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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hit’n the Street’s

Our first full day in San Francisco just happen to coincide with not one, not two but THREE major events. Unbeknownst to us we arrived in San Francisco along with EVERY OHTER PERSON ON THE PLANET !!!

We were just there for a simple vacation however everyone one else's was there to see Tiger Woods play in some PGA thing, the 49ers play the Falcons or the Blue Angels Air Show over San Francisco Bay. 

As we waited for the Blue Angles to perform the hub’s and I walked around Fisherman’s Warf.

We experienced a plethora of various street performers, balloon artists, spray paint artist, musicians, magicians', and several celebrity impersonators all graciously accepting donations to help support their unique lifestyles.

Not pictured in this 4 minute-ish video, the man dressed in a business suit made entirely of the comics section of the newspaper, shoes and all, a rather tall young man dressed in a rhinestone encrusted robot suit, a rather untalented Michael Jackson impersonator and contortionist trying to escape from a straight jacket while performing his stand up comedy/magic routine.

As we were walking back to our car I turn to my left and this is what I see!

IMG_0274 - crop

Never underestimate the advertising draw of a skeleton bolted to the roof of a hearse I always say!

I was very impressed with the band from the air force or maybe that were navy I was not sure. The military was there in force accompanying the Blue Angels Air show. They were taking full advantage with recruiting tents from all branches of the military.

Join the military and be in a rock band! 




a portland granny said...

San Francisco is indeed a city of varied sights! We used to go there each spring vacation and did have fun, but oh the sights we saw!!

a portland granny said...

Sorry, its me again. Do send me pics of the grand baby. I would love to see recent pictures of her! She is getting to a fun, busy age!!

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