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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Then and Now…and you asked so here it is “My Alarm Clock!”

I love digital y’all. It just frees me up to take as many pictures as I want. Don’t you wish you had all your older pictures in digital format? I know I do. That is a project for another day. How long would it take to scan all the hard copies of all the pictures I have in albums????  But I digress.

I have been enjoying the blossoming of my Christmas Cactus even though it waited until March to start producing blooms.

Here is my Christmas Cactus on January 9, 2009.


Flash forward to this past Thursday, March 18, 2010. It is about twice the size as it was last year. I am wondering if it has decided that it is now an Easter Cactus since it waited until March to bloom?


I’m wondering will it ever even back out and start  blooming at Christmas????

Any Cactus expert out there???

EDIT: after reading all the inquires in my comments about my alarm clock I snapped a few pictures of it this morning.

It’s La Crosse, the little side piece pivots and you can either direct it at the wall or the ceiling to project the time/temperature. It cycles back and forth between the two. It is wonderful to wake up on a super cold mornings and see what the temp is. Before I moved I had a walking partner and we would meet very early in the morning to walk, rain or shine. Our only rule was we drew the line at below freezing temperatures. I asked for this clock specifically for my birthday one year because on cold winter morning I got tired of dragging my butt out of bed just to check what the temp was. This way I did not even have to get out of bed to tell if it was to cold to walk. Loved it!!!!!



Click here to get all the details on it. It’s great and I totally love it! If memory serves my sister got it at Kohl's?????

Blessings y’all!



skoots1mom said...

i SO need to repot mine...i know they like tight spaces but i think it will grow a little bigger and be healthier

Robynn's Ravings said...

Now THAT's a useful clock! Anything that gives me a few more minutes without having to freeze to death is the clock for me. And your cactus? No idea. I would have killed it before it ever bloomed again, I'm sure. It obviously loves you. But who doesn't? :)

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

My Christmas cactus is one my favorite plante. Mine blooms all times of the year too. No set routine. That is a great clock. I want one too. Love & blessings from NC!

The Bug said...

This is hilarious - I have that VERY clock! We keep it in the kitchen instead of the bedroom (we like that it tracks humidity so we know when to run the humidifier). So funny! I never even thought of moving it to the bedroom.

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