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Monday, October 5, 2009

Streams of consciousness or just a bad case of travel anxiety…

Bought a black velour warm up suit to wear on the  plane, bought a good pair of walking shoes, bought some brown and black socks, went to the ATM and got cash, got my hair cut, washing cloths, making  list how many outfits I will need, bought  new purple sweater set for the trip, realizing that almost everything I have packed is purple, re-formatted all my memory cards, bought batteries, collected all the phone chargers, USB cords and various other cords I will need, paid my mortgage, my house will still be here when I get back, paid the water bill, electric bill, phone bill, wireless bill and the credit card bill and any other utility bill I could find, the DR bill will wait until I get back, just realized that I forgot to buy zip lock bags at the wal-mart, have all my travel size everything laid out on the bathroom sink, set up mobile facebook link with my cell phone so I can update my statues while we are in really cool places, tested my mobile uplink to see if it works, totally amazed that it actually worked, washed some more cloths, …

Pending: balance checkbook, oversee the DD packing, fill my travel pill container with Tylenol and Advil, decide what purse to take, actually see if everything I have laid out will fit in the suit case, print off online coupons for discounts on the wineries we want to visit,drop the DD off at church for Fast Food Frenzy, fill the car up with gas, pick up the DD after Fast Food frenzy, check to see if there is enough dog food, toss all the questionable food in the fridge away, water the plants, empty the trash, turn the thermostat off and then…

This will be my last post for a few days as obviously I have given myself over the the throws of complete travel anxiety.

I will not be posting, commenting or ready any blogs for a while as I will be enjoying myself tremendously in San Francisco and Napa Valley with my husband.

Keep your eyes peeled on your blogroll for the upcoming posts entitled “Myth or Reality: Is Rice-A-Roni…the San Francisco Treat? ” and  “How many wineries can you visit in 24 hours and still remain sober!”




2Thinks said...

Bon Voyage, Robin! Shout out into the streets of San Fran- "Hello Pilgrim! from your mother, Heidi!" He's there somewhere.

2Thinks Heidi

Patrice said...

You sound like me...I drive everyone crazy before a trip!

Have a great time and I can't wait to hear all about your adventures!

Nel said...

Have a wonderful safe trip! Will be awaiting your return so we can hear about your fun! Take care!

a portland granny said...

Oh my goodness--I could have written your post today. I am chasing my tail about what to take on my cruise and I read through your paragraph thoroughly and realized I had forgotten to write my camera battery on my list!! So....thank you!!

Have a wonderful time. While you are wine tasting, I shall be lolly-gagging on the high seas enjoying way too much food!!

Sassy Granny ... said...

Crack me up! Having done many similar things before departing myself (to Europe), I recognize a co-organizer with great appreciation.

Hopefully by the time you got on the plane that anxiety morphed into excitement. I hope it's fun, fabulous and memorable trip!


P.S. Those California wine-drinkers can't possibly hold a candle to those here in Germany. They start mid-morning and keep at it through the late, wee hours. I'm just plain too old!

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