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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Random Dozen

Ok, Ok, OK…so I had a few minutes on Tuesday morning before I started my marathon getting ready to go stuff. I popped over to Linda’s for the preview of her weekly Random Dozen.

So one more post an then I am really off ..my rocker or on vacation you can decide.

1. On an average, how often do you splurge and buy something for yourself?

Being the shopping impaired individual that I am, I shop only for absolute necessity. On occasion I will purchase a something “just because!” I just bought a few new things for my upcoming vacation. Which brings me to one of the only times I will splurge and buy something. When I am on vacation. I am sure I will pick up a special item or two while we are away to remember the trip. I always buy a Christmas ornament or maybe a charm for our mother daughter charm bracelets.

2. What is the last creative project you began/finished? Feel free to post a pic of it.

They had a 50% off sale on all their fall decor at Hobby Lobby so I bought a decorative container and some Styrofoam and made a fall floral arrangement for my kitchen. I pulled out the hot glue gun, the wire snips and that mossy green stuff that makes such a mess and everything.

I have had these fall silk flowers for a while and have never done anything with them. So now they have a permanent home in new fall container. Love me some Hobby Lobby bargains!!!



Here is a close up on the container. Not bad for 4$…

3. OK, Goldie Locks, do you consider your house too big, too little or juuuust right?

My house would  perfect if it only had a basement. I hate my laundry room and I am not happy with my master bathroom!

4. What is your favorite outdoor chore?

Going out to the garden to see what is blooming, ripening or ready to harvest!!!!!

5. If you knew that cigarette smoking was not bad for your health but would be a weight loss tool, would you use it? Why or why not?

Depends…but probably not. I absolutely hate the smell. It reeks. There is nothing that turns me of quicker that getting a hug or sitting next so someone who is a smoker!

6. On a road trip, would you rather drive or ride?

Ride hands down. I am a terrible navigator. East west…up down…north south huhhhhh.

I’m a “it’s just after that thing in the road, turn right after you see the tomato stand then go until you see the …..”
7. What do you consider a trivial pursuit?

Farmville…it is a totally fun/silly game on Facebook but it just makes me smile. Come on over and visit my farm. I have cow’s, chicken’s, pig’s, goat’s…you never know what might be ready to harvest…carrots, strawberries, tomatoes, artichokes, soy beans…

8. How long do you watch a movie or read a book before giving up on it?

Movie..almost never. Even if it is a really bad movie I will almost always watch till the end. Unless it is uses the “F” word which we rarely watch R rated movies. If it is on television (FREE) I will change it in a heartbeat, but if it is a DVD or Watch Instantly I will watch it, I hate wasting $$$, even if it is only $3.95. Books are another story. If I get into a book and it does not hook me right away I find it very difficult to pick the book back up. Hens the huge stack oh book sitting under my living room coffee table beside my sofa.

9. Is there a song that you really love but are embarrassed to admit because it's not cool or it's racy or because it's by Hall and Oates?

Not a huge music fan. HUGE Musical Fan thought!

I have to admit that I will from time to time burst into “These are a few of my favorite things….” or “Oklahoma….where the wind comes whipping off the plane…” or “I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair…..” or “Somewhere over the rainbow…..” or…….I could go on and on and on and on…love the old musicals and I know how fond you are of the Lid!

10. On a scale of 1-10 (10 = extremely) how spontaneous are you?

Not very, maybe a 4…

Let’s go to the dollar theater on a Saturday afternoon I’m a 10, let’s jet off to the south of France I’m a 1!

11. Are you a food and/or beverage snob?

NOOOOOOO! My favorite wine is “ON SALE!” but I will say that I do enjoy a good well prepared meal. I enjoy a well prepared meal that someone else pays for or cooks even better!

If I am a snob about anything it is about the really important things like coffee and coffee creamer. Powdered creamer only in dyer emergencies. I would rather drink it black than use a powdered creamer.

12. Who/What are you trying to control in your life?

ME! Beyond that I have no control what…so…ever. I have learned that through many years of trying to control things that can not be controlled.

Currently I am struggling with the endless struggle to maintain a healthy life style. Staying motivated to work out on a regular basis (at least 4 to 5 days a week) and watch it go right into my mouth what I eat. This is very discouraging as I have been working out regularly since spring and the pounds are very slow to come off. Slow metabolism, turning 50 and basically being really angry that FAT = FLAVOR! That one really send me over the edge.

So for me to control ME! What I do and how often I do it and what I eat and how much of it I eat. It really bugs me! Let’s count the personal pronouns shall we!!!!

SIX, so I am currently trying to control me, that makes eight!

Y’all have a great rest of the week and I will see you all when I get back from vacation!




SusanD said...

Hey Robin, Great responses! I seriously do not get the Farmville or Mob Wars games on FB. But that's me. Have a great day. Blessings, SusanD

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

How funny! I had the same answers for trivial pursuits and food snobs. And I used to feel the same way about the movies I'd paid for, until someone pointed out to me that hey! You're time is worth WAY more than the $3.95 for the 2 hours of your life you're spending and will never get back. Thanks for playing!

Cyndy said...

I think you need to come to my house and do a few arrangements for me. That is one GORGEOUS arrangement!
Hang in there with the working out...here's what I tell myself...it's about being in shape and healthy, not about my weight...okay I tell myself that but I still want to be two sizes smaller! ;-)


Kim said...

Beautiful fall arrangement!

I am so with you on creamer. Sadly here in Argentina I cannot get flavored creamer at all :-( Miss it!

Hope you have a wonderful trip!!!

Susanne said...

Love, love, love that container and you did a wonderful job filling it and making a nice fall arrangement.

I'm so with you on powdered creamer. Gag.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Robin, that floral arrangement is WOW!

You answers to #7 and #10 both made me laugh! Farmville is definitely trivial...but lots of fun!

Have a great vacation!

Quilldancer said...

I know that fat = flavor thing. And if I cut it out of my diet I find myself eying the butter cube and reaching for a spoon. (Normally a thought that would make me shudder.) One thing that helped me (don't look at me though, I've gained it all back!) was using small eating utensils -- I bought fancy baby silverwear -- and using more/different spices and bolder flavors.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

#9 has just inspired a new question for the meme!

OK, that creative project is ridiculously cool, Robin. I LOVE it!

So much more to comment on, but I've got to keep moving.

Still working on the book.

Have a great weekend.

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