly car as it guzzled the gas, which was probably a good thing as it did tend to make me a bit more discriminating in my decision to just go tooling around. But yes joy ridding was a favorite pass time. An let me tell you, this car was a bus, you could fit lots of folks in the front and back seat of this car, which now a days I would never let my soon to be driver even think about doing. But if memory serves they did not have the same restriction for beginning drives back then or either I didn't care about obeying the restriction or my mom simply did not know about them, either way if we all wanted to go somewhere as a group we always took my car because it could hold the most people.

Who paid for it?

I paid a whopping $200.00 cash money for this car and an extra $100.00 for new tires.

Did you have Fun Fun Fun 'til your daddy took your T-bird away?

Ya know what, for totally not being a car person and really not caring a lick about what I drive, I do miss that car. Cruising the McDonalds and driving around Stone Mountain on Saturdays. I don’t have many warm fuzzes abut my younger years but I remember enjoying this car!

On a sad bitter sweet note, I don't remember how long I actually drove that car but it was a really long time. In fact I drove it until it just wouldn't drive any more and then I had to actually pay a wrecker service to come and tow it off.


Great idea Linda!

What fun it was to remember my sweet little “W.W”





SusanD said...

Great story. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great weekend. Blessings, SusanD

Patrice said...

Love that car!! Thanks for sharing!

Mocha with Linda said...

I loved reading this! Yeah, the laws were definitely different back then. But somehow we all survived!

Thena said...

Cute story. A shame cars don't last as long these days as they did back then.

barbarah said...

I remember cars like that! They sure made them roomier then. I love thinking up different ideas for "W. W."

arlee bird said...

I too took the high school driver's education course. I was never really that concerned about getting my license and I waited till I was in my senior year. Needless to say I was the oldest student at 18 years but really I didn't care that much.
I bought my first vehicle when I was about 23. I paid $600 that I had saved up and I cannot remember what make or year it was, only that it was a multicolored "hippie-type" van than had paneling inside. It really looked like a mess. I had intended to fix it up, but after I owned it for a little over a year I sold it for $250 -- there was too much that it needed done and it was about to stop running anyway.

Kim said...

I am so envious! Love Ford Fairlanes! Quite a few down here, still on the road. Yes they are beasts! Most folks here have changed them to use natural gas instead of regular gas.

What fun memories!

Nel said...

What a fun story. It would be nice to have that fairlane now, they are worth a lot. Thanks for sharing. Wasn't this fun?

until next time... nel

Journaling Woman said...

I love your car.

My first car was a 1965 Mustang. Can you see me kicking myself for letting it go?

2Thinks said...

Now that's a car! Great story. My favorite part is the part about how you can't actually remember driver's ed. exactly. Now I don't feel quite so bad. I have no memory of driver's ed.

Hey, by the way, you left me a message that puzzles me still- you said something like, "...let me know when you get your I Won..You Win up and running and I'll come over and leave a post...."

What does that mean? Get my I Won...You Win up and running? I did win the I Won...You Win, but I don't know what it means to get it "up and running".

I know you'll be able to explain it to me so I can understand. You've helped me through plenty of past "up and running" questions.

Thanks- Heidi

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